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03-06-07_01I’ve been tossing and turning for a while, so I might as well get up now πŸ™‚ Morning everyone! Welcome to my new home! I’ve not been here long, only a couple of months πŸ™‚


First thing I do in the morning is to start tidying up. I make my bed, do the washing up from the night before if there’s any left which there’s a couple of glasses, and various other chores. I also fold the washing up and put it in the ironing basket, but now it’s computer time! I check e-mails and stuff.


Next important thing – bath and dressed! lol!


As I’m not doing any proper housework today, I scrubbed the flat last weekend, so I’ve been meaning to scrapbook my Hanson experience so I get started on that today.


These scrapbook pages take an eternity to do lol. I’ve got all my photos printed now though and my stamping, the title is completed, but this is a double page and I’ve only done a little on the first!


The rest of my photos are still drying, so I take a breather to find there’s a new episode of Taking The Walk on iTunes! “Special Delivery”… sounds awesome have to watch this! And that’s my signed copy of The Walk album from when I met Isaac, Taylor & Zac!


Mum’s just called. She’s telling me dinner will be ready for 2.15pm, but I decide now is a good time to start shutting my windows and get ready to walk on over.


I help dad on the computer for a while (he’s desperately trying to get hold of a Raleigh Chopper), and one auction is ending tomorrow, so I arrange with dad to come over after work to sit with him to see if we can grab it! Mum calls us for our dinner so we all sit in the lounge and tuck in!


Ooo, Beaches is on channel 5! But dad changes over so I don’t get to watch it long.


Taz wants some snuggles, so he jumps up on the sofa after I start to fuss over him. Mum doesn’t tell him off so soon I’m having a snuggle with both Taz and Buster lol


We’re just watching the end of “In Her Shoes” It’s like the Sunday thing for me to do now – when mum and dad don’t have any videos to watch (normally NCIS, Law and Order etc) I bring a DVD over and we sit and watch it.


I’ve now wandered on back to the flat, and mum’s come up with me. I got ironing to do before I go out, and mum’s looking over the little booklet I made earlier to go on the Hanson page. It’s photos of the scrapbook I gave to the guys when I met them.


Now I have Virgin Media and I get full control over the remote, I tend to watch a lot of TV. Loving “Home Improvements” on ABC1!


And I’ve not played Sims in absolutely aaaaaaages, so I play 1 Sim day before going back to Home Improvements lol. I’m so good at multitasking!


Now it’s Friends on E4. Awesome!


I go to my friend’s house for a little while to hang out. Forced to watch Big Brother!


Back home. I set my alarm and jump into bed. Night!


(1st October) Mum and dad went out for the day, so Taz and Buster were sleeping in with me until they got home which was 1.30am… Dirty stop outs lol!


I’m awake now, Got my Danone drink and my vitamins to take… I love the Bassetts ones because they’re like eating sweets πŸ™‚


Haha, as soon as I finished with the vitamins etc, I started playing Sims 2! I got Nightlife and it’s so addicting. Here’s Lillith, Her sister Angela is married to Dustin and they have 4 kids: a boy Parish, 2 girls Verity and Cadence and another boy Oren.


Mum reminds me that the Christening starts at 12.15 so I better get my butt moving! Decided to “dress up” ish with some black trousers, a white top and a black blazer.


My cousin Dawn with her husband and baby πŸ™‚ We’re sat in church for the Christening. It’s nice to spend time with my mum’s side of the family, we see my dad’s side every week, but rarely mum’s side


Then we were off to the Pike for a party! Yay!


I took my other cousin’s daughter to have a look at the cake, isn’t it lovely? It was Dawn and Robert’s wedding cake!


Fooooooooooooooooooood! It’s not all for me, my mum helped me with half of it. I had the ham roll! Mmm, good old BRITISH CHIPPIES! Those chips were lush, proper English chips, not McDonald’s french fries rubbish πŸ˜‰ Big chunky chips lol!


We start to say goodbye to everyone and head off home as only mum and me went. Stewart had to go somewhere with Claire, and dad was at home in bed feeling ill. We’ll be seeing everyone again in November though, my cousin Martin’s 18th birthday, will be WELL cool!


… and back to Nightlife!!


Whoops, realise the time! I gotta get to my mate’s house but I gotta have a bath and wash my hair as the pub was all horrible and smokey… but not until I check UKScrappers first… What’s that? Doodlebug kits? *drools*


At my friends house, just finished watching Antique’s Roadshow, then it was Malcolm In The Middle, followed by Top Gear (Richard Hammond… Mmmmmm) I love that show, they played 5 a side football with cars in tonight’s show… and it’s got Rich Hammond in it! Then after that it was Mechannibals…


We carry on our TV marathon with Bad Boys! I should be going home shortly, I can’t stay up too late, I’m tired already!


I’m back home, but I had to finish it off as I was watching it already. AHHH! Look at the time, goodnight!


9:50: I suppose it’s time I get up, lol…. I actually have an alarm clock now, and a proper bedside table!


9.56: Ministry of Mayhem is on ITV so I think I’ll lay here for a while! Nan’s on holiday so I have no plans until later when I’m going to the pub.


10.40: I get up and have some coco pops, read the paper, and catch up on the soap gossip… Kat finds out this week that her husband Alfie has been seeing her sister.


11.46: I think I’ll wear this today πŸ™‚


11.56: All washed and dressed!


12.51: I’ve just been playing on the computer for ages… But I fancy going to a scrapbook shop in Brimscombe (Paperarts, they moved to a bigger shop from Minchinhampton!) Had better ask Stewart nicely if I can borrow is satellite navigation from his work van!


1.51: Got the sat nav! I had to park out the front because my neighbour is stupid and parks too far forward that I park over the garage and mum can’t get out. There’s Stewart’s work van too in front of my car.


2.56: I got here eventually! I had a nice browse around the shop – so much wonderful scrapbook goodies! And my mate called me while I was in the shop as him and Kev are already down the pub, so I’d better get back to my hometown now pronto!


3.16: Stupid sheep hold us up so we’re gonna be sat here until they move out of the way!! Ooops, just remembered I gotta get Stewart some pencil crayons, so I’m gonna go to HobbyCraft.


3.32: RUN! Run for cover! Argh! It’s raining a lot so this pic is blurry cos I’m pegging it!


4.11: The rain got a lot worse and everyone ended up stranded in Hobby Craft! The rain was so bad you could hear it in the store, but while I was stood at the door with a bunch of other people I decided I’d run to my car… Only the car park was flooded so my bag was soaked from the rain coming down and my feet and jeans are soggy from the flooded car park!


4.24: Mate’s called me at least 4 or 5 times since I was in Paper Arts so I dont stay home long, just enough time to drop off the sat nav, Stewart’s Crayola pencils and my Doodlebug papers and rubons I got in Brimscombe.


5.38: After sitting in the Turmut for ages we all decide we’re hungry so we go to the Harvester once Crystal and Richard arrives to join us.


8.41: After we’ve had our food we go to Tenpin which is just down the road from where I work! After playing on a ton of games, Rich and Crystal go home. Me and my mate head home, only to realise Kevin’s left behind!! Mate goes to pick him up only Kevin has already started walking back. At 9.30 there’s a knock at my Mate’s house – it’s Kevin!


10.28: I’m soooo tired, I’ve been driving practically ALL day! I have a cake and my tigger mug of milk.


10.50: I realised that the time was wrong on the camera lol, doh! I correct it, and I go to sleep after my candle burns out 5 mins later.


Morning! Argh, the brown box is still there… Must resist temptation to open… I know there’s red ribbon as it’s hanging out of the side at least πŸ™‚


I got up straight away to play on the computer. I’m making “elements” which are digital embellishments. I’m making a button here.


Yikes, lost track of the time. I have made 2 Digital Layouts though πŸ™‚ Just gonna wash my hair and have a bath


No parents, so I’m doing the washing an ironing. It’s looking a little dodgy outside now so I won’t be able to hang the washing out on the line (should have done that first thing this morning!) But I’m doing the ironing now, cos I’ll be damned if Stewart will even think of touching it.


Time for my roast dinner. Ok so it’s a frozen one, and you need a chainsaw to try and eat the Yorkshire puddings, which is why I’m cooking some of my own, and I’m making gravy with OXO granules. Look at me all domesticated!


Had to take a picture of Bisto seeing as I’m “mmmbisto”! *slaps hand* I know I’m not using it…


Yummy yummy πŸ™‚


Back in my room prancing around dancing around to Pat Benatar “Love is a battlefield” just like on 13 Going On 30 (Yeah, I saw that for the third time yesterday!)


While I’m waiting for mum and dad to call from sunny Spain, I play on The Sims Bustin Out as Stewart’s PS2 seems to have taken over the lounge. It’s me as a Sim, how sad am I? lol. You probably can’t see but she’s wearing glasses too πŸ™‚


At Mate’s house. Parents boasting about the weather and when I tell mum I’ll cook them something to eat the day they get back, mum asks me what they’re having and dad says in the background “Beans on Toast!” Mate’s still working on their website so I’m watching Glastonbury on TV… with no sound. Practising my lip reading!


I leave as I have things to do.


Just watching Kiss on TV. It’s “Fresh Prince & Jazzy Jeff – Summer Time” I love this song, night!


I finished work today (12th) and was picked up by my uncle. Tomorrow I’m going to be chief bridesmaid for my cousin Sarah’s wedding! (far left)


We had been out for a meal, watched TV and drunk wine, but we decided to go to bed, cos we had to be up early!! Me and Leanne (other bridesmaid) had to share a bed in the back bedroom.


I didn’t sleep very well. I woke up at 5:10am and manage to get to sleep again before both me and Lea woke up.


Sarah had her first phone call to wish her luck, it was our Nanny Irene. We just sat around watching cartoons πŸ™‚


Mmmm! Times for breakfast! Sarah cooked us sausages in a roll. Delicious!


Had to start getting ready by this time! Sarah’s friends were our hairdressers for the day and they were due at 9:30!


Leanne’s shot of me going into the bathroom!


Our flowers turned up, brought by the groom’s parents. The flowers were gorgeous! We put Sarah’s bouquet in the sink and mine and Lea’s in a bucket to keep them fresh until we needed them…


The hairdressers still hadn’t arrived. This is me talking to my mum on my mobile phone! She was wishing us all luck.


The hairdressers coming up the drive. Boy were we glad to see them!


They start on Sarah’s hair, before doing ours and then finishing hers off


Now our hair is done, it’s time to have a quick drink of wine! We had just over an hour before the Rolls Royce picked me and Leanne up


Soo and Uncle Mark come to see us. I took this shot from the stairs.


We all have to start getting dressed now and add our finishing touches before the car comes. This is Sarah’s dress… But you can’t see it πŸ˜‰

** Sadly I couldn’t take any pictures after this, as we had a mad rush on to get ready, and I couldn’t take my camera with me. I gave it to the hairdresser to take care of until the Reception. Me and Lea went past the market in the Rolls and it was market day so everyone was staring at us πŸ™‚ We pulled up at the church, shortly followed by the bride and her father (uncle Mark). The ceremony went great and I had to be a witness. From there the bride and groom went in the Rolls to the Reception and me and Lea went in Uncle Mark’s Car, complete with ribbons, through the town center **


My brother, my cousin Leanne and my cousin Craig at the reception. Everyone else was at the bar getting in the drinks! We were waiting to be called to have pictures taken. My and Leanne already had a load of pictures done at the wedding.


This is me in my dress with my Tiara and my bouquet! I was very proud!


Finally we get called outside by the marquee to have pictures done. This is our 5 Generations picture. My great nan, My nan, My uncle Mark, cousin Mike and his baby daughter Morgan.


I couldn’t resist this candid pic of my bro holding Soo’s handbag! After this everyone had to stand facing the building. There was a small hill which the photographer stood on and captured everyone who attended the wedding. We also had full family pictures done. I look forward to seeing those!


The head table! My chair is on the end, next to Leanne, the groom’s mother, my uncle Mark, Sarah, Kevin, Groom’s father, Soo and finally the best man on the end. We had a huge 3 course meal, and as soon as you took a sip of your wine a waiter was back topping it up!


Sarah and Kevin cutting the cake πŸ™‚


Argh! The reception went on a bit longer than everyone expected, not that we were complaining! But we had to race back to our hometown ready to catch the minibus back to the party!


We got home, and Stewart wanted his picture taken for his FiancΓ© Claire. I dropped my bouquet off and my presents (I got a Tatty Teddy (metoyou) bear as a bridesmaid saying “Special Bridesmaid” and a bottle of champagne!)


We found our table back in the marquee and started to drink and have a great time!


Holy! It’s Charlie from Busted! Haha, nope this is a guy called Eddie (Didn’t get the chance to talk to him) He doesn’t look so much like him in this pic but if you stood and watched him, you’d swear it was! Kevin took this picture for me as I didn’t have the guts to go and ask him for a picture.


Time for the bride and groom to have their dance. They chose Shania Twain’s “From This Moment”, lol, I almost cried!


Let’s boogey!!


This is my step-cousin Tim, posing for the camera! I was exhausted after all that dancing, so I sat and chatted with everyone when Tim came to chat with Stewart and my dad. Not long after this, I got back up on the dancefloor but I hurt my ankle somehow πŸ™


*sob* The party finished at 1am, so we all had to jump back on the mini-bus to go home. Leanne, My Aunty Jayne, Tim, Becky, Craig and a little bit of Mike in that pic!


Finally, over an hour later I get back home and hang up my dress and jump into bed. It’s been a great day, but sadly it had to come to an end…

See if you can spot the recurring object…


Morning πŸ™‚ Sorry, I’ve been awake quite a while. I’ve watched “Brace Face”, “Don’t Blame The Koalas”, “Revelations” and now “Spring Break Live” is on. Only watching this cos Busted are meant to be on it.


Argh! Go away, I’m still in bed, lol. Here’s me in bed, hiding from the camera watching TV!


I decide I can listen out for Busted whilst playing on my computer. Like the Mattie wallpaper? lol I also got a webcam yesterday. I quickly go to the bathroom to have a wash and brush my teeth.


I need to work on my Mattie layout for Starsandmoon and sort out my webcam pic. I couldn’t do the highlights in Mattie’s hair so I give up! lol.


Mum calls me for dinner but I scoff it down cos I was hungry, and I forgot my camera! So here’s a picture of tomorrow’s dinner for my parents, minus the gravy. I had mash potato, roast potato, Chicken, carrots, mushy peas, Yorkshire pudding, and sage and onion stuffing πŸ™‚


Had better get dressed. It’ll save me later if I have to go to my mate’s house or not. I grab the first pair of jeans, and first top I pull out of the wardrobe. I can’t be bothered!


After 2 hours of messing about, the layout looks a bit better. It’ll do haha. I’m drinking some summer fruits pop (soda for you Americans!) And I got a good picture of my left foot too!


I start messing about with Flash now. I got a great picture of Mattie that I took a screen shot of from my Busted single, and rotated it so it looks a bit more square. I’m slowly figuring out how to use this. I manage to get a stop button actually WORKING! Go me!


Mate tells me not to go over, so I check out my forum haunts, and have an early night myself. By the looks of it I was at forums here!


Here’s a game I downloaded from one girl’s site I stumbled upon. It was a really good site as well! This game you have to build a house and it reveals more about your personality. My reading came back and it was quite spot on!


Mmmmmmmmm Dairy Milk bar. Gotta eat some more of this. I’ve only eaten my Roast Dinner all day!


Don’t I look so happy!? It got cold so I put on a jacket and it got dark as well, which is odd. I’m looking at a few sites still. I felt a bit tired by now, and I got up late!


Here’s a sneak peek at my Littlesocks collective layout (Once the stupid scrolling works!!) It’s got Taz and Buster on. It’s gonna be a bit big for 800×600 peeps though. My Image Dicer just will not work on this computer! Grr! It’s one big fat image to have to load o.O Eek!


Ok, everyone’s gone to bed now, so I grab a chicken (left over from the roast dinner earlier) and salad cream sandwich and some Chocolate milk. Odd combination I know!


Time to switch back to my PJs and eat my food!


Good Will Hunting is on TV. I’ve got to get up early in the morning for work, so I’m gonna drink my milk and sleep. Goodnight! What a boring and non-productive day lol! I’ve barely left my room

So what was the object…?





…scroll down…






My Busted album!


11:22: Resting on my Teddy Bear behind the pink bag to the right of the computer, in it’s usual spot πŸ™‚ I always keep it here
17:01: Peeking from behind my monitor
18:17: Below my Dairy Milk Bar
21:14: On the worktop by my Choccy Milk
21:30: Resting on my lava lamp


Good morning party people! It’s the weekend! I wake up and turn on the TV to watch SM:TV Live. Hehe, I got my first Capri-Sun of the day too.


We always go to my nan’s house at around midday, so I’d better get my hair washed and dried!


Ahhhh! My parents tell me that we’re leaving soon so I have to get dressed and ready right now! I pick out my “Star” hooded top, denim skirt and my brown striped top. That brown envelope is my letter from Dubai which mum gave to me as she told me to get dressed.


This is the shops. It’s just down the road from my house. We’ve got a Post Office, Off License, Hair Dressers, Fruit & Veg shop, chip shop, local Happy Shopper, Pharmacy… Everything we need! Behind me is a block of flats. We used to live there until I was 4.


It takes literally 5 minutes to drive to my nan’s house. She lives on the otherside of our neigbourhood. We’re about halfway there already – especially with the way my dad drives!!


Hehe, Felix opens her eyes for the camera! It’s a shame I want to sit down, but I’ll just sit on the floor until someone has finished eating.


My Nan always puts on a spread of food for us all. We have cake, chocolate, crisps and sandwiches! Sat at the table is my mum (In blue), My Great Nan (She’s over 90!) and my Uncle Mark’s girlfriend Soo, who’s managed to escape the picture! Everyone has their cup of tea, but Nan gives me a Capri-Sun.


You’ve come on the right day I think!! Next to my Great Nan is my cousin Mike. I haven’t seen him in months! My cousin Craig is the one stood up, I saw him last Saturday but he hasn’t been to my Nan’s in months either. Sat in the chair is Mike’s girlfriend. I’ve literally just met her too. She’s pregnant and due any day now! Stood behind her is my infamous Nan, and escaping behind her is my Uncle Mark!


After a lot of catching up, and eating (I had 4 sandwiches, a handful of crisps, some chocolate, Cake, and sausage rolls!) Soo comes home with us to work on her CV with mum. They didn’t want any pictures taken. So I sit down and watch episode 2 of Taken (For the 7th time!)


Taken finished and now I’m hungry! Let’s look in the fridge… I’d better eat something healthy if I’m off to the Gym soon! Oooooo, I still have 2 Capri-Suns left…


I choose some bread sticks and some dips, and drink a Capri-Sun. It’ll keep me going for a bit! But mum comes out and tells me it’s too late to go to the gym. It’s a shame cos I had to go to the cash point and withdraw some money to pay her for my rent.


I didn’t fancy going to Safeway BP garage on my own! Not with the amount of money I needed to withdraw! So mum offers to come with me. She enjoys driving my car so I let her! Hehe. We’re making our way up to the traffic lights. On the way back we stop off and get some petrol (Β£15 worth) to fill my tank. I sneakily buy 2 Cadbury’s Creme Eggs – one for me and one for dad.


We get back home to find my dad doing some DIY. He bought a ceiling fan cheap from Argos and he’s trying to fix it and watch the Rugby on TV. If you see the door handle, that blur is my dad!


I get a little bored so I go on the internet and check out windows forum. Not much is happening, except talking about the shuttle in Texas.


Hey! Cribs is on MTV. I must be some sort of Cribs marathon cos I saw it on when I was eating my bread sticks and dips. It’s Sisqo… Stewart’s probably seen this one already…


Seeing as we didn’t go to the gym, I decide to have some pizza, with my last Capri-Sun. Mum cooked herself and dad something, but I was already cooking my pizza. I go into the lounge and eat it while watching Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway. Dad didn’t like his meal, so as soon as mum leaves the room, he’s eating my Pizza!!


Ant & Dec have finished on TV. Very funny programme as usual! I’m gonna get dressed for bed, seeing as I’m not going anywhere now πŸ™‚


Hey, you caught me half an hour in to Taken episode 4 on BBC 2. Jesse’s just got to the hospital… I’ve seen this episode about 3 or 4 times now


As soon as Taken finished on BBC 2, the next episode starts on BBC Choice. (This will then be shown on BBC 2 next Saturday) Wow, including this episode, I’ve seen 4 and a half hours of the programme today alone! (Episodes 3, 4 & 5) What can I say, I’m a fan!? This one is much better that number 4!


*yawn* I’m tired now. Taken’s just finished, so I’m gonna sleep now. I stare at my poster of James Kirk (Teenage Jesse episodes 2 & 3 – see if you can spot where it is!) and I drift off to sleep…