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Good morning party people! It’s the weekend! I wake up and turn on the TV to watch SM:TV Live. Hehe, I got my first Capri-Sun of the day too.


We always go to my nan’s house at around midday, so I’d better get my hair washed and dried!


Ahhhh! My parents tell me that we’re leaving soon so I have to get dressed and ready right now! I pick out my “Star” hooded top, denim skirt and my brown striped top. That brown envelope is my letter from Dubai which mum gave to me as she told me to get dressed.


This is the shops. It’s just down the road from my house. We’ve got a Post Office, Off License, Hair Dressers, Fruit & Veg shop, chip shop, local Happy Shopper, Pharmacy… Everything we need! Behind me is a block of flats. We used to live there until I was 4.


It takes literally 5 minutes to drive to my nan’s house. She lives on the otherside of our neigbourhood. We’re about halfway there already – especially with the way my dad drives!!


Hehe, Felix opens her eyes for the camera! It’s a shame I want to sit down, but I’ll just sit on the floor until someone has finished eating.


My Nan always puts on a spread of food for us all. We have cake, chocolate, crisps and sandwiches! Sat at the table is my mum (In blue), My Great Nan (She’s over 90!) and my Uncle Mark’s girlfriend Soo, who’s managed to escape the picture! Everyone has their cup of tea, but Nan gives me a Capri-Sun.


You’ve come on the right day I think!! Next to my Great Nan is my cousin Mike. I haven’t seen him in months! My cousin Craig is the one stood up, I saw him last Saturday but he hasn’t been to my Nan’s in months either. Sat in the chair is Mike’s girlfriend. I’ve literally just met her too. She’s pregnant and due any day now! Stood behind her is my infamous Nan, and escaping behind her is my Uncle Mark!


After a lot of catching up, and eating (I had 4 sandwiches, a handful of crisps, some chocolate, Cake, and sausage rolls!) Soo comes home with us to work on her CV with mum. They didn’t want any pictures taken. So I sit down and watch episode 2 of Taken (For the 7th time!)


Taken finished and now I’m hungry! Let’s look in the fridge… I’d better eat something healthy if I’m off to the Gym soon! Oooooo, I still have 2 Capri-Suns left…


I choose some bread sticks and some dips, and drink a Capri-Sun. It’ll keep me going for a bit! But mum comes out and tells me it’s too late to go to the gym. It’s a shame cos I had to go to the cash point and withdraw some money to pay her for my rent.


I didn’t fancy going to Safeway BP garage on my own! Not with the amount of money I needed to withdraw! So mum offers to come with me. She enjoys driving my car so I let her! Hehe. We’re making our way up to the traffic lights. On the way back we stop off and get some petrol (£15 worth) to fill my tank. I sneakily buy 2 Cadbury’s Creme Eggs – one for me and one for dad.


We get back home to find my dad doing some DIY. He bought a ceiling fan cheap from Argos and he’s trying to fix it and watch the Rugby on TV. If you see the door handle, that blur is my dad!


I get a little bored so I go on the internet and check out windows forum. Not much is happening, except talking about the shuttle in Texas.


Hey! Cribs is on MTV. I must be some sort of Cribs marathon cos I saw it on when I was eating my bread sticks and dips. It’s Sisqo… Stewart’s probably seen this one already…


Seeing as we didn’t go to the gym, I decide to have some pizza, with my last Capri-Sun. Mum cooked herself and dad something, but I was already cooking my pizza. I go into the lounge and eat it while watching Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway. Dad didn’t like his meal, so as soon as mum leaves the room, he’s eating my Pizza!!


Ant & Dec have finished on TV. Very funny programme as usual! I’m gonna get dressed for bed, seeing as I’m not going anywhere now 🙂


Hey, you caught me half an hour in to Taken episode 4 on BBC 2. Jesse’s just got to the hospital… I’ve seen this episode about 3 or 4 times now


As soon as Taken finished on BBC 2, the next episode starts on BBC Choice. (This will then be shown on BBC 2 next Saturday) Wow, including this episode, I’ve seen 4 and a half hours of the programme today alone! (Episodes 3, 4 & 5) What can I say, I’m a fan!? This one is much better that number 4!


*yawn* I’m tired now. Taken’s just finished, so I’m gonna sleep now. I stare at my poster of James Kirk (Teenage Jesse episodes 2 & 3 – see if you can spot where it is!) and I drift off to sleep…