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Morning. I woke up at 5am, but decided I was rolling back over and going to sleep some more!


Now Stewart’s awake I can get my presents from my secret hiding place (under my sofa bed in the box for my duvet). I can’t wait to see everyone’s faces!


This is my parents and Stewart opening their presents. I only had a few to open so they’re still going with theirs. Still I have Buster to play with and to watch my bro opening all his presents from me πŸ™‚
I was so unaware what was about to happen! After Stewart had opened his presents we went up to get his presents for mum and dad, and he apologised for not getting me anything this year. I never normally get presents from Stewart anyway and I don’t expect them, but he always gets us all a card. He handed my parents their presents and card and handed me my own card. When I opened it, out fell my present – tickets to see Busted in concert in March! I cry and give my bro a big big hug!!


Here are all my funky presents – Doggy slippers and car cover from my parents, tube of Smarties from Ros (work colleague), My Busted ticket to the left of the smarties, A White Musk Body shop gift set from Sarah (work colleague), Moonflower body shop set from Beckie (mate’s sister), Splat balls from Sophie (work colleague) and a Vanity case with cosmetics from my nan and gramp πŸ™‚


I decide to watch “A Knight’s Tale” I bought this DVD ages ago and still haven’t seen it yet… But just as the film starts I get a call from Stewart who had already left and was at his fiance’s house. Kelly and Tom were at home but were going out at 11:45 so I could take my pressie to Kelly and the card for them and the twins.


I’m wandering up the road to go and see them now I’m ready lol! Bit of a dull, wet and dreary day in good old England!


Aww, this is Bailey wearing her “Baby’s First Xmas” Winney The Pooh baby grow outfit. Kelly’s getting ready, and Tom’s just popped out. Soon enough, Jane (Tom’s mum) and his grandma had arrived at their tiny flat, so I suggest I leave them to it, and wish them all a Merry Xmas πŸ™‚


My cousin Leanne lives just down the road from Kelly and Tom so I pop in to see her, my Aunt Jayne and Uncle Brian. She’s on the phone chatting to her mate. I haven’t seen her since the wedding when we were both bridesmaids. I’d still be in my warm PJs too!


I finally walk back home and decide to have a nap with Taz after looking at my vanity case. I don’t have a lot of makeup and don’t really wear it, so this’ll be fun! I have a small nap before Tigger’s movie comes on!


Mum calls me for my xmas dinner (just what we normally have on a Sunday really) and I carry on watching the Tigger Movie


Mate finished work at 2, but I don’t know what time I’m going over or anything so I’d better get ready now just in case. Nice hot bath! Mmm!


Like my handy work? I found this pic at the Nerdy Boards (Busted and McFly) and decide to have it as a desktop pic and for my winamp too. I might put this up at my site for download


I got a message from my mate to say I can go over whenever. These are my presents πŸ™‚ A necklace from mate’s mum and dad, and an iPod and USB lead from my mate! A place to put all my Busted songs on!!


Heck, it has to be my birthday and xmas all in one – Busted on Parkinson’s dressed as choirboys *drools* They soon rip that off and get their guitars to do their version of Hark The Herald πŸ™‚


I come home because mate’s tired. D’ya like the pretty lights?


Hehe, I come to play with my iPod as I didn’t get a look in at my mate’s because they fell in love with it and played with it. I’m chatting to Amy! I tell her to say Hi for the camera πŸ™‚


I jump into bed after playing with the iPod long enough, and I didn’t want to hold my tickets any longer in case I rubbed the ink off lol. There’s something on the TV about a programme from the 80s I remember called “Spitting Image” where they made puppets of celebrities and made fun of them! Good Night and Merry Xmas!


Ugh, It’s 6:30 in the morning and the alarm on my psion wakes me up. Time to turn on the lamp and TV.


After 20 minutes of just laying in bed I suppose it’s time I’d better get up! I have my clothes picked out and my reindeer antlers ready!


Right, time to go to the bathroom. I have to clean my teeth, brush my hair and put tinsel in it and cleanse my face too with my face wipes.


I have to drive to work now, and it’s still dark! I start at 8am. Can you see my nodding dog in the back and my white teddy bear in the front?


Hooray! At work! If you can read it, the phone rings: “Hello Kirsty”, and then has my Extension number πŸ™‚ I’m all signed in on my phone and I’ve signed in on the Admin sheet.


This is my (unorganised) desk. Lots of paperwork, just the usual stuff.



Asha’s started work. She’s just logging on to her computer.


Breakfast time. Or at least something to tide me over until my first break, seeing as I never really have breakfast before I go to work in the morning πŸ™‚ It’s mini Jaffa Cakes and Apple and Pear soft drink from the vending machine. And for some reason my “Chatterbox” pack of tissues.


Everyone is in now, except Peter. He starts at 10 and generally keeps himself to himself. Sophie, Khalid, Terry and and Asha are all hard at work. It’s going to be a slow day for me!


At last! First break, I’ve been here 2 hours now. Let’s see I have a bacon roll, tomato sauce and some Cherry Coke. I was given a Xmas card with a fairy on by Sophie. We went to break together and she got toast and hash browns.


It’s ME! And I’m hard at work with the few jobs that came through on e-mail. Don’t you just Looooooove my reindeer antlers? They’re almost as good as the woman stood at the team leader’s desk behind me. She has a nice green Mrs Claus type outfit on. That’s Josephine who sits on my right on the Enquiries desk.


Another picture of me at my desk. My tinsel was falling out of my hair.


I wander off to Kelvin’s desk to see what he’s up to. Look at the greedy pig! All that chocolate! I’d better give him a hand there…


Kelvin opens the Maltesers for me to have some. I think I ate about 2 or 3 and one of the Miniature Heroes. He has a ton of work toΒ do.



Meanwhile back at my desk, the inbox is empty. I walk over to Sophie’s de

sk and catch up on the latest gossip with her. Not anything else to do!


12.42 and it’s lunch. I have the coke left over from earlier and some chips and beans. Half portion – 40p. I’m sat with Sarah. Kelvin comes out for his 10 minute break and then leaves.


No work at all for me on e-mail, so I draw a picture in paint. Festive, huh? I’ve been given another card by Sarah this time. I’m bored.


Finally, some work to do! I have 2 jobs to add to my incoming sheet (I have to keep a record of how many jobs we receive) Only an hour and a half to go and that’ll take me all of 10 minutes to do!


My final 10 minute break. Mars Bar, a sweet from Julie and what’s left of my coke.


I’m sat with Sarah (red top) Amy (Kelvin’s gf in the beige) and Kelvin. Amy doesn’t want her picture taken. Party pooper.


After all of 8 jobs all day, the work starts coming in… and I have less than half an hour to go! Most people were asked if they wanted to go home and use up Lieu time but I didn’t see the point.



Home time πŸ™‚ Sophie waves goodbye to me. Bye bye! Let’s see, I’ve signed out, signed off my phone, logged out and taken my headset to my locker – someone might take it!


Crank up the volume! I listen to my mix tape of Hanson “Snowed In” and Destiny’s Child “8 Days Of Xmas”. There’s Homer air freshner and my white teddy bear πŸ™‚


Right, I’m home and I’ve put my cards together. These are only a few I have, the rest are in the lounge.


Stewart comes into my room to wrap his presents for everyone, and asks to borrow some wrapping paper.


Better have some tea before I go out. Ham and Cheese Chicken Kiev and more beans!


Might as well watch some TV too. It’s celebrity Weakest Link… There was nothing else on, honestly!


I’m going to wash my hair and have a bath now. lol, cheap Asda shampoo and some Avon Lavender body wash!


Better dry my hair cos I don’t want to catch a cold when I go out. I still have the tinsel on my shoes. I might as well listen to Snowed In too while it’s there πŸ™‚


I’m going to check my e-mail and go to Dodo’s board.


I decide it’s a better idea to wrap my last remaining presents, but there’s a problem. Stewart’s used all my wrapping paper! That’s all I have! What am I going to do?


I wrapped up the t-shirt in a little bit of gold wrapping but I had to fold it tiny! Dad’s toilettries went in the one scrap. As for Stewart’s gf’s toilettries I’ll have to wrap them in a bag. It’s Monty Mouse there, he sings Jingle Bells and his nose flashes!


Arrive at my friend’s house house. I only expect to be there until 9:30pm. I take the big bag of presents for his family over too. I’m going to his nan’s house for dinner tomorrow.


EASTENDERS! Jamie’s on his death bed because of Martin Fowler’s driving skills. Can’t miss a moment of this, it’s my fav soap!


After Eastenders, The Mummy comes on TV. We watch that until Kevin comes over. That’s Kev in the grey top. He was supposed to be over at 8pm, but in Kev Time that was gone 8:30pm. We were going to go to The Turmut Hoer (pub that’s behind me and you can’t see) but instead go to the One Stop Shop to get alcohol and head back to Rich’s house (has his back to me with the dark top on)


We arrive at Rich’s house to watch a bit of TV and socialise. Look Who’s Talking was on, but no one seemed interested in it and so we just chatted. We were getting ready to leave, debating on whether to go back to the Turmut and hope that the queues had gone down. Everyone stares at the sound system in the back of Rich’s car…


We’re back at my friend’s house, drinking some more, eating Chocolates and playing cards with his mum, sister and his mum’s friend. Kevin and Lisa are truly getting into the Xmas spirit! I haven’t had a drop to drink.


Kevin tries explaining some good tips for playing cards… lol, nope. They were discussing their plans for the rest of the night. After this pic was taken they went to Midnight Mass where the plan was to get drunk and sing carols really loudly! I was invited to stay over, but after another 2 hours…


I’m back home. I got a glass of milk and a Cadbury Trifle to eat before I go to bed. I haven’t eaten since my tea over 6 hours ago!


Can’t go to bed without pinching a present from under the tree to open as soon as I wake up… Like the Xmas tree?


Pajamas, and hot water bottle… I’m all ready for bed!


I’m going to finish off “I Love 1983” before I go to sleep. I was born that year! Good night everyone, and Merry Xmas!!