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7.28 – Haha, hit my snooze button. I get far too tired and I had dance class last night and it was a late one cos we’re rehearsing for the Xmas show! Just laying in bed watching GMTV πŸ™‚


7.48 – I’m up, washed and dressed. They’re doing a poll on the TV as to whether Trick or Treating should be banned. They’ve also been discussing banning fireworks last week for Guy Fawkes night on 5th November.


7.58 – Just checking the weather before I leave. It’s going to be getting cold by the end of the week. Eek!


8.19 – Here’s my computer. And look! My top tray is EMPTY! It’s only taken me a few months to get that done lol. I make myself a hot chocolate and get straight to work πŸ™‚


11.51 – Woah, I’ve been busy! I come downstairs to cover reception which has now been moved into the skip department so I have some company as opposed to being on my own as in the old reception you were isolated from everyone. I was so hungry I went out to see the sandwich lady who comes around in her little car, and I had some BBQ mini cheddars! I discuss Halloween with the people around and they all agree with banning Trick or Treating, saying it’s an American thing anyway.


13.07 – Lunch time! Eating habits are still very much the same after all these years! lol. I’m also reading Billie Piper’s autobiography. I only bought it Sat and I’ve nearly finished. Great reading, I can’t put it down!


15.25 – Look at all my stationary with my names on them lol. They go walkies otherwise! Been quite a nice afternoon with 5 of us girlies in the office.


17.00 – home time! I wander off to my car, and get stuck in all the traffic on the way home…


17.31 – Home now πŸ™‚ Welcome to my messy desk! As you can see I’m using the cybershot and not my Nikon (which I love!) cos it’s sat on my desk. Time to check my mail and stuff. Dad said there’s been no trick or treaters (no surprise there) but he takes the batteries out of the doorbell so that we can’t hear it when they press it. I’m also under strict instructions not to open the door should anyone knock. The one night of the year everyone pretends to be out


17.40 – The fireworks are off. Guy Fawkes night on Sunday so you generally get it over a week before and a week after. Poor Taz and Buster hates those fireworks!


19.49 – I’m a little bored and thinking of things to do. I’ve not written in my journal for ages, so I decide to do a little bit of artwork in there. The quote I found at lunch time reading Billie’s book, the Paisley stamp is Purple Onion from a Self Addressed kit ages ago, and the Journalling stamp is Autumn Leaves. Had to try it out, I bought the set of stamps on Saturday πŸ™‚


19.56 – I put some food in the oven and come up for a bath. Mmm, nice relax in some bubbles!


20.29 – Man, I’ve been really hungry today. Possible because the last time I ate yesterday was lunch time cos I had dance and no time for anything else. Making up for it today though!


20.53 – Welcome to my craft area! Uh… Excuse the mess lol. This is where all the magic happens – not on the table obviously. No room lol. I’m fast running out of storage space for all my stuff! And there’s those Autumn Leave stamps I was saying about on top of the album pile next to my Yankee Candle πŸ™‚


21.27- This is my project affectionately known as “the encyclopedia”. It’s an Encyclopedia all about me, and I’ve been working on it since January. Inspired by the book “Encyclopedia of an Ordinary life” by Amy Krouse Rosenthall, and an album idea by Cathy Zielske. This has been THE scrapbooking project of the year! Parents have gone to bed and we’ve had no Trick or Treaters at all.


22.27- I upload a few more photos to this here page, then I blog very very quickly because it’s time for bed! Β Number of Trick or Treaters: 0


22.55- I finally jump into bed and set my alarm tomorrow. Dad said it’s going to be cold tomorrow just before he went to bed and told me to get up earlier. Cold? I doubt that very much

01/11/06: The temperature did in fact drop. It has been about 14 degrees C or more all week. This morning it was 3c, and highs of just 8c. Next time I will listen to my dad.

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