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Morning! Argh, the brown box is still there… Must resist temptation to open… I know there’s red ribbon as it’s hanging out of the side at least 🙂


I got up straight away to play on the computer. I’m making “elements” which are digital embellishments. I’m making a button here.


Yikes, lost track of the time. I have made 2 Digital Layouts though 🙂 Just gonna wash my hair and have a bath


No parents, so I’m doing the washing an ironing. It’s looking a little dodgy outside now so I won’t be able to hang the washing out on the line (should have done that first thing this morning!) But I’m doing the ironing now, cos I’ll be damned if Stewart will even think of touching it.


Time for my roast dinner. Ok so it’s a frozen one, and you need a chainsaw to try and eat the Yorkshire puddings, which is why I’m cooking some of my own, and I’m making gravy with OXO granules. Look at me all domesticated!


Had to take a picture of Bisto seeing as I’m “mmmbisto”! *slaps hand* I know I’m not using it…


Yummy yummy 🙂


Back in my room prancing around dancing around to Pat Benatar “Love is a battlefield” just like on 13 Going On 30 (Yeah, I saw that for the third time yesterday!)


While I’m waiting for mum and dad to call from sunny Spain, I play on The Sims Bustin Out as Stewart’s PS2 seems to have taken over the lounge. It’s me as a Sim, how sad am I? lol. You probably can’t see but she’s wearing glasses too 🙂


At Mate’s house. Parents boasting about the weather and when I tell mum I’ll cook them something to eat the day they get back, mum asks me what they’re having and dad says in the background “Beans on Toast!” Mate’s still working on their website so I’m watching Glastonbury on TV… with no sound. Practising my lip reading!


I leave as I have things to do.


Just watching Kiss on TV. It’s “Fresh Prince & Jazzy Jeff – Summer Time” I love this song, night!

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