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Time to get up!


Got ready and it’s time to jump in my car


I arrive at work, got my muffin and orange drink. This is my new desk! We moved here last week.


Asha and Terry are in. One of these Grinds, I will catch her! lol


I got a bit bored (I have a short attention span) and I play with the Tweenie I got from my Happy Meal a few weeks ago. My battery ran out on my CD player, so I take them out and make him skate between them! lol


Breaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakfast! Got bacon, hash brown, sausage and beans.


Lunch time now. Sat down and put a ton of jobs on so I didn’t fancy taking any pics of that! I’m sat with Sarah. Kelvin’s on holiday.


Few minutes to spare so we go for a walk outside seeing as it’s so nice. The only place to walk though is the car park šŸ˜‰


If only my days seem to go this fast! It’s time to go home now, but before I do I swing by Dispatch.


Stewart’s on the computer (he just ran off somewhere!) so I sit on my bed


Taz wants to play!


But he soon gives up and has a belly rub instead šŸ™‚


I fell asleep cuddled up to Taz but got up for my tea. Guess what it is? Chicken Kiev.


Seeing as Stewart has gone, I play on the computer. Just do normal stuff and work on my shop. Like the Heath Ledger wallpaper? šŸ˜‰


Hehe, listening to Evanescence! And singing along to the lyrics in the booklet.


Time for a bath but my parents are going to bed so I can only be 5 minutes.


Surprise, Stewart comes back and gets me off the computer. I tell him I need to be on just after 10. He stays on til 10:15.


Finish watching TV and it’s time for bed! Goodnight!


Hmph. Can’t sleep, so I try my relaxation machine thing. I fall asleep to a very dim blue light, going slightly light and dark to the sound of waves washing up on the shore…

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