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Alarm’s gone off and it’s time to get up and take a shower and wash my hair. I was too busy to wash my hair last night before bed lol!


Once I’m out the shower and my hair is relatively dry, I sit down and watch the weather and news on GMTV… We’re under the 9 above Bristol lol. I’m eating Coco Pops, but I ran out of milk so I’m using UHT.


Lunch box made, hair completely dry, everything ready for work… and there’s frost tonight oh no!


Traffic wasn’t too bad today, which was nice đŸ™‚ Here’s my messy desk… and that huge pile of contracts is still there! AHHHH! I get started straight away on finishing my invoices from yesterday. Don’t feel like a hot chocolate this morning.


Now all my Self Drive invoices are finished, I get on and type out all the operated ones, ready for printing. My throat starts to feel really funny. I hope I’m not coming down with anything!


Lunch time. My time has been moved to 12 o’clock now. I sit in the old reception area which is closed off and full of archive boxes lol. Peace and quiet, seeing as I can’t sit in my car at lunch times anymore. I have my Christmas Creating keepsakes mags (the last lot of mags about Xmas I haven’t read this year yet!) and I sit and play animal crossing and brain training on my DS, all while eating my lunch: cheese and salad cream sandwiches, packet of discos, maltesers, twix and because I run out of yoghurts I have some poppy and sesame seed biscuit thins.


Back upstairs at my desk and busy with work!


This is one of my favourite things to do lol. I just check through the sheet, make adjustments, and I get to highlight the machines in pretty colours!


Right, now it’s time for my monthly shop. I do on occasion pop into Morrisons supermarket to pick up things like bread and milk when I need it, but today is my main shopping day!


I get soup, Rice Pudding, Squash, pizzas, Chocolate, some more cereal because I ate the last of it this morning (and I pick up some porridge to have now it’s getting colder in the mornings!) longlife milk for emergencies (like this morning!), chicken nuggets… my usual stuff… I have the sweetest till lady who helps me pack because I’m not feeling well still.


I got home, unpacked all the shopping and head straight back out again to mum and dad’s house when Buster comes running down the stairs to say hello! I help dad with his e-mails and check some things online with him and chat to mum when she got home from the gym.


back home again lol. Check my own e-mails and bloglines, and begin writing the minutes of Tuesdays dance committee meeting ready for our show in April. Lots to do! I have to find a venue in 2 weeks! I check yellow pages and some websites to get some ideas.


I take a small break and watch Scrubs on E4 + 1, then flick over to E4 ready for Friends at 8pm… Once that’s eaten, I go back to the computer to carry on with minutes and committee stuff.


Time for bubble bath! I feel rough! *sniff cough* Seeing as I’ve read all Xmas magazines now, I find 2 old mags to read and try and get some DIY present ideas. I love to read in the bath. You can normally find a few magazines or books tucked under my sink lol.


Finished, time for brushing teeth!


and bed time to start all over again in the morning – but it’s my last day tomorrow until I get a week off, yippee!

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