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Monthly Archives: October 2005

See if you can spot the recurring object…


Thank heavens it’s Friday! Switch on the TV to catch up on the news on GMTV


I’m up and ready… and off to work! Yes, parked out the stupid front again (grr @ neighbour!)]


These are the traffic lights right before work. We stopped so I could take a piccie… Someone painted smilies on the green! There’s also a postman who’s always stood at the side of the road by the Royal Mail office in his shorts in every weather. Unfortunately the traffic was moving so I couldn’t get a shot of him. Next time though! That’s work in the background – you can see all the blue from our lorries.


Parked up and walking to the building now. I start work as soon as I get in, but I’m unable to take piccies inside really.


Breakfast time! Far cry from the canteen we had at Transco, I grab a Fitness bar from my lunch box… The guys downstairs are eating their MacDonalds can you believe – a toasted deli sandwich and 2 orders of fries! But I’m being a good girl!


These are the stairs I walk up and down several times a day to get to my paper work and folders etc. I have a query so I’m off to see a colleague.


I relieve the receptionist so she can go for her lunch, so if you ever ring us between 12 and 1, you’ll be speaking to me! lol. Phones get a bit manic!


Lunch time 🙂 I got my iPod and Creating Keepsakes magazine to keep me entertained along with ham and pickle sandwiches, Bacon wheat Crunchies, jaffa cakes, chocolate mousse and 2 fun sized choc bars. I sit in the back of my car for lunch and get nice and cosy… And take off my shoes and put up my feet as you can see my funky black and green socks! lol


Back to work. I love to gaze out the window sometimes… The weather is icky and grey! This is my view from MY window (yup my very own window!) It’s better when the leaves have fallen off the trees as you can see all the cars going past on the dual carriageway in front.


I spent the rest of the afternoon doing my filing downstairs 🙂 I enjoy being downstairs with the guys cos they’re so funny and the drivers and customers come in and you get to say hello and meet new people. But I’m home now, looking at UKS, and I decide to look at Ali’s “top internet finds” from CK October 2005 issue. I end up playing at COLOUR IN MOTION for a while lol! Haha, and there’s Hanson’s heads poking out from behind the mag. *waves* hello Taylor!


Microwavable sausage and mash. Yum(!)


Time for a bath before I think about going to my friends house who finishes work at 8pm.


I get to my mates house and they tempt me with Thornton’s chocolates… so I finish off the packet!


I get sleepy and come home to check on my site Degraded Digital which went “live” about 8 ish. Lots of positive comments 🙂 Now I’m off to sleep!


I just had a call from my mate. We had a slight falling out (another reason I came home early) but they called and we sorted it out. Now I’m really off to sleep!

Did you spot the object…?





…Scroll down…






My lipsmackers lip balm!

Where? 10.03 by my fitness bar, 13.08 on my lunch box lid, 18.09 by my tea, 20.59 under the choccies


(1st October) Mum and dad went out for the day, so Taz and Buster were sleeping in with me until they got home which was 1.30am… Dirty stop outs lol!


I’m awake now, Got my Danone drink and my vitamins to take… I love the Bassetts ones because they’re like eating sweets 🙂


Haha, as soon as I finished with the vitamins etc, I started playing Sims 2! I got Nightlife and it’s so addicting. Here’s Lillith, Her sister Angela is married to Dustin and they have 4 kids: a boy Parish, 2 girls Verity and Cadence and another boy Oren.


Mum reminds me that the Christening starts at 12.15 so I better get my butt moving! Decided to “dress up” ish with some black trousers, a white top and a black blazer.


My cousin Dawn with her husband and baby 🙂 We’re sat in church for the Christening. It’s nice to spend time with my mum’s side of the family, we see my dad’s side every week, but rarely mum’s side


Then we were off to the Pike for a party! Yay!


I took my other cousin’s daughter to have a look at the cake, isn’t it lovely? It was Dawn and Robert’s wedding cake!


Fooooooooooooooooooood! It’s not all for me, my mum helped me with half of it. I had the ham roll! Mmm, good old BRITISH CHIPPIES! Those chips were lush, proper English chips, not McDonald’s french fries rubbish 😉 Big chunky chips lol!


We start to say goodbye to everyone and head off home as only mum and me went. Stewart had to go somewhere with Claire, and dad was at home in bed feeling ill. We’ll be seeing everyone again in November though, my cousin Martin’s 18th birthday, will be WELL cool!


… and back to Nightlife!!


Whoops, realise the time! I gotta get to my mate’s house but I gotta have a bath and wash my hair as the pub was all horrible and smokey… but not until I check UKScrappers first… What’s that? Doodlebug kits? *drools*


At my friends house, just finished watching Antique’s Roadshow, then it was Malcolm In The Middle, followed by Top Gear (Richard Hammond… Mmmmmm) I love that show, they played 5 a side football with cars in tonight’s show… and it’s got Rich Hammond in it! Then after that it was Mechannibals…


We carry on our TV marathon with Bad Boys! I should be going home shortly, I can’t stay up too late, I’m tired already!


I’m back home, but I had to finish it off as I was watching it already. AHHH! Look at the time, goodnight!