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Monthly Archives: May 2004


It’s Wednesday which means it’s my 8:30 start today


I have a wash and get ready. Now I’m all set to go to work 🙂


Y’see I thought this was too good to be true. I get to the traffic lights and it’s quiet – too quiet! But I carried on down the road and dammit, I was stuck in traffic for 10 minutes 🙁


I’ve been on calls for an hour. I’ve had some right loonies phone up so far. I’m taking an emergency call and so the safety advice has come up on the screen… so I’m just reading that to the caller. I finish on phones at 10.


Yippee, it’s time for breakfast! cheese and ham toastie and a Cadbury fudge! It’s a bit hectic today so far.


Sophie’s being rude with her food again lol. Steffany is messing about with the blinds in the background and I’ve just realised I haven’t taken a pic in a while (because I’m sending meter details back) so I take a pic of the first thing I see lol


Phew, lunch time finally! I have loaded potato skins with cheese and sausage. This should last me until I get home after I go into town! I’m on lunch with Tina and Sarah. It’s so nice and sunny!


Work finished. I get to my mum’s office cos I get free parking, I come in to put my contact lenses in, thn I race off to the Opticians. I wear a headset similar to my mum’s at work.


Ah-ha. Evidence…. I get home to find my room in an absolute mess and I didn’t leave it like this, this morning. And I’m missing £7 – Stewart’s been in here and he’s stolen some of my money!! At least he could’ve left it tidy in here, and we have the family computer downstairs – this is MY computer dammit.


I have a very quick game of The Sims, but as I’m playing I can hear clopping outside. There’s two horses going up the road!


Mum finds a job in the local paper. Everyone was not impressed as we read something in the paper about the place where we work and we not informed of it. We photocopied it and stuck it on the noticeboard, and there’s many changes going ahead and we will be made redundant, so I try finding my CV to send off.


I couldn’t actually find an up to date one so I had to re-write it, and I’ve just finished. I shut down and have a quick wash.


No time to eat, so I grab a packet of crisps and head over to my mate’s house.


Spent an hour there, but then came back to wash my hair


My poor feet after all that walking. Time to go to bed now, with soaking wet hair >.<