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Monthly Archives: February 2004


I’m awake early again. My alarm is due to go off in 5 minutes how annoying >.<


All ready now, time to go to work 🙂 This is my baby – the new car I got for my 21st. Well half of it because I paid for the other half 😉 So this is my half you’re looking at, the drivers side!


I came to work and sat with Craig on dispatch before I started work. I check the rota and I’m scheduled in to take Gas Emergency calls until 9:30 (boo!) “Good morning, Transco Gas Emergency Service, how may I help you?” I’ve been told I don’t sound old enough to even be working, and that I sound 12 years old!


Asha, myself and Sedem all went to breakfast, so here’s the remaining food lol It’s OK, I start my diet next week!


Everybody hard at work: Ros, Sedem, Nigel (Asha who’s hiding!) but not Sophie and John lol! They pose for the camera for me 🙂


It’s lunch time. I’m running low on credit so I needed to come to Tesco to get some more, so I offer to do a Tesco run for anyone who wants anything. Sedem and Asha come with me (Asha does a runner when I pull my camera out) so I’m following Sedem to get our “shopping list” for work.


I have my credit now, and I got some choccy and a sandwich 🙂 but it’s back to work


lol, Sophie loves to sniff her Post-Its all day 🙂 A guy called Rob (stood behind her) came over to chat to Nigel. She’s found that Pink Post-Its smell better than Yellow ones!


Vroom Vroom! Triggy bought me and Sophie and Kinder Surprise Egg one day and I got a bright pink car in it (Sophie got a jigsaw which is on her desk) but I’m not too keen on pink so I painted the car with tippex. Sadly, I play with it while I take emergency calls so the tippex is coming off!


Well, I finished work and drove home and quickly went on the family computer, as I don’t have access to the internet now in my room. I come and have a bath 🙂


Snow! It’s going to snow tonight! Yessssssssssssss! Oh no wait – Noooo! I have work again tomorrow! It’s gonna be -3!


I went to my Mate’s house, but we have a lot of things to sort out so I didn’t take any pictures. I come home and luckily the dogs are outside which means parents are just about to go to bed, so I manage to sneak in.


I set the alarm… and put it on charge lol. Night night!