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Monthly Archives: November 2003


It’s our first morning here in Egypt. We got here last night. I had a drink of coke last night before bed from the bar, hence the cup!


Better get up and have a shower 🙂


Right, I’m all ready with my bikini underneath my clothes, hehe.


This is the pathway to get to the main hotel building, our room is separate. On my way to get breakfast!


I grab the chocolate donuts of course! I dunno what that red drink was but after a while it wasn’t very nice lol. I drank it anyway, but I shan’t be having it again I don’t think…


Right, our welcome meeting was meant to be at either 10am or 11am, Mustafa (our rep) couldn’t make up his mind on the coach last night, haha! We go and check it out but we realise it’s at 11 so we sit at the bar and have a few drinks before it starts


We have our excursions list. We decide we want to do “Ras Mohammed National Park” on Sunday and the “Bedouin Evening” tomorrow night. Riding camels – should be fun! The Bedouins are the “People Of The Desert” 🙂


Now we’ve finally finished with the welcome meeting and booking the trips and all, it’s time for some FUN! I’ve got my towel and stuff so I can go to the pool 🙂


I sit down for a moment to see this guy making sand pictures in bottles. A girl was watching him, so I decide to go over and watch myself 🙂 It’s pretty nifty!


Better not overdo the sun today, so we head back to our room. I’m pretty tired too, so I’ll just have a little nap watching BBC World…


Yikes! More than a little nap! I must admit I woke up a few times and watched “Full House” and “Friends” I’ve just had a shower now I’d better dry my hair


Time for Tea! This is our HILTON bracelet/tag things we have to wear for our All Inclusiveness hehe.


After dinner, we head to the pool bar. I stick to Fanta Orange! lol. It isn’t long before those 2 empty chairs get filled and we get chatting to a couple from Guernsey


*yawn* Believe it or not, I’m still really tired, so I’m heading back for an early night.