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Monthly Archives: April 2003

See if you can spot the recurring object…


Morning 🙂 Sorry, I’ve been awake quite a while. I’ve watched “Brace Face”, “Don’t Blame The Koalas”, “Revelations” and now “Spring Break Live” is on. Only watching this cos Busted are meant to be on it.


Argh! Go away, I’m still in bed, lol. Here’s me in bed, hiding from the camera watching TV!


I decide I can listen out for Busted whilst playing on my computer. Like the Mattie wallpaper? lol I also got a webcam yesterday. I quickly go to the bathroom to have a wash and brush my teeth.


I need to work on my Mattie layout for Starsandmoon and sort out my webcam pic. I couldn’t do the highlights in Mattie’s hair so I give up! lol.


Mum calls me for dinner but I scoff it down cos I was hungry, and I forgot my camera! So here’s a picture of tomorrow’s dinner for my parents, minus the gravy. I had mash potato, roast potato, Chicken, carrots, mushy peas, Yorkshire pudding, and sage and onion stuffing 🙂


Had better get dressed. It’ll save me later if I have to go to my mate’s house or not. I grab the first pair of jeans, and first top I pull out of the wardrobe. I can’t be bothered!


After 2 hours of messing about, the layout looks a bit better. It’ll do haha. I’m drinking some summer fruits pop (soda for you Americans!) And I got a good picture of my left foot too!


I start messing about with Flash now. I got a great picture of Mattie that I took a screen shot of from my Busted single, and rotated it so it looks a bit more square. I’m slowly figuring out how to use this. I manage to get a stop button actually WORKING! Go me!


Mate tells me not to go over, so I check out my forum haunts, and have an early night myself. By the looks of it I was at forums here!


Here’s a game I downloaded from one girl’s site I stumbled upon. It was a really good site as well! This game you have to build a house and it reveals more about your personality. My reading came back and it was quite spot on!


Mmmmmmmmm Dairy Milk bar. Gotta eat some more of this. I’ve only eaten my Roast Dinner all day!


Don’t I look so happy!? It got cold so I put on a jacket and it got dark as well, which is odd. I’m looking at a few sites still. I felt a bit tired by now, and I got up late!


Here’s a sneak peek at my Littlesocks collective layout (Once the stupid scrolling works!!) It’s got Taz and Buster on. It’s gonna be a bit big for 800×600 peeps though. My Image Dicer just will not work on this computer! Grr! It’s one big fat image to have to load o.O Eek!


Ok, everyone’s gone to bed now, so I grab a chicken (left over from the roast dinner earlier) and salad cream sandwich and some Chocolate milk. Odd combination I know!


Time to switch back to my PJs and eat my food!


Good Will Hunting is on TV. I’ve got to get up early in the morning for work, so I’m gonna drink my milk and sleep. Goodnight! What a boring and non-productive day lol! I’ve barely left my room

So what was the object…?





…scroll down…






My Busted album!


11:22: Resting on my Teddy Bear behind the pink bag to the right of the computer, in it’s usual spot 🙂 I always keep it here
17:01: Peeking from behind my monitor
18:17: Below my Dairy Milk Bar
21:14: On the worktop by my Choccy Milk
21:30: Resting on my lava lamp