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I finished work today (12th) and was picked up by my uncle. Tomorrow I’m going to be chief bridesmaid for my cousin Sarah’s wedding! (far left)


We had been out for a meal, watched TV and drunk wine, but we decided to go to bed, cos we had to be up early!! Me and Leanne (other bridesmaid) had to share a bed in the back bedroom.


I didn’t sleep very well. I woke up at 5:10am and manage to get to sleep again before both me and Lea woke up.


Sarah had her first phone call to wish her luck, it was our Nanny Irene. We just sat around watching cartoons πŸ™‚


Mmmm! Times for breakfast! Sarah cooked us sausages in a roll. Delicious!


Had to start getting ready by this time! Sarah’s friends were our hairdressers for the day and they were due at 9:30!


Leanne’s shot of me going into the bathroom!


Our flowers turned up, brought by the groom’s parents. The flowers were gorgeous! We put Sarah’s bouquet in the sink and mine and Lea’s in a bucket to keep them fresh until we needed them…


The hairdressers still hadn’t arrived. This is me talking to my mum on my mobile phone! She was wishing us all luck.


The hairdressers coming up the drive. Boy were we glad to see them!


They start on Sarah’s hair, before doing ours and then finishing hers off


Now our hair is done, it’s time to have a quick drink of wine! We had just over an hour before the Rolls Royce picked me and Leanne up


Soo and Uncle Mark come to see us. I took this shot from the stairs.


We all have to start getting dressed now and add our finishing touches before the car comes. This is Sarah’s dress… But you can’t see it πŸ˜‰

** Sadly I couldn’t take any pictures after this, as we had a mad rush on to get ready, and I couldn’t take my camera with me. I gave it to the hairdresser to take care of until the Reception. Me and Lea went past the market in the Rolls and it was market day so everyone was staring at us πŸ™‚ We pulled up at the church, shortly followed by the bride and her father (uncle Mark). The ceremony went great and I had to be a witness. From there the bride and groom went in the Rolls to the Reception and me and Lea went in Uncle Mark’s Car, complete with ribbons, through the town center **


My brother, my cousin Leanne and my cousin Craig at the reception. Everyone else was at the bar getting in the drinks! We were waiting to be called to have pictures taken. My and Leanne already had a load of pictures done at the wedding.


This is me in my dress with my Tiara and my bouquet! I was very proud!


Finally we get called outside by the marquee to have pictures done. This is our 5 Generations picture. My great nan, My nan, My uncle Mark, cousin Mike and his baby daughter Morgan.


I couldn’t resist this candid pic of my bro holding Soo’s handbag! After this everyone had to stand facing the building. There was a small hill which the photographer stood on and captured everyone who attended the wedding. We also had full family pictures done. I look forward to seeing those!


The head table! My chair is on the end, next to Leanne, the groom’s mother, my uncle Mark, Sarah, Kevin, Groom’s father, Soo and finally the best man on the end. We had a huge 3 course meal, and as soon as you took a sip of your wine a waiter was back topping it up!


Sarah and Kevin cutting the cake πŸ™‚


Argh! The reception went on a bit longer than everyone expected, not that we were complaining! But we had to race back to our hometown ready to catch the minibus back to the party!


We got home, and Stewart wanted his picture taken for his FiancΓ© Claire. I dropped my bouquet off and my presents (I got a Tatty Teddy (metoyou) bear as a bridesmaid saying “Special Bridesmaid” and a bottle of champagne!)


We found our table back in the marquee and started to drink and have a great time!


Holy! It’s Charlie from Busted! Haha, nope this is a guy called Eddie (Didn’t get the chance to talk to him) He doesn’t look so much like him in this pic but if you stood and watched him, you’d swear it was! Kevin took this picture for me as I didn’t have the guts to go and ask him for a picture.


Time for the bride and groom to have their dance. They chose Shania Twain’s “From This Moment”, lol, I almost cried!


Let’s boogey!!


This is my step-cousin Tim, posing for the camera! I was exhausted after all that dancing, so I sat and chatted with everyone when Tim came to chat with Stewart and my dad. Not long after this, I got back up on the dancefloor but I hurt my ankle somehow πŸ™


*sob* The party finished at 1am, so we all had to jump back on the mini-bus to go home. Leanne, My Aunty Jayne, Tim, Becky, Craig and a little bit of Mike in that pic!


Finally, over an hour later I get back home and hang up my dress and jump into bed. It’s been a great day, but sadly it had to come to an end…

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