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03-06-07_01I’ve been tossing and turning for a while, so I might as well get up now šŸ™‚ Morning everyone! Welcome to my new home! I’ve not been here long, only a couple of months šŸ™‚


First thing I do in the morning is to start tidying up. I make my bed, do the washing up from the night before if there’s any left which there’s a couple of glasses, and various other chores. I also fold the washing up and put it in the ironing basket, but now it’s computer time! I check e-mails and stuff.


Next important thing – bath and dressed! lol!


As I’m not doing any proper housework today, I scrubbed the flat last weekend, so I’ve been meaning to scrapbook my Hanson experience so I get started on that today.


These scrapbook pages take an eternity to do lol. I’ve got all my photos printed now though and my stamping, the title is completed, but this is a double page and I’ve only done a little on the first!


The rest of my photos are still drying, so I take a breather to find there’s a new episode of Taking The Walk on iTunes! “Special Delivery”… sounds awesome have to watch this! And that’s my signed copy of The Walk album from when I met Isaac, Taylor & Zac!


Mum’s just called. She’s telling me dinner will be ready for 2.15pm, but I decide now is a good time to start shutting my windows and get ready to walk on over.


I help dad on the computer for a while (he’s desperately trying to get hold of a Raleigh Chopper), and one auction is ending tomorrow, so I arrange with dad to come over after work to sit with him to see if we can grab it! Mum calls us for our dinner so we all sit in the lounge and tuck in!


Ooo, Beaches is on channel 5! But dad changes over so I don’t get to watch it long.


Taz wants some snuggles, so he jumps up on the sofa after I start to fuss over him. Mum doesn’t tell him off so soon I’m having a snuggle with both Taz and Buster lol


We’re just watching the end of “In Her Shoes” It’s like the Sunday thing for me to do now – when mum and dad don’t have any videos to watch (normally NCIS, Law and Order etc) I bring a DVD over and we sit and watch it.


I’ve now wandered on back to the flat, and mum’s come up with me. I got ironing to do before I go out, and mum’s looking over the little booklet I made earlier to go on the Hanson page. It’s photos of the scrapbook I gave to the guys when I met them.


Now I have Virgin Media and I get full control over the remote, I tend to watch a lot of TV. Loving “Home Improvements” on ABC1!


And I’ve not played Sims in absolutely aaaaaaages, so I play 1 Sim day before going back to Home Improvements lol. I’m so good at multitasking!


Now it’s Friends on E4. Awesome!


I go to my friend’s house for a little while to hang out. Forced to watch Big Brother!


Back home. I set my alarm and jump into bed. Night!

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