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11:29: I don’t usually go to bed this late, usually it’s at 10:30. I was working on my computer. I set my alarm on my Psion. Night everyone!


06:52: Time to get up! Psion goes off and I turn on the TV to GMTV.


06:59: I picked out my clothes just before I went to bed so it’s just a case of putting them on. I also have a habit of throwing stuff on the floor just before I sleep, hence the books, CDs and CD player still there!


07:04: Here’s all the stuff I need to get ready… Got my hair brush, scrunchie and clips, body spray, tooth brush & paste and finally my facial wipes.


07:14: All ready to go to work and plenty of time to spare. I leave my house at 7:25 every morning.


07:35: Typical! Stuck in traffic! It has only taken me about 10 minutes to drive from my house to here, and I’m almost at work!


07:47: Having said that, I got stuck at the next set of traffic lights, and then the set after that, so it added an extra 10 minutes! Here’s my desk all nicely tidy(ish) just how I left it yesterday 🙂


I realised the time was set wrong on the camera so changed it to the right time. This is my breakfast – mini jaffa cakes, Galaxy Muffin (mmmmmmmm) and an orange drink from the vending machine. It’s on free vend!


No work has come through e-mail so mess about with our figures and stuff for Cross Meters (how many jobs received etc). I took it upon myself to do weekly and monthly graphs and write a small report (what I’m doing in the pic) about the workload received.

** The stupid batteries ran out on my camera! At 10am I went for breakfast and got some mini Cheddars, creme egg and my usual bottle of Cherry Coke. I didn’t eat them as Peter bought in cakes because it was his birthday. I then got a few jobs through and I put them on. Lunch is at 12:15 for me so I ask everyone if they want anything because I needed to go to Tescos to get some batteries. Only Kelvin wants something and I make a list for him! lol **


I got all the stuff except Kelvin’s roll. I also got a few extras 🙂 There was a van parked next to me with a cute dog in it and I tried to get a pic but I guess he was camera shy cos he ran off to the back of the van!


It was raining slightly (hence windscreen wiper! lol) and I’m here driving up to the barrier to get into work. I have my card ready to get in


As soon as I walk in the door, Kelvin is sat on the chairs! I give him his drink. Doesn’t look too impressed with me taking a picture >.<


I see Asha as soon as I get back to my desk. She tries to hide behind her monitor so I can’t see her!


A few more jobs come in for me to do! YAY! That’ll keep me busy for a while


I catch Terry, Asha and Sophie in mid conversation, ironically about work 🙂



I finish the few jobs that came in and I go over to talk to Sophie as I always do. She poses with her Miss Piggy for me. She got it from McDonald’s.



There’s the birthday boy! This is Peter. He generally keeps to himself and plods on with his work. Kelvin is with Jo in the background.



Sophie insists on taking my picture with Kermit, lol. I got him on a trip during lunch to McDonald’s down the road.



This is my lunch. I have cake, An Aero, Mars Bar my creme egg and Mini Cheddars from breakfast I didn’t eat and Baked Bean flavour Monster Munch. I eat everything except the Mini Cheddars, cake and Mars Bar.



I should start my own stationary set, what do you think? lol! I keep my stationary in that big box so no one will steal it and the box labelled “Box” has my stapler in it.



YAY! One whole job for me!


Asha works part time so she’s off home. She saw my grab my camera and she goes to run off 🙂


Break time! Little late though. We have set breaks and I was supposed to take mine at 2:40. I work on my cross stitch of Tigger.


Another cake from Peter. This time I have a jam donut.


Home time! I’m a bit late going because I was stood talking to Kelvin who’s trying to make a sharp exit out of the picture over there on the right! Sophie waves goodbye to me.


I’m home after sitting traffic for a little! We have speed bumps in our neighbourhood, and I went over one and Nodding Dog’s head came off!!


Buster and Taz are sat on my bed to say hello to me 🙂 Buster looks a bit guilty for my liking…


While I sit waiting for an eternity for Stewart to finish in the stupid bathroom, I watch “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Live”


Time to wash my hair and stuff! I work on my websites and stuff…


… and totally lose track of time! CRAP! I’m supposed to be at my mates!! Time to shut down, lol.


He saw me coming and opened the door for me. Spot of rain on the camera there.


This is me peeling off the label from my bottle of Cherry Coke cos he’s collecting the tokens. I don’t want my pic taken though so I hide lol. My hair is still soaking wet too.


Top Of The Pops is on. Macy Gray’s in the picture. Busted are at the end of the show because they’re number one 🙂


Now it’s time for Eastenders! Phil’s talking to Sharon about her brother Dennis.


I personally think this show is soooooo under rated!! It’s called “My Family” I love it!!


“Lenny Henry In Pieces” comes on. This is near the end, my favourite part of the show – the polar bear animation! That polar bear is putting an egg next to the other one and it wakes up and thinks it’s given birth to an egg. It hatches and it’s actually a crocodile, and it bites him, and he throws his arms about and then the croc goes flying. The mother polar bear says: “It’s the hardest thing about being a parent… knowing when to let go…” I’m creasing by now! HAHAHA! It was very funny!


I go home and I play on my computer and drink some chocolate milk 🙂 Desk is a bit messy though >.<


Bit late now, so I shut down the computer.


PJs and my hair brush 🙂


Good night everyone 🙂

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