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I really can’t say how much I’ve enjoyed this project. What started through Dodo’s Message Board we used to take photos on an agreed date and share within the community, and now Ali Edwards does a version which is fun to follow along with, if you are interested in getting started.
This project gave me such insight to other countries, traditions and ways of life, and I’ve been participating since 2002!  It’s such a cool feeling to look back over all my past grinds that I joined in and see old work friends who I lost contact with, see my great nan who we sadly lost in January 2007 and to see a spread of food across the table at my nan’s house which since she had her operation for her cancer she is no longer able to do.
Can you remember step-by-step what you did Christmas Eve 10 years ago? I have been lucky enough to have Grinds on such days as my cousin’s wedding and I collected all the photos and put them into a scrapbook album to remember her special day. My first holiday without my parents to Egypt.
And if all this hasn’t persuaded you to join in, then nothing will!
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