A private journal

When I was 11 I got my first journal, it was one of those notebooks with the lock on it, and I was hooked. I journalled a lot over the years, but for a long while recently, I haven’t done much at all, if any.

I enjoy perusing the Ali Express website and have many a planner over numerous wish lists: Travellers Notebooks, Hobonichi style covers, ringbound planners etc, but I spotted a few planners by a company called Cagie and I was intrigued. I did what I usually did and I added them to the wish lists for fun – sort of a collection without actually owning them. Then I got the idea in my head how the ones with the locks on would be a great journal, and that I really should get back into it, as it is good for mental health surely. I actually had a different one in my cart for a long time – it was white with purple florals on, and I battled over in my mind which one would be better – Rings or a book cover, but the book cover continued to sit in that cart. Then one day, up popped “New in!” and I spotted this one.


It was in Gold, silver and yellow. The silver one promptly went into my basket. It was cheaper than the other one that sat in there for such a long time, so already – a big bonus! Plus I wasn’t sure the floral design was completely ME on the other one. But this…. This one spoke to me! Once again, it sat in my cart for a while, before I finally came back to it. The gold seemed more of a “nude” colour than gold and I quite liked that, and I already have a lovely grey planner… I swapped the gold and silver a few times before I finally went ahead and bought the gold one. It arrived yesterday and I LOVE it!


It is quite reminiscent of my childhood journal, and the lock feature is wonderful – this one thankfully doesn’t need a key as it is a combination lock and very easy to change the original number. The inner book can come out when it is full and be replaced inside the cover, so this will last me a very long time. I am so pleased with this, and look forward to writing in it very soon.

[Ali Express link to the cover I bought]

Move more eat well March

So I have lost a pound each week in the first two weeks but didn’t lose a pound this week, however it wasn’t a weight gain which is all good and my BMI actually went down, so in my eyes that is still a victory!

That kit I was working on is pretty much completed and has been for a while, and on top of my wunderlist right now is to get the TOU written, split the kit between Hanson crowd & everyday crowd, zip, upload & link up 🙂 I thank you all for your patience & understanding as things have been busy & hectic as usual! On top of my main worries I have my mobile contract expiring soon & I need to cancel within the next 2 days, trying to adjust to new glasses but having issues with them and I had my eye test in tesco & glasses made in Boots so a headache of going between the 2 to sort out what the problem actually is, the weather is picking up now so chores are extending out into the garden where we have a flower border that is positively awful, constantly growing weeds and we have some things we’d like to plant. I’ve weeded a bunch already but still have a lot left to do. Oy.

BeforeAfter (still needs work)
I also need to sit down and sort out my domain, the current sites on it & how best to present & manage them as I still haven’t even got to finishing off my Hanson crafts site since Hanson.net cut their hosting and I’ve had to just sort of upload what I had over to my domain & figure “I’ll sort it out later as I have more important things to do right now”.

Lynda.com certificates :)

I did thoroughly enjoy my week of free Lynda .com training though. I did a refresher on web design fundamentals, did a website from photoshop to dreamweaver course & something that really took my fancy: hands on magazine workshop, doing a magazine spread in InDesign. I was positively giddy with learning & taking some time to sit & watch the videos. I vow to save up some money and take a month to learn some cool new things. Not at all career related but for me. I won’t need to learn how to do a logo (I have played around and made my own in the past!)  but I think it’s a cool skill to have, and making book covers in InDesign ready for the next installment of our trip report but of course 😉 and I want to brush up on my HTML skills. I remember back in the good old days when I spent entire Sundays coding my website  locked away in my bedroom and running it through the validator to check that it was good coding! Ah, the days back when we had Greymatter blogs and numerous “skins” that we coded in php so that the visitors could choose their favourite. I do miss those days, especially as I lost touch with it all and that’s a bad thing in an ever changing environment.

Well, many other things calling my name that needs to be done. People waiting on me to do my turn on Draw Something as well. All being well I hope to be back on Sunday with a little something for you all for being such superstars!

Trip reports

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Now regular readers may know about my passion for journals & memory keeping, and as this weekend just gone myself & Gareth were reading trip reports, thoroughly enjoying them…
… And this afternoon it struck me. My very first trip report in 1993 aged just 10 years old was in a cupboard tucked away in a “holiday folder” along with a few momentos (see, I’ve been at this since a very early age, and I have to admit as I’m older I am enternally grateful to my young self for doing this!)

I plan on getting this scanned to share with you all, and yes it’s in comic sans but I was only young so I hope you forgive me! On our home computer we had some creative writing software aimed for kids & I loved it and the only thing I could think of writing at the time was about my very first holiday abroad.

Trip repor

Then I see the awful quality photos in the back and want to cry, and save this piece of my history, so I’m debating whether to re-write the trip reports I have and putting them into PDF so I can keep them on my phone to read or a mini book in their own rights 🙂 My parents have the photos, but I can scan them in 🙂

And if you’re wondering where you can read these Disney Trip Reports, they are located on the forums of thedibb.co.uk but you need to be a member to view them

Writing bug

I remember when I was 14, I sat down and I wrote a 400 page story, which (if I do say so myself) I quite enjoyed, but I’m biased 😉 and that story will never see the light of day because it was pretty much Hanson Fanfic.  My current story is a bit of an odd thing for me to talk about really, but it’s a story I want to tell. I recall it all fondly to anyone who will listen.


Now it’s about an old crush of mine from back in the day, a guy I consider one of my best friends still to this day although we don’t get to chat half as much anymore because life has pretty much got in the way.  Looking at it, it may be a little weird to be writing it, but a thing I really want to do this year is to hold a book that I have written in my hands in its published form 🙂 And what better thing to write about than personal experience. I will post draft chapters as and when, and hope that anyone who reads it enjoys it.

Speaking of crushes, the hottest guy in the world cooked us a yummy dinner tonight 🙂  Here he is playing WoW:


and the face he usually pulls when he knows I have the camera in hand:


and the cutest texts lol  “baby looney pants” 😀

text :)