10 months

It was a little sad celebrating Dylan’s 10 month milestone when it turned out to be the day that Robin Williams passed away.  Photos of him just seem to be a blur these days. I want to update my cover photo on Facebook but long gone are the days he would stay where he was put!



I think this was the closest I could get to a photo that I could use!  That face melts me every time.


Can’t really get cuddles much either, as he constantly wants to be on his feet but hasn’t found his balance yet. But he sure loves tickles! We are also on tooth number 3! (They are like buses!)



I adore Curious George, and no matter what we are doing, at 8am we stop to watch George. I find there is something strangely comforting about this show, I just love it and I cannot for the life of me put my finger on what it is. For me, the day is off to a bad start if we do not watch George.



My fitbit needed sprucing up, so I did this which has since come off, but that will be for another post I’m sure, as I have had my fitbit since 2nd January so I should do a post about it!



S, how is the weight loss going?  Pretty well I’d say! Over a stone off (148lbs starting, currently another lb off so 133lb currently) and just 1 more stone to go! Slow and steady wins the race after all 😉 This does mean I am going to have to go clothes shopping :/ I really dislike clothes shopping!

2014-08-08 18.56.16


As for the job hunting? Meh, do not ask. I have been on 1 interview which I still haven’t heard back about and have managed to apply for the same 1 job on 3 different occasions.

Mojo is back!


I am back to Zumba classes 🙂 So fab to be with such lovely ladies, and they were all talking about a video which Reg gave us a demonstration of (minus the Zumba men!) So glad to be back.


I’ve also been on Illustrator which just does not want to co-operate on my laptop. I managed to export 2 of my vector images but for the last 2 it claimed I did not have enough memory to complete the operation. Thank heavens for smart layers! I copied and pasted the vectors into photoshop.


8 papers made for a new “Shout It Out” kit I’ve been toying with for Hanson Crafts. Hopefully will lead on to phone wallpapers, 10×8 print to go with the subway art I made… My vectors are far from perfect though, but I made them so they’re good enough for me ^_^

Holy swimsuit batman!

My swimsuit had what started as a small hole in the side but eventually became ten times larger! I had visions of me needing to get a new one but mum had sewn it up for me after she washed it (I do my laundry fri and sat normally, and my mum had hers and my dad’s towels and swimwear to wash anyway so she took mine & Gareth’s to save my having to do a wash just for them) yay mum! That should last me a little longer, but I will probably need a new one for Florida.


(My swimsuit with the small hole!)


(my family swimming! Mum, Dad and Oliver with Stewart leaning into the pool lol)

Otherwise nothing at all has happened that’s worthy a mention, apart from I started a new zumba class with my mum this week and we loved it! Let’s hope that will help me shift that muffin top! And I’m about to watch the last episode of Season 1 for Smash 🙁
Though I do have a cute little story to share, which ties in to swimming which I started the post with, seeing as I’ve shared it on Facebook and twitter already this week 🙂
After the absolute horror that was wearing my jewellery into the pool the other week, I learned my lesson and took it off! I placed them on the side and figured I’d put it all back on after my shower after swimming. When we got back we were in a bit of a rush because we had to head off to Cardiff for my Mother-In-Law’s birthday dinner and I couldn’t do the clasp up on my favourite necklace so I remembered in my jewellery box, an 18th birthday present from my friends at Safeway when I worked there, I had a star necklace that had a toggle clasp at the front and was easy peasy to put on and my neck felt so bare without one! I took the whole drawer out as we were in a rush and emptied the contents and low and behold! Look what I found!

Out of Stock ticket

Anyone who is not aware of my old diaryland days (the shameful horror!) won’t know the story but basically my best friend at Safeway signed it, gave it to me and told me I’d keep it forever. So you can imagine the chuckle I had to myself when I stumbled upon this nearly 11 years later. I had enough time to snap a picture before we headed off, and you know what? I was going to throw it away and remembered that I hid it for the very reason of finding it again later, so I tucked it back away for the next 11 years when I get to discover it again and laugh my ass off at the fun all of us guys had when working at Safeway. Without a doubt one of my favourite jobs because I had such a great bunch of people to work with 🙂

In fact, here’s the diary entry itself, from 24th august 2001:

Anyway, James was being an idiot and had a pocket full of Out Of Stock tickets in his pocket. They’re new and he said he really liked them, signed the back of one and gave it to me! “You’re gonna treasure that forever…” He smiled at me.
“Phish! no I’m not!” I replied. Wanna know the funny thing? I haven’t got around to throwing it away yet. I got home, put it somewhere and it’s lost forever!

Row your boat!

Friday after work I had the nice treat of my “no sleep for banditos” members only EP from Hanson. Bit of “up all night” cranked up on the headphones was just what I needed after the return to work after a 4 day weekend!

No Sleep For Banditos

Saturday I had a bit of a surprise. Gareth and our friend matt in Florida both concocted a plan that involved me stood in the living room scratching my head wondering where on earth this noise was coming from only then to hear matt chuckling away to himself so I brought up his chat window when I realised what was going on. Lots of plans for our trip coming together though 🙂

Chatting to Florida

On Sunday it was up bright and early for swimming! It was just me, mum, Stewart, Claire, Oliver and Elijah. But we had lots of fun. Me and Oli sat on one of the floats they have in the pool with the noodles in each hand “rowing” in the pool both singing “row, row, row your boat”. I will have to make little “memory Journalling cards” to put in the boys albums so I can note such gems down 😉 cannot wait for this Sunday as my dad is coming too so I will get to see him on fathers day, and Gareth has been instructed to join in as well!

Mum in the pool

Getting ready for the pool!


And best off all? Tuesday I weighed in and was delighted to see 2 whole pounds lost this week! Plus the pound I lost the previous week even though I was convinced I had actually put it on, I am now back on track before my hiccup! 8 pound left to go!

2 pound loss

Weight over 3 months


So a couple of my online twitter/instagram/facebook friends have quite a lot to answer for 😉 Katy started a group on facebook for Smashers which she invited me to, but I didn’t smash… Well I do now after seeing everything has been up to!


I ordered some smash supplies, and then I came up with an idea as I was stroking my new supplies! I went to Paperarts and got some cardstock that matched my kit that I designed.


I still hadn’t done a minibook for the concert back in November!


So I finished the mini book (pictures to come when I have better light in which to take photos!)


And I designed a Hanson Smash book, and fully assembled it!


I smashed a couple of pages…


Which I also figured to go with a smash book and to make a mini book, people need some journalling blocks! So I designed some of those too! I hope to get pictures, downloads and tutorials to follow on the Hanson Crafts site shortly I hope 🙂

Thursday is the new Friday

We’ve had glorious sunshine all week so far and it’s heading into the weekend. It’s funny that when the weather is nice, it really helps perk you up when things are not exactly going to plan.
Our anniversary was just really a regular day as we decided to celebrate on an upcoming weekend. Wow those 2 years have flown by! Still after quite a few frustrating hiccups for Gareth this week we decided while the weather was nice we would jump in the car and head out for the day on Saturday to escape. Well hopefully escape as our first lot of plans on Saturday is to get his car into the garage (just one of the hiccups!) before we see my nan then be on our merry way.
Zumba legend
I have been happily doing my Zumba almost every evening, and I have the blisters on my feet to prove it lol. My BMI has dropped a little but my weight has not. This is super hard work & I don’t notice a difference except my weight going up & down :/ I was hoping the trousers would feel a little less tight!

I was back perusing Etsy this week. I made my very first treasury too! I have something in my cart ready to be checked out after pay day and I am really looking forward to it!

Now for my evening curled up on the sofa after my chores, watching my fave tv shows 🙂 I definitely love my Thursday nights!

Dance dance!

I am seriously loving Zumba Rush. I was umming & ahhing over whether to buy it or not, but as I was adamant I needed a new arm band for my iPhone for doing nike training club & hopefully going out for a jog, it just fell into my basket (I mean, how rude! Lol!) and I figured it would be a good thing for my “committing to get fit” plan.
I have been a dancer since I was 9. I look terrible doing it however, but I LOVE to do it, and while sometimes I do worry about what people think about some things, me prancing around like a lunatic isn’t one of them. Quite frankly I couldn’t give two hoots as to whether someone laughs at my lack of grace and skill because I just feel absolutely euphoric whilst I dance, and to me that’s all that matters. Zumba rush has some of my old dances like cha cha cha, and I am transported back to my saturday mornings as a teenager. Oh I miss those Saturday mornings!

So I thankfully lost that pound I gained, yippee! I’m back on track, and though things are a bit tough and emotional right now, the Zumba is certainly helping me to keep focused on getting into shape ready for Disney. I have now downloaded a new app “myfitnesspal” as it’s much easier to log foods & I was certainly pleased to see when you complete a day as to how long it’ll take you to reach a certain weight 🙂
10lb left to go!

Gained a pound

How on EARTH did I gain a POUND!?!?! Needless to say after last week staying the same this has now made me absolutely mortified. Though in MMEW form, I shall say “so that happened” and I’m getting back on it with more gusto!

I have realised my main drawback right now is working out. Once upon a time, I pretty much did something every single night/day be it gymnastics, dance, or karate/taekwondo/kickboxing. I was always active. I love dancing, granted I look very silly while I do it, completely awkward even (though I was pretty good at ballroom and latin – I have lots of medals and exam certificates to prove it!)  but I enjoy it all the same. I have took the plunge and bought 2 sports bras. Heck I paid £16 each for 1 white and 1 black bra, you better believe I’m going to use it, I don’t like to waste money! My provisional workout week will look like this: Monday: Zumba, Tuesday: Running if dry; nike training club or choice of workout if wet (now I don’t run and can’t run. This could be entertaining, but have signed up to rockmyrun because if I have to work out to Black Eyed Peas “I Gotta Feeling” one more time I might just give up entirely!) Thursday: Workout DVD. I have plenty. Saturday: Workout at my parents home gym in my old bedroom – see I have NO EXCUSES! Sunday: Rest/wii or kinect workout, depending on how the week goes and if hubby is attached to his game. I managed to “book” in Zumba on the kinect once a week 😉 . I work lates on Wednesday and Fridays so trying to fit in anything would be pushing it, besides I need “recovery” days. I can do this. I will do this.

So that’s the plan. I actually downloaded a timetable app to enable me to fit everything in. I have started by blocking time out for exercise, then I shall start by assigning my tasks time slots. I am even hoping to schedule some “scrapbooking” time in. Meg has been the best these last few months as I try and sort things out with my home life, and I look forward to being able to jump back into the creative team. I am doing my best to try and plan my personal work (yes including a weekly blog post!) and creative team duties alongside some me time, chores and time with the husband.

Poorly car
I’m pretty much used to my glasses now after 2 weeks. The longest I’ve ever had to adjust to new glasses! So if I can’t get anywhere with finding out what’s not quite right with them and trying to focus… I think I’ll manage. After all I managed with squinting at the tv trying to read the listings on it for long enough with my old glasses! And I’m starting to have enough of stressing over things as it’s always one thing after another. Vodafone said they’d waiver the early termination fee after they gave me a PAC code that expired before my contract did and couldn’t give me a new PAC that would cover me until the 23rd April. Then, joy of joys, my exhaust on my car starts rattling to the point even going over a pot hole would make me grab on to the steering wheel for dear life hoping that the exhaust wouldn’t fall off so I managed to squeeze it into my lunch break, as my only other option was Saturday morning… and I have another eye test on Saturday morning to make sure my prescription is correct, so I had no other choice but to squeeze it into lunch time as I literally can’t do it any other time. I honestly haven’t had a full lunch break to myself. I have been either racing home to fit in the extra laundry I had this week (might as well get it on the line while it’s nice!) ringing around Boots/Vodafone/Tesco etc sorting things out, getting my exhaust looked at or getting a new back box fitted to it. Tomorrow lunch time you better believe I am sitting on my ass reading my kindle which I’ve not even picked up since I managed to finish One Day a couple of weeks back 😉

It's summer in March!

It’s all a little overwhelming and I am in desperate need of a break… The Easter break can not come soon enough, and I am ever so grateful for those 4 days to catch up on some things that need to be done. I just hope we have glorious weather that weekend as we have had all this week! I can’t believe it’s been practically summer temperatures here in March! It seems a shame to be couped up in a freezing cold office  on the side that gets no sun 😉



Getting up early to do a workout is not fun. I do not function very well before 7am it seems. But the husband has his fascination with his own game for now which means either I get up before him & work out on the xbox or I don’t get to do it at all. Though I do go out for walks during lunch break as long as it’s not raining!

Calorie count


I have been doing really well as you can see. For how long, who knows! But I have been tracking my food with Calorie Count (It’s free!) and my weight via wii fit & doing some fun games on it, & working out on the kinect (xbox) I am especially in love with Zumba!


I don’t know if this is good or not (I’m guessing the fact it’s given me “zumba instructor” as my ranking must be good!), it seems to not pick up my moves very well. I started ballroom & latin when I was 9, so I know a thing or two but this only seems to pick up moves every so often which is frustrating, but I do it because it’s a fun workout. I jumped straight to “medium” difficulty and the “intermediate” class! Never one to go for easy 🙂

Health kick

Fat free yogurt, raspberries & granola

I seriously eat way too much rubbish. I’ve been a member of Calorie Count for quite some time, but now I have an iPhone I can track things on the go which is helping me (I shall do a post with my apps in at a later date ) I love how it’s free & it tells me if I’m too low on vitamins or too high on fats etc. Yes, I’m back on my “I’m going to shift the extra poundage I put on since being with my husband” kick lol. I’m seriously hoping I stick to it this time & don’t have 1 bad day and claim the world has ended and give up. It was Calorie Count that has made me realise that I’m not getting the good things I need, and all the bad stuff I have too much of, and things need to change. Though hubby does make it difficult!
I can be a bit of a drama queen at times.
Though if you’re looking for inspiration, I’d go look at Cathy’s “move more, eat less” series on her blog.

I’m also on PINTEREST if you want to have a nose at some images that make me happy, and I have an inspiring “health & wellbeing” board 🙂 If you want to sign up too, leave me a comment and I shall send you an invite instead of having to wait months after putting a request in.