Holy swimsuit batman!

My swimsuit had what started as a small hole in the side but eventually became ten times larger! I had visions of me needing to get a new one but mum had sewn it up for me after she washed it (I do my laundry fri and sat normally, and my mum had hers and my dad’s towels and swimwear to wash anyway so she took mine & Gareth’s to save my having to do a wash just for them) yay mum! That should last me a little longer, but I will probably need a new one for Florida.


(My swimsuit with the small hole!)


(my family swimming! Mum, Dad and Oliver with Stewart leaning into the pool lol)

Otherwise nothing at all has happened that’s worthy a mention, apart from I started a new zumba class with my mum this week and we loved it! Let’s hope that will help me shift that muffin top! And I’m about to watch the last episode of Season 1 for Smash 🙁
Though I do have a cute little story to share, which ties in to swimming which I started the post with, seeing as I’ve shared it on Facebook and twitter already this week 🙂
After the absolute horror that was wearing my jewellery into the pool the other week, I learned my lesson and took it off! I placed them on the side and figured I’d put it all back on after my shower after swimming. When we got back we were in a bit of a rush because we had to head off to Cardiff for my Mother-In-Law’s birthday dinner and I couldn’t do the clasp up on my favourite necklace so I remembered in my jewellery box, an 18th birthday present from my friends at Safeway when I worked there, I had a star necklace that had a toggle clasp at the front and was easy peasy to put on and my neck felt so bare without one! I took the whole drawer out as we were in a rush and emptied the contents and low and behold! Look what I found!

Out of Stock ticket

Anyone who is not aware of my old diaryland days (the shameful horror!) won’t know the story but basically my best friend at Safeway signed it, gave it to me and told me I’d keep it forever. So you can imagine the chuckle I had to myself when I stumbled upon this nearly 11 years later. I had enough time to snap a picture before we headed off, and you know what? I was going to throw it away and remembered that I hid it for the very reason of finding it again later, so I tucked it back away for the next 11 years when I get to discover it again and laugh my ass off at the fun all of us guys had when working at Safeway. Without a doubt one of my favourite jobs because I had such a great bunch of people to work with 🙂

In fact, here’s the diary entry itself, from 24th august 2001:

Anyway, James was being an idiot and had a pocket full of Out Of Stock tickets in his pocket. They’re new and he said he really liked them, signed the back of one and gave it to me! “You’re gonna treasure that forever…” He smiled at me.
“Phish! no I’m not!” I replied. Wanna know the funny thing? I haven’t got around to throwing it away yet. I got home, put it somewhere and it’s lost forever!

Living in a cocoon

I will be incredibly relieved once things start to settle. We’re only in the second week but this is so hard! The last week or so I have ploughed into sorting my websites out. I had a lot to sort out, but I’m done & happy!
I have been sorting out back ups & notes etc by using Dropbox, google drive & Evernote. It’s nice to start organising my “digital life”.

When I haven’t been doing this & trying to “cook” (I use quotation marks because I’m getting there slowly! Though Wednesday night I burned dinner so had to order pizza) I have been a little in hibernation mode. The weather here is certainly not spring like. It’s more so autumn, and so myself & Gareth have been happily watching all 6 seasons of How I Met Your Mother on DVD.

Hot choc
No I haven’t worked out, in fact I gained a pound last week and refuse to weigh in this week because I’m not making any progress and these couple of weeks while I’m still adjusting I have been quite happily living in my little cocoon swooning over New York trying my best at cooking meals like spaghetti bolognese. I will try some lower calorie meals after a little more practise from my student cook book! It’ll be much better when I finally shake this awful cold too.  I think for the rest of this week I will quite happily continue with cuddles, wishing I get to see New York one day and that I wish we had friends like on How I Met Your Mother 🙂

Busy Day

I have pretty much spent my entire Sunday researching, doing web design stuff etc. I am pooped lol.  But I am shutting down shortly to watch CSI NY which I missed yesterday after me and Gareth had a Big Bang Theory marathon (we bought season one yesterday lol)

I haven’t had time to play with my latest Studio Calico kit yet either… and the new thickers are just calling my name…

American Crafts Thickers

and I got the coolest Starbucks mug yesterday too 🙂 I saw it and thought it was so cute – just like their paper cups. So I had to get it for my hot chocolate.

New mug