First Picture of us… and Pink Paislee love!

me and the guy:
Me and The Guy
Lol, he loves my camera – quite fancies getting into photography, so I promised I will teach him šŸ™‚

Anywho, I have to be brief – I gotta dry my hair and get down my parents within the next 10 minutes – yeah so not going to happen, but I live in hope lol!
My Laptop Lunchbox arrived. Loving the fork and spoon set it’s so cute!
Laptop Lunch

*drools* This is the Pink Paislee stuff I mentioned the other day… I’m so in LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE. I look forward to the summer lines, and hope that Angel Crafts do a kit of those too šŸ™‚
Pink Paislee *YUM*

and American Crafts thickers… Oooo that Alpha goodness…
American Crafts & Maya Rd

Bank Holiday

In typical fashion, the bank holiday had terrible weather. It was really weird up Painswick Beacon to see the clouds below.
But it got super weird when the mist started to make its way up the beacon. I started to freak out at one point because nothing looked as it did on the journey up…Lol, Iā€™m such a doofus at times. But I had to get out, I wasn’t feeling too well. Don’t know why I thought going to McDonald’s for a Happy Meal for lunch was a great idea either, but I seem ok now so fresh air and food must have done the trick šŸ™‚
Mist on the Beacon
Mist on the Beacon
And I got the opening page of my Book Of Me (part 2) done. It was nice to spend some time on me, doing stuff I wanted to do creatively. The photobooth strip is from (of which you can’t appreciate the super coolness of it unless you see for yourself the overlay effect), and the super cool paper and stars are by “express yourself DIY”. Blinging šŸ™‚
BOM opening

Lauren Layout


Shrink Plastic HeartRawhide titlePage Pebbles

I had this gorgeous scalloped edged cardstock I splurged on during my last trip to Hobby Craft (ok 2, but one’s for me lol!) and I couldn’t think of any supplies that I had to go with it at the time. That’s when I started looking through my digital supplies and saw the gorgeous Daydreams kit by Gina at digitaldesignessentials, I printed one of the papers for the background, another paper for the type, the letters for LAUREN from the Rawhide alpha also from Gina (the October Idea Notebook) and epoxy stickers all on one sheet of A4 card.

I put clear page pebbles on the print of the epoxy stickers as that’s what they’re meant to look like after all, I printed one of the heart accents on to shrink plastic and heated it, I cut out the alpha and stuck it down with foam squares to give it some depth. I also believe I picked the font “Lauren Script” for the info lol, and voila šŸ™‚


Now I’m magically posting this entry as I’m leaving work, but I thought I’d need to post something simply because and I wouldn’t be online.

I have tons of minibooks etc that I have not shared with anyone and there’s a Circle Journal I participated in, goodness – 3 years ago? I simply ADORE it. The thing that made me think of it was a listing by celestefrittata at Etsy. It’s in this picture here – it’s the spells and charms one. Are they not so *fantastic*? So perfectly made and aged. I was seriously drooling over them, and if the spells and charms one was listed I might just very well have bought it.

Now, I love my book (but I suppose I’m biased, as I pretty much made and decorated it) and I don’t think I have ever posted it other than at UKScrappers for my “Coven of Crafties” to look at their handy work. For those not familiar with a Circle Journal – a group of people make a journal and pass it round to the next person and they do something on it and then pass it on to the next person as they receive another book. In the end you get your journal back and full of goodness. Sadly these pictures just do not do this book justice. It needs to be in your hands to fully appreciate it.

The cover:
CJ cover
Title page (Rules for good magic, taken from a wiccan site)
My rules page:
Part of my entry:
Entry from another member:
And another one: (LOVE this one. I love the agedness of it lol. It opens to reveal some spells when you untie the ribbon. Awesome)

It was great fun. I can’t remember what the theme was exactly but I got to work on pages ranging from Wicca (which was interesting as for your pages you obviously need to do your research), aromatherapy, healing crystals and what not. I really did enjoy it and I learnt so much from doing it.

Wow – April already?

Yikes, I am alive.

Just been uber-super-duper busy. Sucked right back into the world of scrapbooking, and adoring the “There’s no place like home” class by Shimelle. Seriously opens your eyes to the little details. Makes me want to sit back and savour it all. And OMG, got lots of neat plans… but I’m not telling just yet haha. I’m looking forward to coming home from work tomorrow, completely in the Friday feeling sort of mood, and get ready to take photos of my flat (did a bit of tidying up, but not a lot – it’s about having a place that feels *lived* in, so whatever state this place is in when I get home tomorrow, is how the pictures are going to be taken) and get all the little details – the framed “chocolate” print, signed Hanson CD at my desk so I see it every day, the glass Coca Cola bottle in the kitchen filled with red-food-coloured water in the kitchen that catches the light on a nice sunny morning, my cute glass jars filled with bath stuff (it’s just missing one of those sweet scoopers lol! Divine!) in the bathroom.


And a musical suggestion – “Right Here” Miley Cyrus (not as Hannah Montana). Can’t get enough of that song right now. Probably pissed all the people in the traffic on the way home from work as I stuck it on repeat about 3 times in a row haha. I tell ya, I’ll be so excited when this week is over. Having a busted server at work is no fun when you can’t do anything at all. We’ve been doing paper work and non-computer related stuff since Monday morning when it broke. Us girls in the office are quite surprised we’ve managed 4 days (so far) with no computer!