Right Now {via Ali Edwards}

“Borrowed” from Ali’s blog,

June 23rd, 2009

Outside my window… My neighbour has actually put her bin out – first time since she’s moved in, I believe!!

I am thinking… about Buster still, and that my eyes are still itching and hoping the hayfever symptoms go away

I am thankful forfamily. Been going over every day, and I just need that. To be with mum, dad and Stewart, and Oliver of course!

From the kitchen… mini pepperoni pizza with chips.

I am wearing… black t-shirt (too hot), jeans and barefoot.

I am creating… Right now, nothing but I’m looking forward to doing some more scrapbooking soon, and I have to finish my travel binder sharpish!

I am going… to take a shower and wash my hair in a bit. Fancy another early night, so want to be in bed by 9.30pm.

I am reading… The unofficial guide to Twilight.

I am hoping… that the weekend isn’t a huge washout, and that the “light rain” won’t come to anything.

I am hearing… Hanson’s membership CD.  “Devil’s Nachos” seriously rocks, lol.

Around the house… Dishes piled up in the sink, messy floor in the lounge, and clothes to put away in the bedroom.

One of my favorite things… photos. They’re such a comfort right now.

A few plans for the rest of the week… carry on to my parents for the rest of the week again, and tidy up around here.

My dad liked his frame as well. My dad never cries and when he took it out of the bag he burst into tears, then I started and so did my mum.

Scrap your Day

Music Mojo

Bopping along to Alphabeat “Fascination” as I type! I’m also in flow of “Scrap Your Day” so I’ve literally just taken a bunch of self portraits so I can pick one I like lol. So wonderful shots of me sat in the archive room at work on the desk because there are no chairs in here at all. So I jump up on the desk and set myself up here lol, eat my lunch & goof off.

Looking forward to tonight – We’re off out with Stewart & Claire to watch Batman 🙂