Bye bye Puter

My computer has been making such a squealing noise for so long, so much so I hardly go on it. Then there’s the slowness (gave up trying to play Sims on it, and my laptop crashes constantly so I’ve not been on it), the blue screen of death and the fact I’ve had it for a good 4 years or so anyway. I think it was the Blue screen of death and the number of times it would just kinda shut itself down as if to say: “That’s it, I give up! No more!” that was the final straw for me.

So a trip to PC World with G in tow, we decided to go halves on a computer that would be both of ours rather than G feeling he couldn’t use my PC as it was mine and not both of ours, and we purchased one. It’s so cute! It’s a HP Elite M9277. It has an internal 500GB hard drive and an external one that you can insert into the computer like a cartridge with a further 500GB memory, and it has 4GB RAM. But all that memory will be super what with my photos – I used up a bunch of DVDs to back up my files lol. So G is looking forward to getting on World Of Warcraft, and I am looking forward to continuing my Legacy on Sims 2, and while G’s on WoW, I shall be on the Wii Fit working out. Oh, and it has lightscribe which was the seller for me! LOL! But next year when Sims 3 comes out I shall already be prepared 🙂

Sad, sad day.

Can you believe, this was me yesterday:
Me on the pier
Walking along the pier.

This is the pier today, burnt to the ground:

I’m seriously upset 🙁 I’ve been going there since I was a baby. I couldn’t believe my ears when I was watching GMTV this morning and they said at 7.40am “Breaking news – Weston Pier is on fire”. It started at 7am, they think it was a fire that started in the fish and chip kitchen on the pier, and it just took over. Very sad.
Me and mum on the Pier Me, Stewart and the Grand Pier

To make things worse, we’re having a thunderstorm and torrential rain right now. It was just over a year ago that we had the floods and we’re due more heavy rain during the night. They’ve been saying on the local news for the last 2 weeks that if we have rain like last year, we’re still not prepared and could endure more flooding. Poor baby got soaked on the way home from work. He had to change.

Beach goodness

Bucket & Spade


The sea

You wouldn't want a swim!

When I got home, the first thing I did was get in the bath and scrub my feet and legs to get the mud off. Went to Weston-Super-Mare today (or as it’s generally known – Weston-Super-Mud) Was good fun. I took my bucket and spade, even if I didn’t get a look in and the Guy spent the entire time building sandcastles instead of me lol.

Food’s nearly done

Random picture of me from last Saturday when we went to Wales… Notice the lack of hair? Yup I had 10 and a half inches cut off! I have it here still so I will snap some pictures of my pony tail unattached to my head… The ones I took on the morning are on my mobile phone.
in Wales

Two quick notes:
(1) Scrap your day… This Friday. I have my album ready – I’m already 4 months behind! But I’m taking part. Watch out people on Friday!
(2) Scrapblog. I haven’t played on it in months, and when I was supposed to be researching a few personal things at lunchtime, I ended up on the site for half an hour.

Anyway, tea is cooked, time to serve up!

Port Aventura baby!

Ok, with typical British weather. Poo. I was hoping to go to a beach this Saturday and embrace my inner child and build sand castles (which people at work found rather amusing) or sand cars… Or The Guy suggested we go to Cardiff where he’s from for the day… but it’s supposed to be raining I think, according to BBC website but on GMTV they said it was going to be nice. So I suppose only time will tell.

I’m also super excited about the prospect of going to Salou in Spain. They have the theme park “Port Aventura” which is my favourite I’ve ever been to! Alton Towers bores me, you can easily do that in less than a day, but Port Aventura you need 2-3 days 🙂 I wanted to go last year but I wasn’t able to. Can you believe I have my map from 1997 still? Can’t find the one from 1995 nor 2001. Nor can I find my super cool Port Aventura passport from 97 either. This was before it got taken over by Universal Studios. One year it was so quiet we went on the Dragon Kahn a dozen times in a row. Felt a little sick afterwards but still it was fun. I went the year it opened so I’m super lucky to have seen the park grow over the years, but the last time I went was 2001, so a visit is long overdue!
Here’s some links to check out anyway: Official site | Wikipedia | Video with the rides
But I’m currently driving The Guy and all my work colleagues nuts about it. Not that The Guy really minds I suppose, cos I plan on smuggling him in my suitcase haha! But a lady at work told me that it’s very similar to Disneyland… I’ve never been there so I wouldn’t know.

And that would be my random posting for the day 🙂

… and a fun night was had by all!

Stewart & mum dancing

Stewart & Tom

Boys on the dancefloor!

The Gang

fun pose!

Stewart was originally in his wedding suit, and Claire her wedding dress, but as the night progressed they both changed – although Stewart was the first one to change lol!
It was seriously a great night 🙂 Bit bummed out that someone managed to get what I can only suggest is a big cola stain on the white linen guestbook I made. Dad is helping me to get it out with some upholstery cleaner, so fingers crossed. Mum cried when I took it to my nan’s house to show everyone. It was the first time she saw it. Everyone said I should have been so proud of it, but I was kinda nit-picking at things. When you make something yourself you notice all the little flaws in it cos you know it’s there lol. But no one else noticed luckily.

My photobooks came yesterday too and were a big hit. Mum and dad have theirs and Stewart has stolen mine so he can carry it around with him easily and have all the photos with him to show people. I think he suggested we buy another one lol, so maybe the new one will be mine this time lol!

I bought a gorgeous wedding album from WH Smiths as well (cost quite a heck of a lot, but I didn’t get S&C a wedding present, so this and their scrapbook will be their present from me), and the plan is to meet with Claire’s parents to exchange wedding photos, so I can put some of theirs into S&C’s album too. Dad got a really candid one of me, Stewart and Claire before everyone started getting ready for the wedding. We’re all sat, my eyes glued to the TV. I think we were watching something on MTV about Transformers movie… otherwise Stewart had just changed the channel and we were sat watching Jimmy Neutron on Nickelodeon.

I’m alive

Just a quick post really. Only been checking e-mails and stuff when I’ve come online and I’ve not been staying on for too long either.

I’m just using this time to relax, but I am here lol. Today was a little hectic, but it’s calmed down again and I’m off for an early night lol. Will post again soon.