Getting my (Christmas) craft on

My dec daily #decdaily album base pages complete!  Next to do: journalling blocks :)

My December Daily has all the base pages completed.

and I have added a ribbon to keep it closed as it is quite chunky now and won’t close 🙂  I will take some better photos on a day where it’s not overcast and with a camera that’s not my iPhone

I started on my Christmas gifts too, I have done some candles, some lip balm (though I need to remelt them and add some more flavour to it),

I tried making some “bubble bars” which I tried one tonight, and it worked but didn’t last long :\ I may need to use my soap bar moulds to make them slightly larger to see if that makes a difference, but I love this mould! I plan on using it for my bath bombs and for the soaps that I will be gifting 🙂

and one of my magazines “Making Gifts” had a recipe for indulgent bath melts, which I also tried out…

and then last night we went to see Lee Evans in Cardiff, it was a good show and interesting to see a show Live as I’ve only ever seen Comedians on a DVD!

in 5 days it’s Hanson!

Trip reports

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Now regular readers may know about my passion for journals & memory keeping, and as this weekend just gone myself & Gareth were reading trip reports, thoroughly enjoying them…
… And this afternoon it struck me. My very first trip report in 1993 aged just 10 years old was in a cupboard tucked away in a “holiday folder” along with a few momentos (see, I’ve been at this since a very early age, and I have to admit as I’m older I am enternally grateful to my young self for doing this!)

I plan on getting this scanned to share with you all, and yes it’s in comic sans but I was only young so I hope you forgive me! On our home computer we had some creative writing software aimed for kids & I loved it and the only thing I could think of writing at the time was about my very first holiday abroad.

Trip repor

Then I see the awful quality photos in the back and want to cry, and save this piece of my history, so I’m debating whether to re-write the trip reports I have and putting them into PDF so I can keep them on my phone to read or a mini book in their own rights 🙂 My parents have the photos, but I can scan them in 🙂

And if you’re wondering where you can read these Disney Trip Reports, they are located on the forums of but you need to be a member to view them

Quilt & Disney journal

It’s almost bedtime so I’m going to be quick. Life is just so crazy you wouldn’t believe. Lots of family stuff is just taking over things, the other weekend we spent visiting my Father-in-law in hospital and the weekend before we were visiting him for Fathers day.

I really do mean to blog more, and I hope that I can do it more often than every month and a half!

For one, I never posted a picture of the finished quilt I made, and I was so incredibly chuffed at my hard work!
Front of quilt

Back of quilt

Handmade with love

My current project (apart from trying to squeeze in sewing my very first item of clothing when I can!) is my “travel” binder which I made back last year:
Travel binder
Now you will have to excuse the poor quality Blackberry photos on these ones:

I bought some Moleskines. I just ADORE these books. Including these 3, I have a total of 5 now LOL!
I made a little pocket so I can slot the back of the book into it and have it in my binder.
The binder pocket for my moleskine
Moleskine in my binder
and for the Moleskine which will be my travel journal, I made a cute title with my Craft Robo/Silhouette and some stickles.
Disney title

I will be making some custom page protectors to fit in the binder to collect ephemera on our travels 🙂 I’ll do that when I have the sewing machine out… when I get around to it LOL!

Been shopping and Pogo information

Bringing shopping home

Nope, still can’t move my car, so it was up to Morrisons (where people were battling for parking spaces and the “parent and toddler” spaces were up for grabs by anyone who could get it one. Inside was not much fun either – I wished I had got some video footage but it was pure madness and I just wanted to get out of there! Once we were done, we loaded up the sledge so I could bring it home.

Now on to Journal/Pogo stuff 🙂  {click on Read rest of entry}

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Book binding adventures

I love books, and as you know I love journals as well, so when I stumbled upon Karla Dudley’s workshop “Journal 3 Ways” I was intregued… and then I saw the journals we would be making and the fact that there were cool downloads as well… That was it. I was sold.  So all images you see contain brushes and papers designed by Karla 🙂

The first journal (I still have to cut the edges so they’re level)

Book 1

Book 1

Then after I finished that one, I just had to make another using some lush paper I had left over from “Express Yourself  DIY”

Book 2

Book 2

Week two was the Perfect Bind method. I honestly didn’t think about binding books this way. But having said that, one of my favourite books (Cathy Zielske’s Clean and Simple Scrapbooking part 2) is bound using the perfect bind method… and several pages have come away from the book through excessive use lol. Although I’d say it’s not my number one, I had a ton of fun doing it, it looks just lush and I only lost 3 pages after binding 🙂

And like a completely numpty, I put the covers on the wrong way so the book is back to front… DOH!

Perfect bind method

Perfect bind method

Perfect bind method

Perfect bind method

I seriously want to do another one of these 🙂  I’ve got the book binding bug now, and I’m seriously going to be making a few more things!

Journal part 3: My current journal

This is my current journal, and I will share with you some bits and bobs from it 🙂
My journal

It’s another Daler Rowney of course! I decorated the book with Making memories stuff. I am missing one of the flower gems off the front though, and I have a velour lilac ribbon as a bookmark that co-ordinates.

and here’s a sneek peek at some of my entries (more after cut as image heavy!)


"Bummed out" word-fetti

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Journal part 2: The memories

With my swap journal, I began to include a few more relevant bits in my journals, not just random stuff I picked up along the way (although, in one of my hard back books I have a return bus ticket from at least 10 years ago – and it’s interesting to see the price difference!)

Yes, when I get upset I generally head straight to the journal and whine about my life in it – it’s free therapy and it never judges me. I like that! But I also like to put the every day life in it too 🙂 As I also carried it everywhere with me in my bag, I kept some of my favourite photos in the back (this from my swap journal)



Pictures of myself and Stewart growing up 🙂 That always cheered me up!

I’m also not an artist by any means. I really suck at drawing, but my journal was my go to place just to release some creativity (One of my Daler-Rowney journals)


I like to include happy photos:


Portraits of myself, and talking about my hobby (in this case this was about photography – before I got my DSLR):

and simple reminders to myself:

Some of the other things I have found helpful in my journals are tabs. Loving the Tabs! I can quick reference back to things – you have no idea how many times I thought about something, and thought “that was back in August 2005” or something, gone back to my journal for that time and sat flicking through the pages to get back to that date to see what it was I was looking for. These tabs are by Doodlebug, and was on their Summer cardstock stickers sheet. Doodlebug was my happy thing back then and my journal is even covered in doodlebug papers.


I also kept miniature envelopes in my journal for no other reason than to write cute notes to myself and stash them away in there to find again later, and any smaller bit of emphemera I had collected. Larger envelopes is definitely something I will do in my next journal, to keep all my bits and bobs in a nice and neat order.


Now, you may notice a very silly thing, and ask: “But Kirsty, you said you chose Daler Rowney books because they were acid free, protected your photos and I can see you even used scrapbook products in your books… so WHY can I see BIRO in your books!?” Ah yes. This is something I stupidly and completely over looked! I do in fact journal with acid free pens now. It was shocking to me, that although you can’t see it in photos, my very first journal is already yellowing. Seriously breaks my heart, and this is why I’m going all out acid free in my current journals.

Also my number 1 top tip: If you should take you journal around with you, put your address in the back of the book! Mine reads: “This journal has no monetary value but it means a lot to me, so if found please return to {address} I will gladly refund the postage.”

Tomorrow I will be sharing bits from my current journal and might have a little something for you 😉

Journal part 1: The evolution

I thought I’d take the opportunity to take this week to talk about things and give things to all my blog readers (lol, all two of you Rachael and Katie 😉 ) Today will be part one of my ramblings on journals 🙂 It’s what gave me the idea when I was doing my personal blog. I wanted to keep it separate from my photography hobby blog and giving that the subdomain “blog” I chose “journal” for my personal blog.

This is my very first journal, aged 11 years:
My very first journal
It did have a lock on it and you could at one time back when I was 11, close it up but over the years I used it I began putting things in it and it would no longer close properly.

Entry  1994

I also had horrific 11 year old writing and mainly talked about teddy bears and what I called them lol.

last page of 1st ever journal

and my random stickers – back when the original 90210 was on! I kid you not, I even have a sticker of MC Hammer in there – don’t ask me why!

1st Gen journal

Then came my awesome “fluffy” journal, which still locks and I still have the key hidden away in my secret hiding place even after all these years and moving.

Front page

Filled with Hanson goodness 🙂
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