So a couple of my online twitter/instagram/facebook friends have quite a lot to answer for πŸ˜‰ KatyΒ started a group on facebook for Smashers which she invited me to, but I didn’t smash… Well I do now after seeing everything has been up to!


I ordered some smash supplies, and then I came up with an idea as I was stroking my new supplies! I went to Paperarts and got some cardstock that matched my kit that I designed.


I still hadn’t done a minibook for the concert back in November!


So I finished the mini book (pictures to come when I have better light in which to take photos!)


And I designed a Hanson Smash book, and fully assembled it!


I smashed a couple of pages…


Which I also figured to go with a smash book and to make a mini book, people need some journalling blocks! So I designed some of those too! I hope to get pictures, downloads and tutorials to follow on the Hanson Crafts site shortly I hope πŸ™‚

Bento update

Just a quickie, I’m off for a bath and sort myself out for the evening ready to snuggle down on the sofa to watch Reaper (Yaaaay, picked up for 13 more episodes next year – I can’t WAIT!)

So I’m totally loving the Bento thing πŸ™‚ Yesterday it was a case of just grabbing whatever I had to hand at the time – it was like I had a McDonalds yesterday haha… well minus the fries. I got up and cooked chicken nuggets especially.

Rushed Bento 20/05/08

I apologise for crappy mobile phone picture, for some reason I didn’t have my cybershot on me and it was the only camera I had on me as I was about to eat.

Now for tomorrow’s (as I went shopping today πŸ™‚ )
Bento for 22/05/08

Salad, nuts and raisins (mixed nuts, specifically non salted/seasoned), grapes, raw carrots with dip and Toblerone.

There’s notes on the photos if you click on them to go to its Flickr page.

And finally before I nip off, here’s a budget album tip and super easy to customise! All you need: pack of 8×8 album pockets/sleeves (the ones you slip your layouts into) and 2 sheets of 12×12 cardstock.
Measure cardstock (I did this by eye) to fit your sleeves nicely. then just cut one section off your cardstock – both sheets the same πŸ˜‰ that’s the only cut you need to do, yay! Then you just need to fold and punch holes so your album looks a little like this from the side:
Side view

and voila! One super cool -and cheap – customised album πŸ™‚
Budget Album cover
Inside album
(lol, Miss Mint’s Rainbow Joy Embellies are in the first pocket – I printed them, and added them to the front cover too. I plan on it being a digi album once I’m done.)

Lauren Layout


Shrink Plastic HeartRawhide titlePage Pebbles

I had this gorgeous scalloped edged cardstock I splurged on during my last trip to Hobby Craft (ok 2, but one’s for me lol!) and I couldn’t think of any supplies that I had to go with it at the time. That’s when I started looking through my digital supplies and saw the gorgeous Daydreams kit by Gina at digitaldesignessentials, I printed one of the papers for the background, another paper for the type, the letters for LAUREN from the Rawhide alpha also from Gina (the October Idea Notebook) and epoxy stickers all on one sheet of A4 card.

I put clear page pebbles on the print of the epoxy stickers as that’s what they’re meant to look like after all, I printed one of the heart accents on to shrink plastic and heated it, I cut out the alpha and stuck it down with foam squares to give it some depth. I also believe I picked the font “Lauren Script” for the info lol, and voila πŸ™‚