What a difference a week makes…


On Friday the snow came down, a LOT. Nobody was going anywhere around our part of the neighbourhood, even the buses weren’t coming up our end and so mum had to walk to where the buses were actually travelling to be able to get in to work but then the office was closed at lunch time. Gareth’s office was closed and my brother couldn’t get his van out either so Friday was a fantastic day! There were snowball fights, snow angels and sledge rides 🙂
Oliver had lots of fun throwing snowballs at us all!


And Elijah got in my sledge so I pulled him around which he loved!


Stewart made a snow angel to which Oli got in the snow next to him and instead of moving his arms and legs, wiggled his bottom which made us giggle!


however the roads by my flat were just sheets of ice, and the paths were no picnic either. I have spent the entire 7 days in wellies, and Gareth slipped on ice and badly hurt & bruised his foot & hurt his arm.  Thankfully my car was at my parents house where they gritted the road so I didn’t have to battle with the ice and I was still able to carry on as normal.


So the week after I last updated, I said my goodbyes to my colleagues and worried about my future, but looked forward to a week helping out my dad. He had treatment at hospital and was on crutches, so I drove him to work for a meeting & we had a few bits to get from Morrisons. I liked helping him out 🙂 And he needed to rest up.

During that week I had 3 leads on a new job which was a surprise to me. One call was within an hour of leaving my job! The one though came on Tuesday, I was told the company wanted to meet me on Thursday, so I went in, they liked me and I started my new job on Monday. It’s been a great week, and this year so far has been just so overwhelming. A friend told me things happen for a reason, but I’ve always been quite skeptical but my luck has truly switched around and it’s strange how things have turned out for me so far, but I have indeed managed to salvage 2013 😀 Yay!

Living in a cocoon

I will be incredibly relieved once things start to settle. We’re only in the second week but this is so hard! The last week or so I have ploughed into sorting my websites out. I had a lot to sort out, but I’m done & happy!
I have been sorting out back ups & notes etc by using Dropbox, google drive & Evernote. It’s nice to start organising my “digital life”.

When I haven’t been doing this & trying to “cook” (I use quotation marks because I’m getting there slowly! Though Wednesday night I burned dinner so had to order pizza) I have been a little in hibernation mode. The weather here is certainly not spring like. It’s more so autumn, and so myself & Gareth have been happily watching all 6 seasons of How I Met Your Mother on DVD.

Hot choc
No I haven’t worked out, in fact I gained a pound last week and refuse to weigh in this week because I’m not making any progress and these couple of weeks while I’m still adjusting I have been quite happily living in my little cocoon swooning over New York trying my best at cooking meals like spaghetti bolognese. I will try some lower calorie meals after a little more practise from my student cook book! It’ll be much better when I finally shake this awful cold too.  I think for the rest of this week I will quite happily continue with cuddles, wishing I get to see New York one day and that I wish we had friends like on How I Met Your Mother 🙂

Time to think of Christmas

lightening mcqueen pumpkin
I can’t get over the fact it’s November already. This time last year I was in Florida, at the Animal Kingdom if I remember right and we were attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party that night (actual halloween had a premium cost to attend & we were worried about adjusting to the time zone as it’s 5 hours behind our time here in the UK, so we figured the final Halloween party was just as good though a day after halloween!)

Last night we had a nice peaceful one, I watched Simpsons Halloween specials marathon as I do every year, though I was missing my brother on the sofa with me. That was our tradition. We had no trick or treaters but then we never do, and we had our shopping delivered in which the delivery guy just had to tell us he didn’t want any sweets! (Speaking of which, we STILL have a bag of sweets from Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party from last year!!)  I carved a Lightning McQueen pumpkin for Oliver as he loves Cars, and I was planning on one for myself but never got to it. Instead I made pumpkin cakes which I didn’t like myself but a few people were more than keen to gobble them up!

So now, though we technically have Bonfire/Guy Fawkes night on the 5th, I’m already planning Christmas because for us Brits it’s just a straight run to Christmas now (but I know the Americans are lucky enough to have Thanksgiving in just a matter of weeks)

Source: houzz.com via Kirsty on Pinterest


I have been busy pinning away most evenings when I have the time, and it’s one of my favourite things to do, so much inspiration! Apart from the usual trip to Boots that isn’t entirely unselfish, it’s 3 for 2 on gifts and any points I collect goes on to little treats for myself 😉 I do plan on making quite a few handmade gifts this year.

My work colleagues will get some foodie based gift (choc peppermint creams, cupcakes or something along those lines) and I have plenty of crafty bits to make bath bombs, candles, soaps, bubble bath, shower gel, etc to make for family… So I have plenty of ideas! In fact I may be a little overwhelmed on ideas & am just trying to think of the best gifts for individual family members.

Another thing I’ve been excited thinking of is a different sort of Christmas album. I’ve done shimelle’s Journal Your Christmas on a few occasions, starting in 2006, but this year I want to try something a little different, & I hope to do Ali Edwards December Daily. I have my sights set on some American Crafts goodies… So that’s on my to buy/to do list this month 😉

I have to admit I already have the xmas DVDs ready to watch, Snowed In is ready to play come 17th November, and I have been Oooo-ing over the adverts for Michael Buble’s new xmas album thinking that has to be added to my playlist!

You can check out my Pinterest boards as well for lots of inspiration & Christmas images to get you in the spirit 😉


And just as exciting, coming up I have a Hanson concert this month! Wooo! Can’t wait to meet up with my mates 🙂

Nearly Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching & I had every intention of carving a pumpkin & doing a paper model of the haunted mansion. Surprise, surprise… I haven’t.
It’s bittersweet as last year we were in Disney world. We don’t celebrate Halloween here & it’s sad. That’s why I wanted to do something this year. But I still have next weekend I suppose.
The flat still looks like a complete mess with rubbish strewn everywhere (this stresses me out to no end. No matter what I do to tidy up, it’s always a mess soon after) I cannot win.
My time is being taken up at work all week, then this weekend just gone I was ever hopeful of having time to do something. I sit here scratching my head trying to figure out, why I was so busy this weekend yet it appears I got nothing done? It’s a mystery. I had been desperately trying to get the laundry done & dry, I needed to cut the grass but I didn’t get that done, I did the washing up numerous times but the kitchen still has washing up piled high when I got up today and no counter space free.
I am beyond frustrated with it all. To be honest with the weather now cold, I want it to be nice & homely and spend time on the sofa for cuddles with Gareth, and watch tv. I guess I am ready for the nesting season! And I have been really thinking of Christmas. It is the year for my family, and our little nephew is due on 22nd December & I am so looking forward to it. We shared Oliver’s 1st Xmas & it’ll be cool this year as he will understand father Christmas 🙂 and to witness our new nephews 1st christmas will be so nice too 🙂

Disney bug

Ah beloved blog, you have been (unsurprisingly) neglected. Again. My time of late has been taken up with dibbing, YouTube videos of Disney and writing our trip report all these months later. I suppose it all started when I decided to finally do the video of our honeymoon which triggered off a Disney obsession with me & Gareth once again, but it has been nice to escape, and have just put a few things on the back burner so that I can sit and chill. We had to make some important life decisions a couple of weeks ago when the fanatical-ness started, (as if we were to go back there we can hardly start a family anytime soon!). We had spent the last 6 months in a slump as we came home from Florida as we had such an amazing time, it was sad to come back home, and even more upsetting when we worked out how much a month we’d need to save a month to go back and we just couldn’t do it.

It’s been pretty tough around here of late, more letters with regards to his dad, never ending clutter that now matter how much I tidy up it becomes awfully messy again, and the trip to Ikea we so desperately needed, the main computer playing up so badly even with all the money I paid out to get it fixed I swore blind I was not spending another penny on it (simply because we literally can’t anyway!) My whole weight loss journey (with just 5lb left to go) has had to take a back seat. Our camcorder needs to be sent back in for repair once again. My allergies have been keeping me awake at night: yesterday morning I was awake at 2.50am. Gareth’s car needs the exhaust checking. It’s never ending.

Today I need to be super crafty: I have about 8 card to make, though today I have to make at least 3 of them and do the others through the week.  I started cleaning the kitchen and need to finish that today, as I was so tired I had to nap yesterday so tidying  had to be postponed, and I need to desperately clear a path in the bedroom, it’s like a dangerous obstacle course in there.

Life truly likes to test us to breaking point.

The kitchen cupboard

Now this might not look like a big deal to you, but from what it ACTUALLY looked like, it’s heavenly:
Food cupboard

I want some of these (once I get around to measuring) as the cupboard thing just isn’t working for us, we can’t see things in the back of the cupboard so something like this would be just what we need:


Minus the mechanism which we don’t need, just the basket thank you 🙂  We have also started menu planning and having home cooked meals, so all is coming together!

Getting Organised

My Martha folder

I think it was purely coincidental. I still don’t quite know how I managed to stumble upon a few sites which have just given me a new outlook on this year. I was convinced long ago that 2011 was going to be a write off, but during my usual blog reading I came across a few blogs which have given me renewed hope that I can turn things around; my husband suffers with depression (and the fact it’s his dad’s funeral tomorrow is taking its toll). On his bad days even getting him out of bed and dressed is a huge undertaking in itself. I need to get him motivated, I need to change our routine, the way we go from day to day. I need to change our lifestyles to better suit us. I need a change, and I need a better life for us both than how we’ve been trying to cope with how things are.

My “household folder” above, is still a work in progress, but for a while I’ve been on the right track. I was nearly there. Now that makes me feel proud that I did that all by myself *pats self on back* but if you want to join me on this journey, I would check out this Organized Home: Printable sheets for your Household Notebook. I can clearly see I need to add a few more tabs to my own folder LOL.

And as I have some time to spare I shall list some of these amazing Links I have found:

          One of the first links I stumbled upon, and has given me the urge to sort through everything. I cannot get into our attic for all the junk that’s in there and I have been saying for the last couple of years that we need to do a carboot sale. This site has given me that motivation to get to it. So far I have been tackling things a little at a time.  The “unclutter your life in one week” video series by tasra Mar is worth the watch: I have finally figured a system to organising my small and overflowing food cupboard by watching this (a future blog post once I finally get it done!)

          Just. Wow. This site is a HUGE inspiration, with things in life from Finances, Organising, Food, Productivity, and even blogging (I have gone through this category already! LOL) this site covers all the aspects in life that you could really use the hints and tips for. I have literally sat and spent HOURS pouring over the content and just feeling so much more positive on things.

         Though I’m not going for a completely minimalist approach, the “Living in the land of enough” posts were very interesting reading, and made me think. I especially love the idea of “Project 333” too. I have far too many items of clothing, and I can easily say there’s a lot of it that I’ve not worn in a long time too. This is something I’d like to do, especially as space in our 1 bedroom council flat is very limited.

So that’s all for now, I will catch up with you all soon.

Life doesn’t go to plan

I know what you’re all thinking: “I know you. I think I know you. Didn’t you say you’d blog more…?” If you’re reading this in a rss feed reader and I’ve just popped up…

I’m sorry.

I have already decided I’m having a New Year do over. Come 1st February I am starting 2011 over again, as both myself and my very strong, trying his best to keep it all together husband, have just had a bad start to the year.

His father passed away on the 10th of January. We were thankful we got to go to Cardiff on Christmas Day and spend his last Christmas with him. We still have his Christmas card to us sat on the fire place as he wrote in it (something that was hard for him to do) We were thankful we got to Cardiff on the Saturday 8th and saw him while he was awake. We left the hospital and carried on with Gareth’s youngest brother (just 16), and got home late that night. I was tired and headed to bed. We had a phone call to head for the hospital after midnight, so gareth had to get me up out of bed, so there I was in the car, half asleep and in my PJs. We were back and forth from his mother’s home to the hospital, before heading back home Sunday night as I had work Monday morning and not a whole lot of sleep over the weekend. We got a call at around 1.45am Monday morning to say he had gone. It was then manic as I had to call work and book emergency holiday for that week, cancel dentist for Gareth, he had to ring his own work… and this is why I have been missing in action.

of course because of all the snow and the Christmas shut down there is a back log of people to bury (that sounds so harsh) and so we’ve not had the funeral yet. Then there are the numerous other things that need to be sorted out and problems we have encountered.

Generally 2011 is not our year.

I do have some blog post ideas lined up. We shall be back to Cardiff for a few days for the funeral, so please bear with me. We plan to be back on track as soon as possible, but even so we’ve learned that things do not go to plan!

Loving Right now…

Things I am loving currently 🙂

lauren england supporter copy

Paislee Press kits & plates 🙂 Grab some freebies at the blog here.

Being Erica

I love this show! I adored the first series last year but it’s always on a bit late for me (I’m in bed by 10pm) so I recorded it. When the second season started I was so engrossed in it, I finished the second series on Side Reel. DOH! Still, I can’t wait for it come on DVD! Have already got season 1 on my Xmas list 🙂 Lots of twists and turns and I cried like a baby at the final episode.

I also love Erica’s wardrobe. just… *sigh* I wish I had the figure for it, alas I’m working on it!

And “Alien Like You” song from the final episode:

Adore this song. Have heard it at least 100 times. LOVE it!

And some of my fave linkies:
http://www.aliedwards.com/  Just so inspiring!
http://www.bakerella.com/  Cake goodness. I just want to lick the computer monitor!
http://cathyzielske.typepad.com/my_weblog/  Because I adore Cathy and her blog is full of great and funny reading!
http://karlastudio5.typepad.com/karla/  I love Karla’s designs and especially loved her journal class!
http://www.domestifluff.com/  I just love reading this!
http://www.dottiemakesmagic.org/door/  My awesome friend Miranda has a new blog, you HAVE to see!
http://www.gourmetmomonthego.com/  Cute food! It just makes me inspired to want to try and cook. Which I can’t.
and of course:
http://www.marthastewart.com/  Because I wish I was more Martha-esque!