Mojo is back!


I am back to Zumba classes 🙂 So fab to be with such lovely ladies, and they were all talking about a video which Reg gave us a demonstration of (minus the Zumba men!) So glad to be back.


I’ve also been on Illustrator which just does not want to co-operate on my laptop. I managed to export 2 of my vector images but for the last 2 it claimed I did not have enough memory to complete the operation. Thank heavens for smart layers! I copied and pasted the vectors into photoshop.


8 papers made for a new “Shout It Out” kit I’ve been toying with for Hanson Crafts. Hopefully will lead on to phone wallpapers, 10×8 print to go with the subway art I made… My vectors are far from perfect though, but I made them so they’re good enough for me ^_^


So a couple of my online twitter/instagram/facebook friends have quite a lot to answer for 😉 Katy started a group on facebook for Smashers which she invited me to, but I didn’t smash… Well I do now after seeing everything has been up to!


I ordered some smash supplies, and then I came up with an idea as I was stroking my new supplies! I went to Paperarts and got some cardstock that matched my kit that I designed.


I still hadn’t done a minibook for the concert back in November!


So I finished the mini book (pictures to come when I have better light in which to take photos!)


And I designed a Hanson Smash book, and fully assembled it!


I smashed a couple of pages…


Which I also figured to go with a smash book and to make a mini book, people need some journalling blocks! So I designed some of those too! I hope to get pictures, downloads and tutorials to follow on the Hanson Crafts site shortly I hope 🙂

Little bit of silver paint

So a lot of my hoodies are either (1) falling apart or (2) too small. I love my Hanson hoodies with a passion though my Walk one is a little too small for me right now *sniff* (well it IS an extra small after all!), so I decided instead of the top that I wanted to decorate, I was going to do something a little different. So a trip to Matalan and a black hoodie later, I got home to cut the Hanson symbol inside a hidden Mickey (my two loves: Disney and Hanson!) and I just hoped that it would work! I ironed the freezer paper on, painted on the metallic silver paint, let it dry learning a lot as I peeled the paper away once it had done… and it’s not perfect but I am super happy at my new hoodie! The DIY will be up at Hanson Crafts this weekend I hope 🙂 it’s so nice and soft to wear, I can quite happily snuggle down in it! It’s a nice little comfort while at work.


Kelly Purkey’s post was something that was quite refreshing to read. I appreciate those kind of posts, especially when I see her photos and swoon over them and think how lucky she is.

And whose life doesn’t look lush and gorgeous when you add a little Valencia filter on Instagram

I’m slowly settling now, things being all over the place isn’t really freaking me out now. In fact, I managed to fit in a Zumba session (a 45 minute one on medium intensity… what was I thinking!?) I weighed in on Monday. A pound gained in two weeks, could have been worse but I still have 10 lb to lose.

But I felt good for it. Such relief for things to start feeling “normal” 🙂 And look at our green beans and our tomatoes!

Trying to come out of hibernation though 🙂 but on Tuesday the weather girl said “Don’t be fooled, it is spring not winter!” come on spring I know you’re here hiding somewhere. But in the meantime, snuggling on the sofa for big bang theory and then how I met your mother… Thursdays are my new favourite!

Hanson Crafts Site

After the announcement that were stopping their web space, I quickly uploaded what I did have of my site up to my domain and now it is pretty much complete. I have a fab idea that I hope to do this weekend as a craft (it’s actually part Hanson, part Disney after the concerts at Epcot and I saw another fan with a particular hoodie, I decided I had to have a top with the same thing on it!) So please come and peruse my


(PS. we also have a Facebook group!)

Having a play…

Coming Soon

I’ve not played around making a digital kit in many years. Now this kit in particular is aimed towards my special crafts site as a freebie, but I have been toying with the idea of removing those theme specific items and releasing it as a mini kit for here. But I still have a lot of work left to do on it, believe me! But it’s actually really fun to be doing something with design. I could never do it and make a business of it though, I couldn’t do numerous kits a month LOL! Though I have been making templates, and overlays so hopefully there will be more freebies in the future 😉


I was lucky enough to get to see Hanson in Birmingham last night. I had an absolutely FANTASTIC time!

Firstly a big Thank You to Chrissy & her bf’s dad for the lift to Birmingham and home again. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have made it there in the first place. I also met a local girl called Kerry, which was great news as I didn’t know there were any fans nearby. She lives the next town over from me 🙂 So there was the 3 of us fans in the car having a gossip all the way up!

They both had Meet & Greets (Which I luckily enough had back in April 2007) so they continued on to the pub while I met up with my friend who had a M&G with me 4 years ago, so it was good to catch up with her and I’m so thankful I have such a cool Hanson friend who I shared that experience with and we’ve become friends because of it.

Maiyu was 25th in the queue and I was number 28 so we hung out and luckily, look who we bumped into…

Isaac & Kirsty

I look awful, and very cold lol, but I was so grateful to Isaac for stopping & taking this picture. It was Gareth’s camera and I hadn’t actually got to play with it, so I pointed out to Gareth that a Hanson had used his camera and he told me we had to wash it *roll eyes*  Although my M&G was one of the BEST days of my life, I often think back over it and cringe as I often act up when I’m nervous and I made a complete tit of myself. So I felt I at least redeemed myself last night by seeing Isaac again.

I had the best time dancing and singing next Maiyu! And luckily after some playing with Gareth’s camera, I got the hang of it 😉





2010 Christmas Prep

2010 Ornament

Now, normally I make the Christmas ornaments but this year I decided on a special ornament instead. The requirement was that it HAD to have the year on it. So whilst on our honeymoon in Disney, we picked up this cute ornament!

I have been a busy bee making Christmas presents, so photos to follow on that, but the whole point of this post is something I read, firstly on Craftster, yesterday. Then again today on the Silhouette blog lol.

Something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read

How cute is that idea? Sometimes people can get a bit carried away (I must admit, I’m generally one of those people!) and the idea of 4 presents under those categories is something I’d like to try… Of course I’m sure my wonderful husband might have something to say on that matter! He’s just like a big kid!  There’s also something about HANDMADE gifts that I adore as well. Knowing that someone took the time & effort to make it, just fills me with warm fuzzies 🙂 Something as simple as a bottle of bubble bath, or some handmade chocolates. Sadly not everyone GETS that. My family do, they don’t even expect a present & sometimes that whole appreciation & the concept are completely lost on some people. For my parents I made them a simple ornament, (well it was a clear premade ornament) and I had a photo of Oliver (My nephew) & on the other side with the help of some digital scrabooking kits, I had “OLIVER’S FIRST CHRISTMAS 2009” on the back. They adored it, and it has pride of place on their tree this year too.

I’m not religious in the slightest, and some might argue “Why do you celebrate Christmas then?” For me, it’s about being with family. Spending time together doing things like playing board games and such that you wouldn’t normally do, and fully appreciating each other. That’s what it’s about.

Hanson Streaming

Saturday night… What a HOOT! I got into my clean jammies, into bed with my clean sheets just before 10pm, chatting with my Hanson friends ready for a Live streaming on the Hanson website. We were all so excited (Hanson became a trending topic world wide on Twitter!)  I was thankful Gareth had the new Expansion on World of Warcraft to play on, as though it was supposed to start at 10pm we were on Hanson time after all! Just before 11pm GMT the guys came on and me and all my friends were messaging each other and in complete hysterics. They played songs from Snowed In, they baked cookies, opened presents… and just generally had a laugh. I’m not getting a Christmas party this year, so for me that more than made up for it, and best of all I got to spend it in my PJs nice and cosy at home, with some of the best people you could be with, and with my favourite band in the world, singing along with them & having such a laugh my stomach hurt the next day 🙂 you just can’t beat it! It all finished about 1am which was just LUSH. Though I was thoroughly tired Sunday, but oh so worth it 😉

Right Now {via Ali Edwards}

“Borrowed” from Ali’s blog,

June 23rd, 2009

Outside my window… My neighbour has actually put her bin out – first time since she’s moved in, I believe!!

I am thinking… about Buster still, and that my eyes are still itching and hoping the hayfever symptoms go away

I am thankful forfamily. Been going over every day, and I just need that. To be with mum, dad and Stewart, and Oliver of course!

From the kitchen… mini pepperoni pizza with chips.

I am wearing… black t-shirt (too hot), jeans and barefoot.

I am creating… Right now, nothing but I’m looking forward to doing some more scrapbooking soon, and I have to finish my travel binder sharpish!

I am going… to take a shower and wash my hair in a bit. Fancy another early night, so want to be in bed by 9.30pm.

I am reading… The unofficial guide to Twilight.

I am hoping… that the weekend isn’t a huge washout, and that the “light rain” won’t come to anything.

I am hearing… Hanson’s membership CD.  “Devil’s Nachos” seriously rocks, lol.

Around the house… Dishes piled up in the sink, messy floor in the lounge, and clothes to put away in the bedroom.

One of my favorite things… photos. They’re such a comfort right now.

A few plans for the rest of the week… carry on to my parents for the rest of the week again, and tidy up around here.

My dad liked his frame as well. My dad never cries and when he took it out of the bag he burst into tears, then I started and so did my mum.

Writing bug

I remember when I was 14, I sat down and I wrote a 400 page story, which (if I do say so myself) I quite enjoyed, but I’m biased 😉 and that story will never see the light of day because it was pretty much Hanson Fanfic.  My current story is a bit of an odd thing for me to talk about really, but it’s a story I want to tell. I recall it all fondly to anyone who will listen.


Now it’s about an old crush of mine from back in the day, a guy I consider one of my best friends still to this day although we don’t get to chat half as much anymore because life has pretty much got in the way.  Looking at it, it may be a little weird to be writing it, but a thing I really want to do this year is to hold a book that I have written in my hands in its published form 🙂 And what better thing to write about than personal experience. I will post draft chapters as and when, and hope that anyone who reads it enjoys it.

Speaking of crushes, the hottest guy in the world cooked us a yummy dinner tonight 🙂  Here he is playing WoW:


and the face he usually pulls when he knows I have the camera in hand:


and the cutest texts lol  “baby looney pants” 😀

text :)

Snowed In woooo

I listened to the majority of Snowed In today, woo-hoo! This album has been so much a part of Christmas since 1997 when it was released 🙂 I absolutely must listen to during the week it was first released back in 97 – It was 17th November, but I couldn’t listen to it until this morning. I love this album 🙂 And I’m seriously feeling all festive! I know Americans have Thanksgiving to get out of the way before they can get festive lol, but for us it’s pretty much a straight run to Christmas once we have Guy Fawkes (5th Nov) over with. We’re getting out decorations down from the attic tomorrow, super exciting! Even more so after seeing Cathy’s xmas album in “Mini albums in an evening”, such a cute album – I got the downloads from the site ready for my own!

I’m starting to feel a little… poorly. I’m getting really hot, I’ve had to unplug our little electric heater (Stewart still hasn’t popped around to check the central heating), my head is pounding, I have really bad congestion and I feel just generally rough.

I also feel super happy about it being Friday night. My favourite time of the week… Why? Because work has just finished and you still have all of Saturday and Sunday to look forward to. I’ve been public enemy number 1 at work all week. So the fact I have Monday off (although to go to hospital in Cardiff with G, as he needs to get a check up every couple of years after he had leukemia when he was younger), is a welcome relief.

Update with my DG album: I’ve printed off 188 wallet sized photos (ayecarumba!) and I’m pretty convinced that I don’t have enough cardstock for all the journalling so I’ll be getting more when I get to paperarts in mid December. I’ve added extra page protectors so I can fit all of my DGs into one album as well, but in the meantime I can still do the midnumbing task of cutting out all of those 188 photos, finding out which day they belong to, put them in order, and then stick them down on paper. I’ll have a nice little production line going and I will feel so FANTASTIC when I’m completed 🙂 Seriously, I’ve done mini books but apart from filling 2 12×12 scrapbooks of random stuff, it will feel so great to have a big theme album completed. Maybe it’s a crafter/scrapbooking thing lol.

Anywho, I’m off to grab some cold & flu capsules (just to be sure!!) and to watch “Now that’s what I call 1983” on ITV, awesome. It’s the year I was born 😀