Hugs for nan

Thought this was appropriate at the moment:
Hugs for nan - Week 3, layout 1

Nan is still poorly, she’s got to go back to the hospital to have the fluid around her heart removed.

Beautiful Goddaughter - Week 3, layout 2

Yup, brownie points for me… getting both assignments done on the first day!
I managed to drive (barely) to the doctors this afternoon. Asked him questions about the coughing up and the pain which I still have. He said the pain is just the inflammation by my lungs and that’s what’s causing that and it will go eventually and that the main thing is as long as I can cough up when I have to as that’s the main thing right now to fully recover without too much pain. I just have to take some pain killers and it shouldn’t be too bad.

Also I asked if I was allowed back to work next week and he said as long as I was up to it I could, but he couldn’t stress enough that I had to take it STEADY, just take it slowly.

G bought me a £1 cyber pet from Woolworths yesterday to help with the boredom… I managed to kill in it less than 12 hours… whoops!

I’m in love!

*strokes and drools over the Studio Calico kit in hands* I think Taniwha is insane lol, I am so in love with Studio Calico! It probably also looked like rather dodgy dealings in the Paperarts carpark as myself and the local scrapper exchanged money for a big brown paper bag lol. But I’m in love with everything – bit OTT with the flowers in the kit, but the stamps… OH the STAMPS! You must check out the website.

I did this with the kit for Cathy’s class:
Stewart - week 2, layout 1

and here’s one un-SC related:
Love Always - Week 1, Real World Colour

Seriously, if I didn’t have scrapping right now I’d be going insane from boredom. Well, scrapping and G to drive me around to random places so I’m not stuck in the flat lol. But I got back into Animal Crossing today – it’s the last day of the Acorn Festival and I had to pull tons of weeds out of the ground and kill the damn bugs in my little house, I haven’t played it in so long. I need to try and persuade my mum to get the game so I can visit her town and stuff lol.

Off work still

The doctor signed me off for another 2 weeks. G took me to Hobby Craft (as I still can’t drive yet, that little pain in my rib area starts up with the moving of the steering wheel – it’s too much hard work) and I got some Making Memories Glitter mini alpha in gold and the tiny little alpha strips with some change I had in my purse, and bumped into an old dance buddy while I was there.

From there it as straight home for food, and on to the computer so I can get some viewing pleasure at, where I realised that (1) I really need a Bind It All machine, (2) I really want an acetate album (I was actually eyeing one up in Hobbycraft) (3) I need to find some awesome digital journalling blocks, similar to that of Making Memories Noteworthy line… I did see one in HC, but it didn’t go with any of the supplies I have already and I was convinced at the time that I could make some of my own. Who knows, over the next 2 weeks I might get so bored I will.

But in the meantime, I need to somehow persuade G to take me to Brimscombe (to the Paperarts shop) so I can buy the bind it all and supplies 🙂

So it was pneumonia all along… (pt 1)

So things got worse as you can well imagine… I ended up in hospital for a few days. Now this story may take a while as I don’t want to miss anything out so I will probably write it in parts.

My bed

Monday as I was going home from work I wasn’t right. I even commented to a few people that I felt a little odd… I got home and promptly collapsed into G’s arms and then on to the sofa. I was boiling hot to the touch but I was sat shivering terribly. G went to my parents to pick up a thermometer and confirmed I had a fever. He rang the out of hours doctor and raced me there with my mum in tow. The lovely Doctor, Zoe, actually sat and listened to me. She consulted her medical book and went through EVERYTHING. It was so nice to have a doctor who wanted to get to the bottom of things. She listened to my chest and back extra carefully and confirmed my right lung, where the pain had been, wasn’t taking in as much oxygen as the left (which shows she listened more than the others). She was concerned about my temperature and the fact my heart rate was through the roof. She looked at all my notes and pretty much took it into consideration but didn’t go by it 100% as to make her own decision which I cannot thank her enough for. The fact that on the notes it stated: “Not taking pain killers regularly enough” made me so mad as I hadn’t seen anyone since the doctor prescribed them and I hadn’t had them that long EITHER, so how could they write that!?

She was so concerned she said: “It’s either pluracy or pneumonia…” To be honest, when she said that, I wondered how on earth it could be pneumonia, but then I didn’t know a whole lot about it. I was just thankful someone was starting to put names to things. She promptly rang the hospital admissions… but no beds were available. There was no way she was sending me home in that condition, but nowhere else for me to go, so she kept me in her office and brought my fever down and my heart rate, and sent me home on the promise that I would have supervision for the next 24 hours – and if I felt worse again I had to call and they would send someone to me. By this point, I could sense an urgency but she was so restricted at the same time. She had not been able to see any other patients for nearly an hour and a half until she got me feeling a little better as she insisted she watch over me until then. G had to take emergency leave from work and made sure I was ok throughout the night.

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure how I made it through the night. But when the morning came I wanted G to ring my own doctors as I’d tried to hold on as long as I could as the out of hours were closed as the regular ones were back open. G explained they were going to admit me into hospital, this was an emergency appointment… and all they could give me was 3.45pm.

I couldn’t wait. G took me down A&E, closely followed by my mum.

Once there, a completely snotty nurse told me that if I stopped coughing, the pain would go away. That it wasn’t an emergency… Even if there weren’t hospital beds they’d have taken me in… Yeah lady? and where they HELL would they have put me? On a blow up bed in the corridor!?!?! I had to do a peak flow which showed my breathing was my normal (about 300) but the first time I was sobbing my eyes out as she was packing me out the door and dismissing me like everyone else had done. I was so frustrated and breathing was hard nor would she even check my notes from the previous evening.

So it was back home once again. Back on the sofa, with a fever shivering yet hot to the touch. I had to wait until my doctors appointment that afternoon. Just before we left to go I was violently sick over and over in the bathroom. We finally got there and waited until we were called. It was the same doctor who gave me the painkillers and once he examined me and checked my notes, it was as if he suddenly realised his mistake. He sent us out into the corridor, and I was feeling awful by now I seriously wanted to rest. He had managed to secure me a bed at the hospital and sent me back over there…

To be continued.


Yesterday got to the doctors in the morning and had the nice nurse who did my blood test and gave me a glass of water afterwards. It freaking hurt. I raced home at lunchtime as a lady who comes in part time at work was telling me about her daughter who is Miley Cyrus crazy, and I happened to mention I’m somewhat of a closet Miley fan and had a few of the Panini stickers from the album that were duplicates and some other Hannah/Miley bits that I took in to work to give her girl, and I grabbed a little lunch including a chocolate mousse.

That night I got home from work and me and G agreed on a pizza for our tea. I got into the freezer and noticed that the pizza wasn’t frozen anymore. Well, I assumed one of us hadn’t shut the door properly. After I had put the pizza in the oven, the fridge/freezer was making horrible noises… so I checked the fridge section, and I’ll be damned if all my mousses weren’t warm. Nothing in the fridge was cold at all.
We promptly stuck all the frozen stuff into bags and run to my parents house (they have a fridge/freezer and a standalone freezer so plenty of space for our stuff!) Ours was buggered to put it bluntly. Dad promptly took us out to all the electrical and white good stores to find a new one. Only being in such an awkward council flat we only had 50cm gap to get one… and standard ones are 60cm… EEK! We desperately wanted one with a larger freezer section anyway as it was just about big enough for me when I lived alone.

Sadly the stores closed and we didn’t find one. We shoved all the fridge stuff in the freezer section with ice packs from my parents, and Stewart had a little fridge that he kept in the spare room for his cans of cider/lager (lol!) which we could borrow at a push if it would have been the weekend before we could get a new one. Dad went out this morning and bought us one and told us to consider it our Christmas present which is super lucky for us as this month is expensive anyway. With the help of Stewart, it was all set up for when I got home 🙂 I’m so lucky to have such a fantastic family, and great parents. I can turn it on in just 10 minutes then I’m off to my parents to grab the frozen stuff to start putting it back in.

And another thing that totally made my day, the lady was back in today and had a letter in an envelope with my name on, a heart and a butterfly. It was from her daughter saying thank you very much for all the Miley stuff as she’s a huge Miley fan. I thought that was so cute and thoughtful, it really did brighten my day, expecially her cute spellings and the fact she sat and decorated the letter with butterflies and stuff. IT was just… awwww 🙂 lol

And to add a really odd quote from a guy at work: “She was on holiday… well I say holiday, she went to a funeral…” It was a you-had-to-be-there moment to find it funny.

The state of the NHS

The new doctor I saw today was more interested in making me comfortable than trying to get to the root of my cough. 4th doctor I have seen about this, but I have super strong painkillers and to take matters into my own hands, G got incredibly worried when as soon as I got through the door I was having a coughing fit and couldn’t breathe, so took me to the shops for some bronchial mixture. I guess the funny thing was, while I was coughing, I was still trying to put my Hannah Montana postcard thingies (I get them free, I would like to point out…) into the Hannah binder while gasping for air, trying not to lose count as the postcards are numbered but the damn binder sections aren’t.

I got some scrapbooking done:
Simply Adorable, and embellished Emily and Lauren’s album. I bought a new 12×12 album, one of the cheapy ones from Hobby Craft. When I get enough money, I’m so buying some American Craft ring binders so I can change up the sizes of my pages. Not only that I need one for my “Design Your Life” class. That’s on my next to scrapbook (my prework) layout alongside a cute personal page for my Book of Me, and another page for that new 12×12 album.
and got my twopeas gallery up together:
and a Lady who is an absolute inspiration 🙂 Moon Ko. Her website is here:

Now for some linkage 😀
Becky Higgin’s Family Heritage downloads. A ton of worksheets and templates etc. Seriously awesome – even if you don’t scrapbook, I’d say it’s worth downloading them still and printing them out and getting family members to fill them in to preserve your story.
Paper dollhouses. I am sooooooooooooo printing and assembling the Christmas house scene to go with my Xmas decorations this year. I’ve run the page through the translator already for you all 🙂 Although the instructions for assembly is in Japanese, it’s got very clear diagrams so I’d feel confident giving it a go!

Bed Bound

Thursday was actually quite scary. I couldn’t take a normal breath without being in pain. I couldn’t move because my chest really hurt, G said he’d take me to hospital but it seemed a bit drastic to me, but to be honest, I really wasn’t feeling too good so we rang the NHS direct helpline to get some advice, as by this time I was in tears from the pain.

Their advice? Phone an ambulance.

This made me a little worse to be honest. G put me in the car and drove me to the Casualty department at the hospital. I was shaking, but got seen straight away. They put all these wires on me, I got anti-inflammatory medication and painkillers, and I had a chest X-ray.

Ask anyone who’s been around me coughing and they’ll tell you something is obviously wrong. The nurse who saw me first said he could hear something on my chest, but the doctor said she couldn’t hear a thing. The chest X-ray showed no infection.

The hospital is confuddled what’s wrong. We were there til the early hours of the morning and I felt so bad as G had to get up for work. No one can tell me why I’ve been coughing for months, but they do believe the pain in my chest is a pulled muscle, so I’m laying down resting constantly. The bank holiday weekend and I’m bed bound. Although I did put clothes on today just to lay on top of the bed. My chest still hurts, not when I move and not so much when I breathe today though. Just when I cough I get a very sharp pain. Yesterday I just lay on the sofa and watched TV all day. I got about 3-4 pillows to prop me up so I’m resting but sat upright so I can still eat and drink. Today I’ve got my laptop resting on my stomach lol, and I got some magazines that arrived from America 🙂 I’m just missing the Ali Edwards book, but it’s making me itch to get some scrapbooking done on Monday when I can. In fact, I checked my e-mails and found out that Holly McCaig sent an e-mail to her group saying that she’s putting out a design team call. 3 month term, and I LOVE Holly’s stuff! I’ve only ever put in for a design team once late last year I believe it was and I got rejected so I never bothered to enter again. But this, OH! I so want to have a go at this, if I don’t get it I don’t, but at least I tried, and Holly rocks. So you got to be in it to win it.

I hope to be up and about on Monday though, so as long as I stay on the sofa bed I should be well rested to be up and about by then.

Ready to burst

Someone disgustingly backed the toilets up at work today – heck I was so desperate to pee I’d have used the Workshops loo (and that is saying something!) but the drains were all blocked so I couldn’t have and to be honest so gross I won’t say anymore than that. But not having toilet facilities made me freak out a little and made me want to go all the more… I was dancing around and I was told I could drive to the nearest public loo – in Sainsburys. Such a long drive when you’re desperate!! Took me 20 minutes to get there and back.

I’m off now anyway, it’s 8.25pm I’ve just been doing some research for a top secret project (about 5 people know about it so far) and I still have so so much to do, and tonight is the first night I have not been distracted by the super cool and friendly UK Etsians in their thread lol, but G is insisting that I go and have some food right now, I’ve not eaten yet – it’s taking up quite a lot of my time, but I suppose it’s something I will be getting used to. LJ people, I will let you know soon 🙂

Bye bye Puter

My computer has been making such a squealing noise for so long, so much so I hardly go on it. Then there’s the slowness (gave up trying to play Sims on it, and my laptop crashes constantly so I’ve not been on it), the blue screen of death and the fact I’ve had it for a good 4 years or so anyway. I think it was the Blue screen of death and the number of times it would just kinda shut itself down as if to say: “That’s it, I give up! No more!” that was the final straw for me.

So a trip to PC World with G in tow, we decided to go halves on a computer that would be both of ours rather than G feeling he couldn’t use my PC as it was mine and not both of ours, and we purchased one. It’s so cute! It’s a HP Elite M9277. It has an internal 500GB hard drive and an external one that you can insert into the computer like a cartridge with a further 500GB memory, and it has 4GB RAM. But all that memory will be super what with my photos – I used up a bunch of DVDs to back up my files lol. So G is looking forward to getting on World Of Warcraft, and I am looking forward to continuing my Legacy on Sims 2, and while G’s on WoW, I shall be on the Wii Fit working out. Oh, and it has lightscribe which was the seller for me! LOL! But next year when Sims 3 comes out I shall already be prepared 🙂