On the up!

My little artist made a pretty picture (with the help of mummy of course) at group the other week, and it seemed fitting that it wasn’t just displayed at home but also as my Facebook Header picture, because that is equal to the fridge at home, right? LOL



The Konmari journey is going slooooooooow.


However, even if we have only done some of our clothes so far, I have certainly noticed a difference! As you can see above, this is mine and Dylan’s “bottoms” drawer with trousers, shorts etc in. Dylan’s clothes no longer fit in the plastic craft tower thing, and there most certainly isn’t enough room for him to have his own wardrobe/drawers, so Dylan’s stuff is in with mine. He has a “row” down the right hand side of my drawers. Even Gareth has embraced it and sorted his clothes out too, and it is so much easier to find and get to those things. Granted I am still feeling ridiculously overwhelmed about all the other categories but knowing how much our clothes is better makes me super determined to declutter!


I have new glasses, but since I got them Wednesday last week, I’ve not had much time to wear them. Dylan notices my glasses are different and is super grabby with them, and it’s always a pain in the tush to get used to new glasses anyway, so I probably haven’t been trying as much as I should do to make the time to wear them either. I’m on that.


Dylan pretty much comes straight to bed with me, we don’t even try and force him to go in his cot at the moment, as he just screams and bangs his head against the side on purpose. It seems ALL of his back teeth are now coming through, poor little guy.


The one morning when I had just a couple of hours sleep, I popped him straight into the travel cot with some toys so that I could lay down for an hour on the sofa, and in the hopes that when he had his daytime nap that I could catch a few Zzz’s on the sofa, but I struggle to nap during the day (delightful neighbours), but he came and had cuddles with me after that hour.

He does some cute little things now:

  • Either he knocks on a door, or if someone else knocks he says “Come in!”
  • He stood at the door at the weekend while I was at work and was saying: “Mumma. Mumma, come in.” Heart melting. He says Daddy, not sure why he says Mumma instead of mummy as I often refer to myself as, but it’s his thing now, and I’m trying to embrace that I’m not “mummy” but I am “mumma” lol.
  • “Peeeeeeease” when he wants something (please)
  • He’s grasping things, like when we were going to bed one night Gareth was home late so it was just the two of us, I pointed to the cot and asked “Cot?” and then pointed to the bed and said “Bed with mummy?” He pointed straight to the bed.
  • The absolute excitement when Sheriff Callie comes on tv. He LOVES Callie! He squeals and jumps up and down waving his arms and exclaims “CALLIEEEEEEEE!”
  • Trying to put his shoes on himself.
  • His Jake & The Neverland Pirate car which he now adores and likes to scoot around the flat on it (which of course is difficult because of the lack of space, but he’s got turning it around by himself down to a fine art. I just need to remind myself that Dylan is adapting just fine.)

Gareth got a new job which is a huge promotion at his workplace, and though he’s busy he has been loving it so he is happier. And for years I have been using the “Ace Budget” app for iPhone to keep us on track (luckily I was taught well with money and how to budget. I remember when I was looking to move into my flat in 2007, my dad sat me down and went through a budget with me on paper and we made sure I would be able to afford it before I moved. I still use a version of that budget to this day!). It worked OK and I never thought much of it after that as I spent money I logged it in the app against each budget and it did the job. But I heard about “You Need A Budget” or “YNAB” for short, and I decided to give it a go on the free trial. I’m about a week and a half (I think?) into it and I adore it! Though I kept a running total of what YNAB calls “rainy day funds” (glasses, christmas, car insurance, etc) on a spreadsheet and it suited us OK, I’m thinking this is a much better way to go to keep track of everything. I still have my super spreadsheet as that’s my “thing”, but for day to day spending and shifting things around and basically seeing it much better that way, I’m definitely going to purchase YNAB 🙂

Holy swimsuit batman!

My swimsuit had what started as a small hole in the side but eventually became ten times larger! I had visions of me needing to get a new one but mum had sewn it up for me after she washed it (I do my laundry fri and sat normally, and my mum had hers and my dad’s towels and swimwear to wash anyway so she took mine & Gareth’s to save my having to do a wash just for them) yay mum! That should last me a little longer, but I will probably need a new one for Florida.


(My swimsuit with the small hole!)


(my family swimming! Mum, Dad and Oliver with Stewart leaning into the pool lol)

Otherwise nothing at all has happened that’s worthy a mention, apart from I started a new zumba class with my mum this week and we loved it! Let’s hope that will help me shift that muffin top! And I’m about to watch the last episode of Season 1 for Smash 🙁
Though I do have a cute little story to share, which ties in to swimming which I started the post with, seeing as I’ve shared it on Facebook and twitter already this week 🙂
After the absolute horror that was wearing my jewellery into the pool the other week, I learned my lesson and took it off! I placed them on the side and figured I’d put it all back on after my shower after swimming. When we got back we were in a bit of a rush because we had to head off to Cardiff for my Mother-In-Law’s birthday dinner and I couldn’t do the clasp up on my favourite necklace so I remembered in my jewellery box, an 18th birthday present from my friends at Safeway when I worked there, I had a star necklace that had a toggle clasp at the front and was easy peasy to put on and my neck felt so bare without one! I took the whole drawer out as we were in a rush and emptied the contents and low and behold! Look what I found!

Out of Stock ticket

Anyone who is not aware of my old diaryland days (the shameful horror!) won’t know the story but basically my best friend at Safeway signed it, gave it to me and told me I’d keep it forever. So you can imagine the chuckle I had to myself when I stumbled upon this nearly 11 years later. I had enough time to snap a picture before we headed off, and you know what? I was going to throw it away and remembered that I hid it for the very reason of finding it again later, so I tucked it back away for the next 11 years when I get to discover it again and laugh my ass off at the fun all of us guys had when working at Safeway. Without a doubt one of my favourite jobs because I had such a great bunch of people to work with 🙂

In fact, here’s the diary entry itself, from 24th august 2001:

Anyway, James was being an idiot and had a pocket full of Out Of Stock tickets in his pocket. They’re new and he said he really liked them, signed the back of one and gave it to me! “You’re gonna treasure that forever…” He smiled at me.
“Phish! no I’m not!” I replied. Wanna know the funny thing? I haven’t got around to throwing it away yet. I got home, put it somewhere and it’s lost forever!

Thursday is the new Friday

We’ve had glorious sunshine all week so far and it’s heading into the weekend. It’s funny that when the weather is nice, it really helps perk you up when things are not exactly going to plan.
Our anniversary was just really a regular day as we decided to celebrate on an upcoming weekend. Wow those 2 years have flown by! Still after quite a few frustrating hiccups for Gareth this week we decided while the weather was nice we would jump in the car and head out for the day on Saturday to escape. Well hopefully escape as our first lot of plans on Saturday is to get his car into the garage (just one of the hiccups!) before we see my nan then be on our merry way.
Zumba legend
I have been happily doing my Zumba almost every evening, and I have the blisters on my feet to prove it lol. My BMI has dropped a little but my weight has not. This is super hard work & I don’t notice a difference except my weight going up & down :/ I was hoping the trousers would feel a little less tight!

I was back perusing Etsy this week. I made my very first treasury too! I have something in my cart ready to be checked out after pay day and I am really looking forward to it!

Now for my evening curled up on the sofa after my chores, watching my fave tv shows 🙂 I definitely love my Thursday nights!

Living in a cocoon

I will be incredibly relieved once things start to settle. We’re only in the second week but this is so hard! The last week or so I have ploughed into sorting my websites out. I had a lot to sort out, but I’m done & happy!
I have been sorting out back ups & notes etc by using Dropbox, google drive & Evernote. It’s nice to start organising my “digital life”.

When I haven’t been doing this & trying to “cook” (I use quotation marks because I’m getting there slowly! Though Wednesday night I burned dinner so had to order pizza) I have been a little in hibernation mode. The weather here is certainly not spring like. It’s more so autumn, and so myself & Gareth have been happily watching all 6 seasons of How I Met Your Mother on DVD.

Hot choc
No I haven’t worked out, in fact I gained a pound last week and refuse to weigh in this week because I’m not making any progress and these couple of weeks while I’m still adjusting I have been quite happily living in my little cocoon swooning over New York trying my best at cooking meals like spaghetti bolognese. I will try some lower calorie meals after a little more practise from my student cook book! It’ll be much better when I finally shake this awful cold too.  I think for the rest of this week I will quite happily continue with cuddles, wishing I get to see New York one day and that I wish we had friends like on How I Met Your Mother 🙂

Life doesn’t go to plan

I know what you’re all thinking: “I know you. I think I know you. Didn’t you say you’d blog more…?” If you’re reading this in a rss feed reader and I’ve just popped up…

I’m sorry.

I have already decided I’m having a New Year do over. Come 1st February I am starting 2011 over again, as both myself and my very strong, trying his best to keep it all together husband, have just had a bad start to the year.

His father passed away on the 10th of January. We were thankful we got to go to Cardiff on Christmas Day and spend his last Christmas with him. We still have his Christmas card to us sat on the fire place as he wrote in it (something that was hard for him to do) We were thankful we got to Cardiff on the Saturday 8th and saw him while he was awake. We left the hospital and carried on with Gareth’s youngest brother (just 16), and got home late that night. I was tired and headed to bed. We had a phone call to head for the hospital after midnight, so gareth had to get me up out of bed, so there I was in the car, half asleep and in my PJs. We were back and forth from his mother’s home to the hospital, before heading back home Sunday night as I had work Monday morning and not a whole lot of sleep over the weekend. We got a call at around 1.45am Monday morning to say he had gone. It was then manic as I had to call work and book emergency holiday for that week, cancel dentist for Gareth, he had to ring his own work… and this is why I have been missing in action.

of course because of all the snow and the Christmas shut down there is a back log of people to bury (that sounds so harsh) and so we’ve not had the funeral yet. Then there are the numerous other things that need to be sorted out and problems we have encountered.

Generally 2011 is not our year.

I do have some blog post ideas lined up. We shall be back to Cardiff for a few days for the funeral, so please bear with me. We plan to be back on track as soon as possible, but even so we’ve learned that things do not go to plan!

Nearly Over

Totally loving seeing everyone’s Week In The Life.  Ali Edwards [fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=”yes” overflow=”visible”][fusion_builder_row][fusion_builder_column type=”1_1″ background_position=”left top” background_color=”” border_size=”” border_color=”” border_style=”solid” spacing=”yes” background_image=”” background_repeat=”no-repeat” padding=”” margin_top=”0px” margin_bottom=”0px” class=”” id=”” animation_type=”” animation_speed=”0.3″ animation_direction=”left” hide_on_mobile=”no” center_content=”no” min_height=”none”][1] [2] [3] [4] and Cathy Zielske’s [1] [2] to name but two 🙂  I really do love this sort of project I really do, and it’s just as cool to see how everyone else live their lives.

I will leave you with a few pictures (most of which are from today, but a couple from others) before I get on to watching TV (Ashes to Ashes is coming on BBC 1 in just a couple of minutes!)  This weekend I plan on finishing off the template I started for this project, and I hope to get a lot of these scrapped.
WeatherShopping List
Window view

Me no likey snow no more!

View from work window

This was the view from my window at work when it started snowing on Tuesday. I was excited, I loved snow 🙂

Getting to work

This was me and Gareth walking to get to work (Pictures taken on my mobile phone). Gareth had to walk a distance to get the bus as it wasn’t doing the full route as our end of the bus route is pretty trecherous, then catch the train to work, and today was his first day back since beng sent home at 2pm on Tuesday and taking 3 hours to get home when it only takes him 20 mins in general.  That pic is of the little back road that our Cul-De-Sac joins on to. That is just a big sheet of ice – not very many cars are getting up this way! In fact a young girl got stuck and it took a couple of us to try and get her moving again and it wasn’t easy!

I, on the other hand, stupidly thought I could walk to work. It’s 3.3 miles and on a good day will take just over an hour. I got so far walking and the paths were so icey I nearly slipped several times. I wanted to cry, turn around and go home. But one thing kept me going: Everyone was soooo friendly. Nearly every single person I walked past wished me a Good Morning. Everyone is pitching in helping each other, and giving way etc. I was approaching a very slippy crossing (which I had no right of way) and I turned to see a big truck heading towards me, not wanting to take the chance I waited but the guy stopped and ushered me across.

I got about 2.5 ish miles when I was really lagging and a work colleague spotted me and picked me up. Much to my relief – only to then realise I had the walk home, but she took me to the nearest clear main road, so I had only a short walk.

Today I ache in places I had forgotten about.

Autumn is here

Hmm, I’ve not been a big fan of Autumn. Ever. Well sometimes with the back to school stuff and getting new stationary and clothes etc, but otherwise not really. I’ve always been a summer girl myself.  But Gareth gets the Next catalogue, and I can’t help but flick through it and sigh, thinking of getting some cute new outfits now the weather is chilly and the leaves are changing colour.  I even baked:


White choc chip cookies, which got the Gareth seal of approval. When I asked him if he liked them after he ate one, his reply was: “I’d like them even more if there was another one in my mouth…”

Even reading through my September issue of Creating Keepsakes, I stopped at the lovely red and brown coloured shoes at the “Hot fall trends (Let fashion trends inspire your creativity)” and have since left it on that page.  Now I’ve downloaded a freebie autumn kit and I plan on making a cute little “ode to autumn” mini book to place on my mini easel, once I’ve finished my Cathy class 🙂