Mid November


I can’t believe it’s mid November already lol. It’s also going to be Oliver’s first Christmas so Stewart got his decorations out last week! HAHA! Love it 🙂  I’ve been feeling very Christmassy. I got all my Christmas craft magazines out and have been sat reading through them – such fun! We’re trying to tidy up a little in the front room ourselves, to remove clutter to make room for our tree (which is HUGE!) I also decided to go out in the garden and rake up all the leaves, which took me ages, but the garden looks better. And the lovely task of picking up the poop of all the cats in the neighbourhood who have chosen my flower bedding area which I got ready for Spring, as a big kitty litter box. Mum suggested tea bags and Olbas oil, so I’ve done that and hope it does the trick!

I will be going to Hobby Craft on Friday I should imagine 🙂  I’m off to New Moon and the cinema is nearby so I can pop in then, so I shall be starting my quilt next weekend I hope LOL!

Hobbycraft junkie

LOL, I think I may need help. While I’m also having fun bookbinding currently, and coming up with some ideas for handmade presents for certain people, I really REALLY want to have a go at a Christmas quilt. I don’t know, something about the idea of snuggling down on the sofa watching TV, and reaching to the back of the sofa where a handmade patchwork quilt is laying and wrapping it around me is… well… lush lol.

So I do think I’m going to take my Aunt’s £5 off when you spend over £25 voucher will be put to good use by buying Christmas fat quarters, batting and some backing fabric 🙂  It all started on Sunday after I decided my current journal needed a nice bag to go in. With a pocket for emphemera and pens and coloured pencils lol. So I eyeballed the whole project and my sewing machine was playing up but even after I finished that attrocity (but it does the job and I made it myself) I held it in my hand and with the stuff I put in between the lining and outer to reinforce it, it feels like a thin quilt and I was like: “HEY! That’s a good idea…”

Also, I purchased my New Moon ticket for Friday 20th as I have booked the day off work, and as much as I would have loved to have caught the midnight viewing, it is just physically impossible for me to stay up late and as much as I love New Moon I just don’t think I could do it, so I’m going to the second viewing instead which is around midday. Awesomeness 🙂  I have my veil, borrowed from my cousin Sarah and disco is all booked for the wedding. I’m on a roll!

Book binding adventures

I love books, and as you know I love journals as well, so when I stumbled upon Karla Dudley’s workshop “Journal 3 Ways” I was intregued… and then I saw the journals we would be making and the fact that there were cool downloads as well… That was it. I was sold.  So all images you see contain brushes and papers designed by Karla 🙂

The first journal (I still have to cut the edges so they’re level)

Book 1

Book 1

Then after I finished that one, I just had to make another using some lush paper I had left over from “Express Yourself  DIY”

Book 2

Book 2

Week two was the Perfect Bind method. I honestly didn’t think about binding books this way. But having said that, one of my favourite books (Cathy Zielske’s Clean and Simple Scrapbooking part 2) is bound using the perfect bind method… and several pages have come away from the book through excessive use lol. Although I’d say it’s not my number one, I had a ton of fun doing it, it looks just lush and I only lost 3 pages after binding 🙂

And like a completely numpty, I put the covers on the wrong way so the book is back to front… DOH!

Perfect bind method

Perfect bind method

Perfect bind method

Perfect bind method

I seriously want to do another one of these 🙂  I’ve got the book binding bug now, and I’m seriously going to be making a few more things!

Pumpkin – Go team Jacob!

There was no contest when I decided on which template I wanted to use to carve my pumpkin this year 🙂 I wanted something pretty simple as this is only my third ever pumpkin, and my second using a template, but as I was soooo proud of my witch last year, I had to at least give it a go!

My Jacob Pumpkin

Template from here: http://www.pinkraygun.com/2009/10/10/free-pumpkin-carving-templates-twilights-jacob/. Although Gareth says he prefers my witch from last year, and he just doesn’t “see” Jacob in this one. I don’t care. It took me about 2 hours from start to finish.

And I also decided on doing a paper haunted house, after seeing a few on a website and thinking how cool they were. Apart from the pumpkin, I have no halloween stuff here, so the paper house would be fun, so again I chose a nice easy one 🙂

Old Skool house

Download and instructions here: http://www.haunteddimensions.raykeim.com/index301.html

Sadly the lighting is terrible in here. This is why we can’t play with Neville this evening. Nev is our virtual pet, as seen here:

We saw an advert for EyePet and curiosity got the better of us. So we got a copy and played with it for aaaaaaaaaaaaages lol!

Autumn is here

Hmm, I’ve not been a big fan of Autumn. Ever. Well sometimes with the back to school stuff and getting new stationary and clothes etc, but otherwise not really. I’ve always been a summer girl myself.  But Gareth gets the Next catalogue, and I can’t help but flick through it and sigh, thinking of getting some cute new outfits now the weather is chilly and the leaves are changing colour.  I even baked:


White choc chip cookies, which got the Gareth seal of approval. When I asked him if he liked them after he ate one, his reply was: “I’d like them even more if there was another one in my mouth…”

Even reading through my September issue of Creating Keepsakes, I stopped at the lovely red and brown coloured shoes at the “Hot fall trends (Let fashion trends inspire your creativity)” and have since left it on that page.  Now I’ve downloaded a freebie autumn kit and I plan on making a cute little “ode to autumn” mini book to place on my mini easel, once I’ve finished my Cathy class 🙂

New t-shirt

Firstly, The images can be found here at this Crafster thread by “boo-zombie”:  http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=299075.0

I’ve done the Quileute High Protectors shirt so far, for the pricely sum of £1.47 and I’ve had the transfer paper for a while now, so I won’t count that, but the top was from Primark. It’s not 100% cotton though, so the image has cracked, and it smudged after the backing moved and I accidentally caught it with the iron… Doh!  Still, I have 2 more shirts from Matalan (£3 each) to have a go at the Forks Spartans one.

Quileute High Protectors

I’ve actually bookmarked some freezer paper on ebay, although someone has mentioned that Hobby Craft do it, so I might just check out my local HC sometime.  The best news is we’re moving to nice clean offices, within walking distance of HC. I can imagine I will spend many winter lunches there!

In the meantime, I’m about to jump in the shower and put on some new PJs.  My favourite pair (I’ve had since 2002) have got a hole in the knee. They’ll last a little longer but I have a new pair and a Nightie… I don’t do nighties lol, so want to give it a go, and some new fluffy white slippers. Then I have a Yankee Candle wax tart burning in the background.  Been a pretty good Sunday!