Craft overload!

Christmas mags

I have been devouring my magazines, had my first Red Cup yesterday (peppermint hot choc), and I have watched The Holiday and Four Christmases. My Hollyday papers are ordered for my December Daily, and Gareth has his Starbucks Christmas Blend. We are already in the swing of things!

I have been trying to come up with some frugal ideas, and seeing as my Sister in Law doesn’t know about my blog, I felt like sharing an idea I had for her gift…  I save random stuff, I have a bunch of Christmas gift bags ready to regift and I also have some cool boxes I got some presents in. One of which was from a friend from MANY years ago, who gave me a cute toiletry set in this gorgeous wooden box. Kept it ever since thinking I would use it one day. For my sister in law who likes to bake with her son, I shall be getting some cute cupcake liners (with a pretty design) some “emergency” packet mix (because she’s having a baby very close to Christmas!) and some sprinkles and hopefully some toppers if they fit in my budget.

And for my nephew oliver, it’s a tough one, but thankfully Disney has a Craft site in which I have been collecting colouring pages to make him his own personalised colouring book which I shall print and bind here at home.

I’m doing a lot of searching for printable style gifts. One of my favourite books/mags I have that I normally whip out at Xmas is 101 Hip Handmade Gifts. I have poured over that so much my copy is falling apart 🙂 They have free printables over at the Creating Keepsakes website.
And how freaking adorable is this! I want to make one for myself, I used to have a big bookcase in my room at home and ran my own little library (I would later become a librarian at my school, and I still have a big love for libraries!)


Ok, so I shall continue my search and post soon on my progress 🙂

Getting my craft on

Ben cardBen card

I think my other brother in law, James, may start getting jealous, but once again my darling husband forget to get a card for Ben’s birthday, so I made one. I don’t have a photo of the one I did last year, which I’m sad about because I was so chuffed with it! I’m thinking I really should make a bunch of cards and stash them away for the next time 😉

I am a bit of a loss today though because my nan is on her holiday so I’m not going to her house today. Though the weather is positively sunny outside & I received a phone call from my brother to say he’s doing a BBQ today as a test run for summer. I shall be snapping some photos for some scrapbook pages 🙂

Paperarts are having my friend Rachel teach a class, and I’m super excited about the prospect of going. I still need to get off my bum & book my seat though! I have not been to a crop in years, & I just love Rachel’s style 🙂

I’ve also done my 2000th tweet today. I’ve always said for someone who talks as much as I do, that’s really quite pitiful LOL! And for the new theme I’ve done… Loving the lime green. Thinking the header should be grey/white though. Will work on it.

Christmas presents

While I am awaiting the delivery of our shopping, I thought I would catch up on the gifts I made for Christmas…

Bath bombs

For the daughters of one of our MD’s who I get on really well with I made bath bombs. They are a lot of fun to make, if not a little like doing a science lesson at school!

Making candles

For the ladies at work the first part of their present: a candle.

Sugar Scrub
Sugar Scrub

The second part: Peppermint sugar scrub. I HEART this!

Gift boxes

Then using my super fab second hand Craft Robo, I made these great boxes using a free template over at UKScrappers. I had so much fun making all these. There’s just something about homemade gifts!

2010 Christmas Prep

2010 Ornament

Now, normally I make the Christmas ornaments but this year I decided on a special ornament instead. The requirement was that it HAD to have the year on it. So whilst on our honeymoon in Disney, we picked up this cute ornament!

I have been a busy bee making Christmas presents, so photos to follow on that, but the whole point of this post is something I read, firstly on Craftster, yesterday. Then again today on the Silhouette blog lol.

Something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read

How cute is that idea? Sometimes people can get a bit carried away (I must admit, I’m generally one of those people!) and the idea of 4 presents under those categories is something I’d like to try… Of course I’m sure my wonderful husband might have something to say on that matter! He’s just like a big kid!  There’s also something about HANDMADE gifts that I adore as well. Knowing that someone took the time & effort to make it, just fills me with warm fuzzies 🙂 Something as simple as a bottle of bubble bath, or some handmade chocolates. Sadly not everyone GETS that. My family do, they don’t even expect a present & sometimes that whole appreciation & the concept are completely lost on some people. For my parents I made them a simple ornament, (well it was a clear premade ornament) and I had a photo of Oliver (My nephew) & on the other side with the help of some digital scrabooking kits, I had “OLIVER’S FIRST CHRISTMAS 2009” on the back. They adored it, and it has pride of place on their tree this year too.

I’m not religious in the slightest, and some might argue “Why do you celebrate Christmas then?” For me, it’s about being with family. Spending time together doing things like playing board games and such that you wouldn’t normally do, and fully appreciating each other. That’s what it’s about.

Hanson Streaming

Saturday night… What a HOOT! I got into my clean jammies, into bed with my clean sheets just before 10pm, chatting with my Hanson friends ready for a Live streaming on the Hanson website. We were all so excited (Hanson became a trending topic world wide on Twitter!)  I was thankful Gareth had the new Expansion on World of Warcraft to play on, as though it was supposed to start at 10pm we were on Hanson time after all! Just before 11pm GMT the guys came on and me and all my friends were messaging each other and in complete hysterics. They played songs from Snowed In, they baked cookies, opened presents… and just generally had a laugh. I’m not getting a Christmas party this year, so for me that more than made up for it, and best of all I got to spend it in my PJs nice and cosy at home, with some of the best people you could be with, and with my favourite band in the world, singing along with them & having such a laugh my stomach hurt the next day 🙂 you just can’t beat it! It all finished about 1am which was just LUSH. Though I was thoroughly tired Sunday, but oh so worth it 😉

Family Love

We have my cousin’s daughter’s Christening coming up soon so I made this from the Silhouette Store. They have such lovely stuff there!

Erin's Christening card

I also had fun chatting with Lauren today. She came and sat on Nan’s lap and I snapped this picture:

Lauren & Nan

It was overcast today and I had my kit lens on my camera like a numpty. I really should check it before I leave the house. I was hoping to catch Erin today, but she didn’t go to nan’s today. Still, I get lots of photos very soon 🙂  And of course, the best Nephew in the world, Oliver! With cute haircut from mummy and daddy.


She’s so cute!


Quilt & Disney journal

It’s almost bedtime so I’m going to be quick. Life is just so crazy you wouldn’t believe. Lots of family stuff is just taking over things, the other weekend we spent visiting my Father-in-law in hospital and the weekend before we were visiting him for Fathers day.

I really do mean to blog more, and I hope that I can do it more often than every month and a half!

For one, I never posted a picture of the finished quilt I made, and I was so incredibly chuffed at my hard work!
Front of quilt

Back of quilt

Handmade with love

My current project (apart from trying to squeeze in sewing my very first item of clothing when I can!) is my “travel” binder which I made back last year:
Travel binder
Now you will have to excuse the poor quality Blackberry photos on these ones:

I bought some Moleskines. I just ADORE these books. Including these 3, I have a total of 5 now LOL!
I made a little pocket so I can slot the back of the book into it and have it in my binder.
The binder pocket for my moleskine
Moleskine in my binder
and for the Moleskine which will be my travel journal, I made a cute title with my Craft Robo/Silhouette and some stickles.
Disney title

I will be making some custom page protectors to fit in the binder to collect ephemera on our travels 🙂 I’ll do that when I have the sewing machine out… when I get around to it LOL!

Pretty Rainbow

My cousin had a little girl last week, and as a little present I decided on a quilt… I saw this rainbow fat quarter in Hobby Craft and I fell in love! So much so, I’m not sure I’ll want to part with the quilt when it’s done LOL!  Who wouldn’t want a pretty rainbow to cheer them up every day?

Fabric squares

I’ve cut 96 squares, and I’ve now got to sew them all together. The backing fabric will be pink (for a girl of course!) and white bias binding. My first quilt, I’m so excited!  And not forgetting all the other cool stuff:

(1) I’ve had an e-mail about my extra bobbin case. As I have a Brother sewing machine it will not do shirring so I have to get an extra bobbin case to adjust the tension and be able to do it! I will get to have my cute top after all!
(2) Free coffee cup album at twopeas
(3) Free eBook at Ella Publishing
(4) Gossiping with Kelly Ann about hairstyles for the wedding (She’s doing my hair and nails for me), scrapbooking, sewing and the colour GREEN 🙂  I have got to make her a little something from my left over green fabric 🙂
(5) Loooong weekend! I’m going to do some MAJOR spring cleaning, and I’m completely into Martha Stewart right now, she is just my idol at the moment 🙂 I have a lever arch folder where I’m gathering things from Martha Stewart’s website and putting in the folder for safe keeping and easy referal later!

My Martha folder

How to unwind

I spent this morning working on my wedding invites, I was literally sat in the bedroom with the sewing machine and silver thread sewing on my invites. It seems I don’t like to do things easily!  My geocaching book arrived today so once I had done that I sat and read it for a bit.

This then got me thinking about some stuff to put in caches when I next go. I don’t have anything really on hand and I have some silver fimo I’ve not used in a long time and I got to making some pendants/charms/zipper pulls (whatever they’ll be used for lol!) In my log reading experience it’s mainly guys and their kids who geocache that I’ve seen (not saying that’s all who does it, I mean look at me exhibit A!)  so why not take something back home for mummy/wife/girlfriend LOL!


And then while uploading the image, I realise I hadn’t uploaded the photo of my 2009 xmas ornament. What a donut! It’s a bottle cap with diamond glaze 🙂

2009 xmas ornament

Been shopping and Pogo information

Bringing shopping home

Nope, still can’t move my car, so it was up to Morrisons (where people were battling for parking spaces and the “parent and toddler” spaces were up for grabs by anyone who could get it one. Inside was not much fun either – I wished I had got some video footage but it was pure madness and I just wanted to get out of there! Once we were done, we loaded up the sledge so I could bring it home.

Now on to Journal/Pogo stuff 🙂  {click on Read rest of entry}

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