Getting my (Christmas) craft on

My dec daily #decdaily album base pages complete!  Next to do: journalling blocks :)

My December Daily has all the base pages completed.

and I have added a ribbon to keep it closed as it is quite chunky now and won’t close 🙂  I will take some better photos on a day where it’s not overcast and with a camera that’s not my iPhone

I started on my Christmas gifts too, I have done some candles, some lip balm (though I need to remelt them and add some more flavour to it),

I tried making some “bubble bars” which I tried one tonight, and it worked but didn’t last long :\ I may need to use my soap bar moulds to make them slightly larger to see if that makes a difference, but I love this mould! I plan on using it for my bath bombs and for the soaps that I will be gifting 🙂

and one of my magazines “Making Gifts” had a recipe for indulgent bath melts, which I also tried out…

and then last night we went to see Lee Evans in Cardiff, it was a good show and interesting to see a show Live as I’ve only ever seen Comedians on a DVD!

in 5 days it’s Hanson!

New t-shirt

Firstly, The images can be found here at this Crafster thread by “boo-zombie”:

I’ve done the Quileute High Protectors shirt so far, for the pricely sum of £1.47 and I’ve had the transfer paper for a while now, so I won’t count that, but the top was from Primark. It’s not 100% cotton though, so the image has cracked, and it smudged after the backing moved and I accidentally caught it with the iron… Doh!  Still, I have 2 more shirts from Matalan (£3 each) to have a go at the Forks Spartans one.

Quileute High Protectors

I’ve actually bookmarked some freezer paper on ebay, although someone has mentioned that Hobby Craft do it, so I might just check out my local HC sometime.  The best news is we’re moving to nice clean offices, within walking distance of HC. I can imagine I will spend many winter lunches there!

In the meantime, I’m about to jump in the shower and put on some new PJs.  My favourite pair (I’ve had since 2002) have got a hole in the knee. They’ll last a little longer but I have a new pair and a Nightie… I don’t do nighties lol, so want to give it a go, and some new fluffy white slippers. Then I have a Yankee Candle wax tart burning in the background.  Been a pretty good Sunday!

Candles & Class

Mmmmmm, Yankee Candles. Have been burning “Good Morning” this week 🙂
Yankee Candles

And Cathy’s class. Got the album and the prints done, just got to put it all together now 😀
Design Your Life

I do apologise for the terrible lighting in the photos. I don’t think we’ve seen sunlight in a long time. Horrible British weather.

Cough is back… with a vengeance. Well the Bronchial mixture worked for 2 whole days. That was 2 days peace that I enjoyed, even if it was like drinking tar. Blood test came back fine, so everyone is still completely stumped. I’m still in so much pain and I can feel an irritation on my chest.