I’ve got a new toy

I often look over the blog of photographers for The Image Is Found, and came across the actions they use for their photos: Get Totally Rad. They have a little section “Download Sample”, so that’s what I did and I have 3 actions… 1 of which I am magically in love with…




I need those actions *sniff*

Obviously photos from the wedding last Saturday. I have roughly scanned through the photos and have uploaded just a few for friends and family only to view. None have been proofed at all, minus the odd one or two that have been lightened, and these 3 I picked specifically because no one was in them and I could post freely, as I won’t have time just yet to ask them to go through and pick which, if any, I can post here and on my photography site. They wouldn’t go for our idea of being in the local paper which kinda bummed me out – I’d have loved to have seen “photography by Kirsty Base” under a wedding photo of my brother and new Sister-in-law in our local paper! I have also yet to even think of starting that DVD for nan in the morning! YIKES!!

I know it’s been said!

but I soooooooooooooooooo love this LENS!

Lauren after arriving at nan’s:

Lauren and her daddy – my cousin Craig.
Lauren & daddy
Laughing her head off after we tried tons trying to get her to smile – my Aunty Jayne (Lauren’s nan) sang “Row, row, row the boat”
Lauren laughingLaurenLauren
Love this expression, only this was right before she cried her eyes out. I suppose enough was enough of the camera by then lol!

As Lauren was at nan’s house today, I took full advantage and snapped about 56 photos of her lol. Kenzie had the camera-shoved-in-the-face treatment last week lol. She’s so adorable, and you can certainly see although she’s a Barnett, she has so much Base in her – like that head of red hair! Yes, it’s our family trait. I sometimes wonder if the kiddies are just going to remember me as that crazy lady with the camera, and forget what I actually look like as the camera is always in the way…?

Pieces of home

Flower on my craft tableCandlesSilkscreened pillowsRed bottle
My bath jars :)
The Jinky “lighten and whisper” action I used kinda makes purple pink lol. My room is really Lilac, white and silver, honestly.

About ready to burst to share some news tomorrow 🙂 I’m just waiting until it’s in my hands until I tell!

Some funny things to share:
C @work: “Now we have faster computers, does it mean we have to work faster?”
J @work at 3pm ish: “Tell you what, work for another 2 hours and you can have 2 days off” but of course, it’s the weekend 😉
Downstairs neighbour: “I’ve been putting my green wheelie bin out…” Am I’m the tooth fairy. There’s about 6 months + worth of rain in that thing. I can’t even move it.

And the fabulous felt book idea I had, goodness, I feel like such an idiot. the felt sheets are 9″x12″ and I’ve been planning page layouts for 4.5″x6″ haha. it should be 9″x6″, I did it completely in half when it should be half of the longest side. What a donut. Still the 4.5″x6″ pages would be kinda cute and mini book like rather than just… well… book like.