Doctors, hospital & tests, oh my!

It has been quite the week so far, but with everything that’s been going on the last few weeks that I hadn’t blogged I just had to fit it in this week, no excuses!

Just this week I have had doctors visit, hospital visit, midwife visit, a ridiculous amounts of blood taken for various tests as I also had quite a scary turn with my colitis on Tuesday night that saw me visiting just in one day visiting the doctor who then got me in to the hospital that afternoon. At my previous midwife appointment, my bump was measuring a week behind (24 weeks at 25) and this week at 28 weeks bumpy is measuring 29 weeks. Well, after the colitis flare (which is easing up each day! yippee!) this is a huuuuge relief! I’m really looking forward to my scan on Monday now to see how the little one is doing where I was worried before. Though my poor arm after all the blood was taken and it bruised, actually turned blue during the last 2 vials that needed to be done, is very sore at the moment… and my beloved husband hasn’t given me any sympathy… Boohoo!

This is my pregnancy journal as it stands so far, mainly just talking about the falling pregnant part up to the 12 week scan. I really need to get the first scan at almost 8 weeks in there, I can’t believe I forgot that!




And hubby has been playing with his Back to the future lego!


Hanson Crafts Branding

Hanson Crafts BRANDING

I’ve been a big fan of the whole “branding boards” for some time now (I even have a ton of Branding Boards pinned over at Pinterest: I just adore looking at them, they give me warm fuzzies! As much as I love design, and drool over magazine layouts and like to try and dabble in it, I am absolutely terrible at it! A part of me wishes I could do something like that for a living though, and I’ve even loved webdesign since the early 2000s when I used to spend entire Sundays locked away in my bedroom at home just sat working on a brand new website layout for my Greymatter blog… Ah the good old days! Funnily enough, as is the norm, life got in the way and I began doing less and less web design and so over the last year I’ve been trying to sort of catch back up in everything I have missed. Back in January when I was made redundant the original plan was that I was going to go back to college and do something in webdesign and design but on the other hand I was absolutely happy to get a new job within that first week, but then the whole college idea was soon forgotten.

So this weekend just gone, I was thinking about “branding” this blog here and spent the entire day pouring over quite literally everything on my various pinterest boards for Branding, Websites and Design. Then I decided that I would do my own branding board first for what I did for the Hanson Crafts website, so a bit backwards way of doing it really LOL, but I just wanted to do it for fun πŸ™‚

How I’m using Evernote to help plan for the baby

If you haven’t checked out EvernoteΒ (videos), then I highly recommend that you do πŸ™‚ I’ve have been a casual user for a couple of years now, just keeping ideas noted down and some images just like I would in a regular notebook but it’s super handy to have them with me everywhere I go in digital format, recipes I find online, and notes on scrapbook page ideas (and photos to go with it) while it is still fresh in my mind. I have even taken some of my paper notebooks with my doodles in them and have them backed up to Evernote! I have the set list from Hanson’s Birmingham concert back in November 2011 nicely noted down in here while I was at the concert as I didn’t want to forget, a list of our Disney DVD collection, and Christmas gift ideas which I add to each year when inspiration strikes. It’s funny how much I’ve come to love this handy little tool!



But the one thing that has made me a heavy user of late is preparing for the baby…

My notes include:
Images of baby clothes (newborn, 0-3, 3-6, 6-9 & 9-12) [fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=”yes” overflow=”visible”][fusion_builder_row][fusion_builder_column type=”1_1″ background_position=”left top” background_color=”” border_size=”” border_color=”” border_style=”solid” spacing=”yes” background_image=”” background_repeat=”no-repeat” padding=”” margin_top=”0px” margin_bottom=”0px” class=”” id=”” animation_type=”” animation_speed=”0.3″ animation_direction=”left” hide_on_mobile=”no” center_content=”no” min_height=”none”][I started a “Baby Clothes” notebook specifically!] Baby clothes wish list clipped from the web/images snapped from catalogues
Birth Plan
Weight gain
Budget advice clipped from Bounty website
Notes to take to my next midwife appointment so I don’t forget what to mention
Images of 12 & 20 week scans
“Thank you” so I can remember as we go along who we get gifts from so we can write thank you notes
My Milestones (When felt baby move, bump measurements)
Copy of my MATB1 before I sent it off to my employer
My Maternity notes… Yes, I sat and “page captured” all the pages from my Maternity Notes book (and best of all it’s now searchable!), my notes are with me EVERYWHERE in my pocket… Much relief!
Baby scrapbook notes, typing out information to include into my scrapbook before I write them down onto the journal cards.
Copies of hospital letters (also page captured and searchable)
“Baby essentials” clipped from Babycentre/what baby needs, taken from various birth group ladies
“Hospital bag” noted from websites/birth group ladies
Money notes (SMP/Maternity allowance information, Links to benefits/cost of childcare)
Checklist of what we still need to buy baby

baby notebook

I hope my list inspires you to give it a try :)[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

Those hormones

Another “day in the life” day and its a particularly odd one. We have had glorious weather for a while now but today its miserable, however we have the windows open because its been pretty warm yet outside its quite cool in some areas. While sitting in my car at lunch it felt positively autumnal outside yet I had to have my car windows open as it was stuffy inside. Very peculiar day indeed.

The Yahoo crew that followed Joy Prouty (see previous blog post) have got the news piece up and you can find it here:

Its officially V day tomorrow, this means my baby is viable so if born s/he will have a 50% chance survival rate and as the weeks progress the odds increase. Just such a relief to get this far πŸ™‚ I have however been suffering with the old hormones, and a few rude strangers have certainly seen the worst of it, but to be fair they did deserve a bit of earache for being so damn rude. But I have found one moment I want to cry, the next I am absolutely seething angry! There are some happy moments in between too, I have literally been all over the place emotionally!

So what has been happening around here lately…?


I have been catching big spiders!


Parents treated me to some Lucky Charms ^_^


Playing with Elijah


and being taught all about The Gruffalo by Oliver


Finally doing some baby shopping!


and taking a more recent selfie as my hair has grown tons and I have been wearing it back in a ponytail more and more recently. Just a little longer and it’ll all fit up without the smaller bits of hair being pinned back by a hair clip πŸ˜€

Summer days


I had been itching to go on a holiday earlier this month and I came across these wonderful women on Instagram after seeing Elizabeth Kartchner’s image on her site (above): | |

Just keeping up with their adventures through their photos has become quite a highlight for me recently πŸ™‚ I urge you to check it out.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

New Daily Grind post!

A-woo-hoo! I was sat thinking the other week that I love Thursdays lately, mainly because How I Met Your Mother is on TV as well as Big Bang Theory and we love sitting down together and watching it, and I really wanted to capture that and I hadn’t actually done a Daily Grind/Day in the Life project in such a long time so I decided I was going to do one. It was also by chance that Ali Edwards posted about her monthly Day in the life, and it was going to be the same day as the day I chose without realising. Of course her photos are so much more nicer than mine, but this grind was done purely on my iPhone!

My original hosting package was limited and so I moved my Grind over to google sites (100MB free space so I figured it would do at the time) but luckily I logged into my cpanel and viewed my host’s website and found out that I have had quite a boost to my hosting package! Well that was it, I moved my grind back over to my domain of course and instead of a regular site I have done it as another WordPress site. I have tried Joomla and Drupal, but quite frankly I loved the familiarity of WordPress (it turns out, I’ve been using it for about 8 years now! YIKES!) and ALL my sites are now WordPress. Ha! I have done a simple design for the site and I’m pleased with how it looks.

I know how nice it is to look back on how things used to be “back in the day” and seeing photos of my great grandmother sat at my nan’s house in her usual spot, and the fact that in all these years, I still love the chicken and baked bean combination for tea! Be it chicken kiev with beans, chicken chargrill with beans or my latest: cripsy chicken, chips & beans LOL! And when baby comes along, it’ll be even more special to remember this time we have just the two of us and have it documented.

And whilst listening to an episode of The Daily Digi podcast I heard about Jolicloud, and it’s so nice to think that all my free cloud storage is accessible in one place so that everything I have in all different places will be much easier to locate now πŸ™‚ Please feel free to use my referral links as if you sign up you get free space and so do I:



So much for a 3 day rest!

Last week I had 3 days off work where I had every intention of resting up and catching up on some much needed sleep (thank to suffering with allergies keeping me up at night and the 3am ish pee I have to take every night)

What I actually did was turn the bedroom upside down!



All my scrapbooking supplies ended up all over the place!



And clothes too!



But as we are limited on space and can’t fit in a chest of drawers I thought I would empty out my craft tower as my little table would be going but then I thought we could probably use it to store some clothes in πŸ™‚ The tower is small enough that even with the cot in, I’m sure it would fit in OK.



And while I was on it sorting out the wardrobe and clearing space, that the middle part with the shelves would be for baby supplies!



What an exhausting 3 days that was! And now I have a pile of stuff to get rid of. Clothes will be donated and I think I will sell all the craft stuff as a bumper lot for cheap on a local site. But glad that’s sorted and one less thing to do!

19 weeks tomorrow

And now I have a proper bump! It’s hard to believe I am 19 weeks tomorrow… 1 week away from being at the half way mark! Now if only the hospital would hurry up and send me my 20 week scan date through, it seems like I’m the only one in my November group to still be waiting πŸ™


Pretty cards

Ah, so excited because my persnickety prints order arrived! I had some of my 3×4 and 6×4 digital cards printed up, from various designers like brittish designs/sahlin studios, digital design essentials and one little bird designs πŸ™‚
I have seriously got to get some 6×4 photos printed. I need some photos to put in my albums! I have gone a little bit nuts with the cards, I have a bunch of simple stories cards in addition to the ones I had printed and I am awaiting my Midnight edition of Project Life to arrive which I pre-ordered months ago πŸ™‚ I cannot wait! But what use are the cards if I have no printed photos to use them with πŸ˜‰


I had some laptop issues which are now thankfully resolved & it is working again so I don’t really have much of an excuse. I’m taking 3 days off work starting with today, to catch up on some rest and sleep, as at 17 & a half weeks I appear to wake up every few hours! But in addition to that I have some serious sorting out to do around here. We need to make some room around here, and that means I need to go through my craft supplies and that my mini craft table needs to go later on this year to make room for a cot. That in itself has been a headache. There was one we wanted but even though our bed is up against the wall (that’s my side of the bed, not sure for how much longer though as I need to climb over my husband in the night to pee. I never have to get up in the night normally but I won’t be able to climb soon lol) the cot was too big for our bedroom, unless we wanted to try and squeeze between the bedside table past the cot and have a narrow passage to the wardrobe & built in cupboard! We have since decided on a winnie the pooh cot bed but need to double check the measurements, it is smaller than the other one though and in sure it will be OK. I have several albums in my cupboard for my cousins kids that I need to finish off and give to them to clear some more space! I have a heck of a lot of work to do.

I have also started on Taz’s album, and while putting it all together this morning, I realised I actually need to print some more little “filler” cards. I used Digital Design Essentials “A Dogs Life” kit. And I may have put in an order at Crafty-Charlie for some more page protectors, and to switch Taz’s album to an orange one and use this green one as either a pregnancy/baby’s first year or December Daily (I’m not sure whether if we find out baby’s sex whether I may just get a pink or blue album instead for that!)



And I have also done this for my Project Life album:


But one thing that made us chuckle, we asked Oliver what he thought his new cousin was going to be and he said a girl, and when asked if he wanted to kiss baby (in my tummy), he said “No, I will wait until it comes out!” Love him! Gareth originally thought baby was a boy but the more he thinks about it, he thinks it’s a girl. My brother has 2 boys and we found out my brother in law’s baby, due roughly 4 weeks before our baby is also a boy. I have already said I have no idea what baby is, nor would I like to guess!

Where’s my glow?



I have been getting lots of freebies for baby, and with such boxes as my Cow & Gate and Aptamil (above) with the company logo all over the packaging, I have no doubt our postie knows our news LOL!
My latest colitis appointment was a relief, I was told to double my current meds so we can put off having to take steroids a little longer. Though my symptoms have all kind of combined into my pregnancy symptoms. Everything I have read so far say how in the second trimester things get easier and you have a pregnancy glow… Well I am still tired (could be colitis though) but one thing is for sure the feeling that I am breathing fire which I’ve had since the beginning, is definitely baby related! πŸ˜€ I have the teenage outbreak over my face, but I’m savouring it all, but just wondering where that elusive glow is!

It’s strange, even though it’s been in the planning stages for about 2 years (tracking periods, wanting to be married for long enough that we got to enjoy the time just the 2 of us, assessing where we were in our jobs and when we felt ready etc) It still doesn’t seem real. I often just take a moment, sit and think “there is a baby in my tummy!”

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Start of a new one



I have Taz’s collar & his blanket. I miss him so much πŸ™

But it’s about time we had some good news…



Thankfully we can start telling people, that we are expecting πŸ™‚ Β Which is a relief because of baby & colitis bloating, I’ve been trying to hide this…



Still far too early for me to be showing (due date is November 21st)! I look forward to when the bloating goes down and I get a proper bump πŸ™‚