More piccies!

Well knock me down! I didn’t expect what I woke up to this morning at all. I was kinda drifting in and out of sleep at 8.15am (which for me is good. Even at the weekends I seem to get up EARLIER than I do in the week! Yet come weekdays I have to drag my butt out of bed. Maybe it’s the alarm I dispise? Or the fact I got to go to work?)

I jumped up out of bed thinking I’d get a start on some of my projects for the class before I get the call as we’re going down the pub for dinner today. It’s mum’s birthday today and was my parent’s 27th Wedding anniversary on Friday, so no cooking at the parents house lol. I walked over to my curtain and opened it up and saw this:

Yeah, silly neighbour
Complete with neighbour’s washing! Her last lot was our a month and a half. This went out on Thursday. But OMG. Snow! Now I went out and came back about 10.30pm? and it was bucketing with rain. There’s no way it would have settled, so it must have snowed a ton to have settled overnight after lots of rain.

Snow! In April!

and the horses:
Fake Horse

We were lucky with these. We walked through the field to the park and they were just standing there really, and we went to the park but got dodgy looks from the parents, which was a shame cos we wanted to go on the swings! So I snapped a pic of the play horse then we went back. A lady and her daughter were grabbing long grass to feed to the horses right at the sty we needed to jump over to get in the field to walk back, so I got these as they were next to us 🙂 Then it rained, which I should have realised really as the dark clouds were coming our way!

I seriously can’t explain how much I love this lens. I just adore the shots and it works in low light really well. As I said at my nan’s house I usually get lots of blurry and dark photos which irks me so. Now with this I got gorgeous ones! But having said that, the focus is very difficult to get right at the moment. For all those good shots you see, there’s another background-in-focus-and-the-subject-is-blurry shots lol. I just got to practise lots. The snow tree shot is a good example. I normally have my camera on Apeture Priority. For the tree I had to choose macro just because the branches are thin and it helped focus on them better.

Pieces of home

Flower on my craft tableCandlesSilkscreened pillowsRed bottle
My bath jars :)
The Jinky “lighten and whisper” action I used kinda makes purple pink lol. My room is really Lilac, white and silver, honestly.

About ready to burst to share some news tomorrow 🙂 I’m just waiting until it’s in my hands until I tell!

Some funny things to share:
C @work: “Now we have faster computers, does it mean we have to work faster?”
J @work at 3pm ish: “Tell you what, work for another 2 hours and you can have 2 days off” but of course, it’s the weekend 😉
Downstairs neighbour: “I’ve been putting my green wheelie bin out…” Am I’m the tooth fairy. There’s about 6 months + worth of rain in that thing. I can’t even move it.

And the fabulous felt book idea I had, goodness, I feel like such an idiot. the felt sheets are 9″x12″ and I’ve been planning page layouts for 4.5″x6″ haha. it should be 9″x6″, I did it completely in half when it should be half of the longest side. What a donut. Still the 4.5″x6″ pages would be kinda cute and mini book like rather than just… well… book like.

Wow – April already?

Yikes, I am alive.

Just been uber-super-duper busy. Sucked right back into the world of scrapbooking, and adoring the “There’s no place like home” class by Shimelle. Seriously opens your eyes to the little details. Makes me want to sit back and savour it all. And OMG, got lots of neat plans… but I’m not telling just yet haha. I’m looking forward to coming home from work tomorrow, completely in the Friday feeling sort of mood, and get ready to take photos of my flat (did a bit of tidying up, but not a lot – it’s about having a place that feels *lived* in, so whatever state this place is in when I get home tomorrow, is how the pictures are going to be taken) and get all the little details – the framed “chocolate” print, signed Hanson CD at my desk so I see it every day, the glass Coca Cola bottle in the kitchen filled with red-food-coloured water in the kitchen that catches the light on a nice sunny morning, my cute glass jars filled with bath stuff (it’s just missing one of those sweet scoopers lol! Divine!) in the bathroom.


And a musical suggestion – “Right Here” Miley Cyrus (not as Hannah Montana). Can’t get enough of that song right now. Probably pissed all the people in the traffic on the way home from work as I stuck it on repeat about 3 times in a row haha. I tell ya, I’ll be so excited when this week is over. Having a busted server at work is no fun when you can’t do anything at all. We’ve been doing paper work and non-computer related stuff since Monday morning when it broke. Us girls in the office are quite surprised we’ve managed 4 days (so far) with no computer!