Making the switch to reusables

We signed the contracts! We are so close now 🙂

I am currently mid “Week In The Life”. As much as I would love to promise a post on it, I just don’t know if/when I will, but I hope to. (The cot shot is from nap time today, the others are from various days)


Now I will do an advanced “TMI” warning for anyone who is of a squeemish disposition, however it’s all completely natural stuff I will be sharing, but I can already tell you no guy wants to read past this paragraph… Continue Reading

Waiting in limbo

Toddlers…. Just… My goodness! Just as I was making use of my time during his naps, he decides that some days he doesn’t want one, which is fine, we all know he’s never been a good sleeper, but man those days he doesn’t want a nap are the days I need a sit down the most! And the tantrums… the evil tantrums!!

He has been enjoying fun and free activities such as:

  • Spinning in the computer chair. All I have to do is turn him and wait for him to say “STOP!” and when he wants to go again he says “Ready. Steady. GO!” or simply “Go!”
  • Sitting in the drivers seat of my car. I sit in the back, I have an old 99 Reg car so there’s no buttons or anything he can do damage to thankfully. Though on hot days when I’m driving, I wish I had air con or electric windows LOL, but for playtime is is awesome, I sit in the backseat with the door open (my rear doors aren’t linked to the light, just the front doors, so no issues of draining the car battery) We both get fresh air because we can’t play in the garden & he can’t get out unless he tries to get past me first to the open door. Bonus of being down a quiet cul-de-sac really, that we can play together outside safely that way. Though I am constantly telling him not to stand out on the road, however quiet it is, because it is dangerous. Cul-de-sac or not. He ignores me, but I will get there.
  • Helping me with chores. He likes to hold onto the vacuum cleaner while I’m cleaning to “help”, also while I’m washing up, he goes into the one cupboard that doesn’t have a strap closure on it to get out the scales, colander etc to play with (just this morning, the colander when on top of the scales and inside the colander went his silicone baby food freezer tray thing), and he likes a couple of pans and a wooden spoon and alternates between “cooking”/”eating” and “playing drums”.


We had a family holiday together, Gareth had the week off, I booked the weekend off, and Nana came along too. Dylan enjoyed the beach a lot as well as the swimming pool. I ended up taking him to our local leisure centre as I heard they had a toddler pool and we will be going there again, even though he always wants to run off and I had a very hard time trying to keep him next to me (thankfully the changing cubicles had lower sides, as once he crawled under a changing room door to escape! And when he went to go down on the floor I immediately knew what he was up to anyway) but swimming lessons for him will be on my list.

He can be very affectionate, he gives me kisses and cuddles, and seriously makes up for all the other little things he does (this morning, I had to tell him off because he bit me!)

I think this has to be the worse part, just waiting around, when we are so desperate to move already. I have no clue what on earth is going on, and my parents were last in touch with the solicitor and were waiting on some documents in the post, as I asked my mum on Tuesday. I have been under a great deal of stress these last couple of weeks (as has Gareth) and it seems this week was just breaking point for me. Gareth thankfully managed to get home for 7pm the other day as I just needed big hugs. I really cannot wait to move!! I have hit a slight road block with Konmari  (bloody paper category!) and then part of me thinks it might be easier to do as we start to pack, but then I think that would be a very bad idea as it’ll be a mess as it is so I don’t need to add to it and then it’s less stuff to sort through to pack if I do it before.
I have no doubt a large part of that stress is stupid clutter! I know if we would have ended up staying here longer that we would have made some changes in the flat (brand new sofa bed in the lounge that 2 people can sleep on comfortably, would have put our bed and mattress in storage and got Dylan a wardrobe of his own, the bedroom would then be his, and we would continue to declutter – that would have been the only solution). I have a book on reservation at the library called “stuffocation” to read when it comes in.

June latest

Well the end of May, Dylan finally got to have his hair cut 🙂 He was alright to begin with but near the end he had enough and didn’t want the lady to cut his hair anymore lol, but I think it turned out great and he looked so grown up afterwards! Of course, I got absolutely soaked as we had a huge downpour that morning.


I’m doing my best to take some time out for myself during nap time & indulge a little every now and then. This last Friday, I got a fancy bottle of raspberry lemonade and it was goooooooooood! I put my feet up and caught up on one of my favourite TV shows: The Goldbergs. It’s new to us over here so they are showing an episode every night at 7.30pm and we are nearing the end of season 2.


We had a “fun” lunch on that same Friday and we made our own Lunchables, though Dylan just wanted to eat the crackers LOL.


Monkey likes to climb up on one of his boxes and look out the living room window (we are upstairs so good view lol)


When we had some gorgeous weather, we went to the park to play and in the car park ready to come home he climbed into the drivers seat!


and this was yesterday, another lovely day after storms at the weekend, when I just didn’t bother getting him dressed after a trip to the doctors (my poor little guy has an infection, so has antibiotics & steroids) so left him in just a vest until it started to get chilly.



Was super cute rubbing some Savlon cream into his hand this morning (he fell over at active tots yesterday and scraped his hand really badly) and he was laughing because it was tickling him 🙂

YNAB has been purchased, if you are interested, I can save you $6 🙂 just use my link here:

Konmari: My books donated to library, started on paper category now, and managed to start tidying up the mess at the end of the bed this morning because it had gotten out of control.

If you weren’t aware yet either, WE ARE GOING TO BE MOVING IN A FEW MONTHS! Yippee! I have such an amazing supportive family who are helping make this happen 🙂

On the up!

My little artist made a pretty picture (with the help of mummy of course) at group the other week, and it seemed fitting that it wasn’t just displayed at home but also as my Facebook Header picture, because that is equal to the fridge at home, right? LOL



The Konmari journey is going slooooooooow.


However, even if we have only done some of our clothes so far, I have certainly noticed a difference! As you can see above, this is mine and Dylan’s “bottoms” drawer with trousers, shorts etc in. Dylan’s clothes no longer fit in the plastic craft tower thing, and there most certainly isn’t enough room for him to have his own wardrobe/drawers, so Dylan’s stuff is in with mine. He has a “row” down the right hand side of my drawers. Even Gareth has embraced it and sorted his clothes out too, and it is so much easier to find and get to those things. Granted I am still feeling ridiculously overwhelmed about all the other categories but knowing how much our clothes is better makes me super determined to declutter!


I have new glasses, but since I got them Wednesday last week, I’ve not had much time to wear them. Dylan notices my glasses are different and is super grabby with them, and it’s always a pain in the tush to get used to new glasses anyway, so I probably haven’t been trying as much as I should do to make the time to wear them either. I’m on that.


Dylan pretty much comes straight to bed with me, we don’t even try and force him to go in his cot at the moment, as he just screams and bangs his head against the side on purpose. It seems ALL of his back teeth are now coming through, poor little guy.


The one morning when I had just a couple of hours sleep, I popped him straight into the travel cot with some toys so that I could lay down for an hour on the sofa, and in the hopes that when he had his daytime nap that I could catch a few Zzz’s on the sofa, but I struggle to nap during the day (delightful neighbours), but he came and had cuddles with me after that hour.

He does some cute little things now:

  • Either he knocks on a door, or if someone else knocks he says “Come in!”
  • He stood at the door at the weekend while I was at work and was saying: “Mumma. Mumma, come in.” Heart melting. He says Daddy, not sure why he says Mumma instead of mummy as I often refer to myself as, but it’s his thing now, and I’m trying to embrace that I’m not “mummy” but I am “mumma” lol.
  • “Peeeeeeease” when he wants something (please)
  • He’s grasping things, like when we were going to bed one night Gareth was home late so it was just the two of us, I pointed to the cot and asked “Cot?” and then pointed to the bed and said “Bed with mummy?” He pointed straight to the bed.
  • The absolute excitement when Sheriff Callie comes on tv. He LOVES Callie! He squeals and jumps up and down waving his arms and exclaims “CALLIEEEEEEEE!”
  • Trying to put his shoes on himself.
  • His Jake & The Neverland Pirate car which he now adores and likes to scoot around the flat on it (which of course is difficult because of the lack of space, but he’s got turning it around by himself down to a fine art. I just need to remind myself that Dylan is adapting just fine.)

Gareth got a new job which is a huge promotion at his workplace, and though he’s busy he has been loving it so he is happier. And for years I have been using the “Ace Budget” app for iPhone to keep us on track (luckily I was taught well with money and how to budget. I remember when I was looking to move into my flat in 2007, my dad sat me down and went through a budget with me on paper and we made sure I would be able to afford it before I moved. I still use a version of that budget to this day!). It worked OK and I never thought much of it after that as I spent money I logged it in the app against each budget and it did the job. But I heard about “You Need A Budget” or “YNAB” for short, and I decided to give it a go on the free trial. I’m about a week and a half (I think?) into it and I adore it! Though I kept a running total of what YNAB calls “rainy day funds” (glasses, christmas, car insurance, etc) on a spreadsheet and it suited us OK, I’m thinking this is a much better way to go to keep track of everything. I still have my super spreadsheet as that’s my “thing”, but for day to day spending and shifting things around and basically seeing it much better that way, I’m definitely going to purchase YNAB 🙂

April 2015

Well this post has been long overdue. I’ve even had all intentions of writing a planner related post, but I’ve had a lot of stuff going on these last few months, for example:

  • The CBT course I took for 6 weeks
  • 2 nieces born
  • Dealing with my anxiety in general
  • Settling into work
  • Housework


I’m still trying to learn how to get by on very little & broken sleep. Just the previous night Dylan didn’t finally properly settle until 3am, and I know I am certainly not the same person because of being exhausted and tired all the time, and it’s hard. So many people comment how tired he looks but for some reason to him sleep is the enemy. I get better nights when he only wakes up twice but for a long time now he refuses to sleep in his cot or only manages a very short period in there, and the rest of the night I’m being kicked in the ribs. Both me & Dylan manage to sleep a lot better when he actually does go down in his cot (that’s the nights he only wakes twice) but they do not happen nearly enough.

He’s had his first “trim” courtesy of daddy while I was at work:

He likes to post things into the VCR, and he liked to wear mummy’s headband (until he snapped it this morning)

I have to double check the washing machine before I put on a wash.

He’s looking so grown up!

and even tries to dress himself!

I have been battling the clutter in our flat. It’s something that has needed to be done for a long time. I read “the life changing magic of tidying up” and started taking a few tips for now just to get things in order to make moving a little easier, when we do move. Then once we have moved we will have a better idea of where things will go and if we need to rid even more things.

So long January

My little monkey hardly ever sits still and he has the cheesiest grin! But don’t let it fool you. Within the blink of an eye, he can go from angelic looking to full on meltdown. They fail to mention that the “terrible twos” start from about 14/15 months old! I spend my days running after him, he most certainly keeps me on my toes! As for his sleep, well that is still very much an issue. He refuses to go down, he has split my lip on multiple occasions where the just thrashes about, and when he does go to sleep, he is back up just hours later. It simply seems that he is a bad sleeper, end of. Nothing I could do would change it, so I just have to go with the flow and if it means he ends up in bed with me by about 3am, then that’s what I have to do.

He even got his first shoes. We tried a couple of pairs on him, and the first pair he struggled to walk in as they seemed pretty heavy for his feet so we chose the airplane ones instead. We need to get him remeasured again now as it has been over a month.

On top of looking after Dylan, I have been cooking for the both of us too (seems daddy wasn’t too eager to try the butternut squash soup! My mum is going to try it so is coming over after work to get the last serving and I have 2 pots in the freezer for later) I had never had butternut squash before, but I cooked it anyway. Dylan is funny with his food lately… Unless he can grab it and feed it to himself, he doesn’t want to know, but I managed to get him to have a few spoonfuls and he happily dipped bread in it too and gobbled it up.

And I made some wholemeal cheese straws. All the recipes came from the Ella’s Kitchen Cookbook (both of these were from the RED book, though we have the yellow baking book too. I didn’t get on with Annabel Karmel book, and Dylan adored the Ella’s Kitchen pouches so it seemed a winner!) These are some pretty good straws, and I’m guessing because they are wholemeal, it must be better for us… right? 😉

I have been relying on my planners lots and things are improving anxiety wise 🙂 I have my book checked out of the library for the course which starts on my birthday. I have a lovely gold planner coming from China (£9!) and as my journal went walkies somewhere… Everything seems to be going missing, it’s so cramped in here that some things we are just figuring will be found when we finally move. Any who, as my journal went walkies and I cannot for the life of me find it anywhere, I also bought a “fauxbonichi” and a zippered case to keep it in 😀 That’s what my Christmas money went on. I will be doing a post when it arrives!


We have a walker on our hands! Last week after a while of taking one step and thinking better of it, Dylan decided to show off to his girlfriend when they were on their play date and took not just a few steps but a whole bunch of them! I knew he could do it and just needed the confidence to do it 😀 We didn’t get to go see the Coca Cola truck on the tour because of he has been really suffering with his gums, but after a few very very bad nights, he actually slept pretty well: Saturday night, he self settled on his one and only wake up of the night. It was much needed!

I have embraced the planner world and I feel like I am regaining control. I have an Erin Condren Life Planner which is the home planner, and will be a keepsake and as a documentation of our year:

and I have this compact Saffiano Filofax, which I managed to get really cheap thanks to a heads up from the girls on the UK Planner Addicts community on Facebook, with a December trial of DIYfish v3s1. As it is a compact it will be kept in the bag for out & about. The inserts from fish are absolutely brilliant, I was looking over the catalogue trying to figure out what would be a good insert for me at the moment and I chose the weekly on 2 pages (v3) as day on 2 pages was a bit overkill for what I needed. It was a toss up between style 1 and 5, but I chose 1 for December. May choose 5 for January though and decide which one is the best from there 🙂

I got a job! You may remember back on the post “Countdown Begins” that I wrote about a job that I was keeping my fingers crossed for? That’s the one I got! I had a phone interview and when I didn’t hear anything back within the 5-7 days, I called them up before being asked in for a face-to-face interview on the Thursday and was called with a job offer on the Monday before starting Saturday. A lot to take in, especially on 3 hours sleep (my poor little guy and his gums) on my first day but luckily it was health & safety and forms to fill in, and my very first shift is actually this Saturday. But looking forward to getting into the swing of things and settling into a new routine.

And I got new shoes from work:

Currently | November

Feeling tired. A Hanson Christmas streaming that started at 12.20am might have had a little to do with it, but it had to be done. The last one was a few years ago, so I certainly didn’t want to miss it, though I did turn it off at 1am to go to bed so missed the rest.

Attending an interview tomorrow… Eeeeek! Wish me luck

Watching Million Dollar Listing NYC. It’s on Tuesday to Friday, and I have only 3 episodes left. At least I still have 13 more episodes of Melissa & Joey left which is on Monday to Thursday!

Loving planners. Pins on Pinterest, Pictures on Instagram, Facebook group… I was given a tip on some Filofaxes going for silly prices in Homesense and I picked up the only one I liked the look of which was a Purple compact Saffiano. But I have heard about Dokibooks and would quite like one of them as they are super cheap 🙂

Perusing the Ella’s Kitchen baking book. Thinking of asking santa for the Cooking Book for Dylan this Christmas. He’s so much better with his food, it is quite a comfort. On Friday I sat down on the floor next to him and we both ate pasta bolognese that I cooked for us. He loved it 🙂

Listening to this year’s new Hanson Christmas song: “Finally It’s Christmas”. Love it!

Thinking that I am looking forward to Christmas, and that if I do get this job then things will be more stable. The uncertainty of knowing things would have to change at some point and not being able to settle into some sort of routine until that moment were the things that were getting me down most.

mmmbisto's Homemade Gifts Board on Pinterest: Gift ideas for everyone and for every budget!

Homemade Gifts Pinterest Board

mmmbisto's Homemade Gifts Board on Pinterest: Gift ideas for everyone and for every budget!

I have been working on this board for about 3 years and have amassed 656 pins and counting, with 737 followers and growing daily. I am super proud of this board, and so what better way of sharing it, than creating a pin for the board itself!

Gifts include:

  • Food & sweets
  • Toys
  • Jewellery
  • Clothes
  • Children dress up
  • Stationery
  • Toilettries
  • Homewares
  • Games
  • Accessories
  • and many more

Gifts for:

  • Mum
  • Dad
  • Babies
  • Toddlers
  • Children
  • Teens
  • Grandparents
  • Friends

All the pins are for all types of budgets, and all skill levels from packaging up store bought items (ie. Gifts in a jar, hampers etc) to making items from scratch, and for all occasions from Christmas, Mothers day, Fathers day, birthdays etc.

Some of the pins have links with How Tos and some of them are for inspiration 🙂 Hope you enjoy!



T’is the season

So Movies 24 changed over to Christmas 24, and both myself and Dylan sat and watched the Coca Cola Christmas advert together for the first time (for this Christmas) this week too. Now before you all start telling me “But it’s the beginning of November for heavens sake!!” Hear me out.

I have not been in a good place lately. It has been a mixture of a bad UC flare up, getting nowhere with job hunting (even though I had an e-mail last week and got excited as I was being put forward for a job by an agency… and haven’t heard a thing since and the general rule is if you don’t hear anything within 5 days it means “Thanks, but no thanks,”) on top of Dylan being super upset and not good himself and has since been put on a new medicine, plus as I haven’t been successful and found a job yet I had to have a review meeting at the job centre. And my parents went away on holiday with my brother and his family so I didn’t have them around. I ended up in a spiral of anxiety, feeling like I could barely breathe. It was at that point I phoned the doctors in tears. Enough was enough. The constant broken sleep night after night after night took its toll on me months and months ago, I most certainly am not the same person I used to be. I forget a lot of things and I am grumpy. My poor husband has been having to deal with the trains as well, lots of delays and cancellations this last fortnight after a long hard day at work, and then having to come home and comfort me. I needed to ask for help.

I still put on a smiling face to everyone, but once the door was closed, I would sit cuddling my gorgeous little boy and just burst into tears. We also got some terrible news in my birth group, and as daft as it sounds as we all only know each other online but we all consider ourselves friends including our children – as each of our kids are also “online friends” as far as we are all concerned. We have all been together as a group since we all got a positive test. Posting pictures and updates ever since so watching all of these babies becoming little people in their own right… and one of the little boys died on Halloween. It affected us all so much, and I absolutely broke down. I couldn’t imagine what his poor mother was going through. I found out on the Saturday and I gave Dylan extra hugs and kisses and held him so tightly.

With everything that was going on, I needed to try and get out of this hole. I have a doctors appointment this Friday for support. I have thrown myself into the world of planners, which with my memory of late can only be a good thing! I was having a pretty good day UC wise today so I ventured out to a baby group for the first time in months. While I was a bit apprehensive at first, it was at the library (and everyone knows how much I love the library!) and there was a familiar face taking the group which I didn’t realise it until I got there. And of course, my favourite time of year is Christmas so I have started all Christmassy things early. Except the decorations! Just movies and songs and thinking about Christmas here at the moment. Oh, and Hanson are doing a live streaming at the end of the month called “Finally it’s Christmas”, and I have such great memories from the last xmas live streaming that I will get up to watch this one. All the other live streamings I have passed on because I much rather have the sleep as much as I love the guys.
I’m also so in love with modern calligraphy, and Gareth bought me a calligraphy set one Christmas and I need to find it and get it out so I can play with it one weekend and do the class on Skillshare.

Dylan himself, apart from his teething and the battles we have trying to get him to go to sleep, is doing OK. We are having the toddler tantrums, he had a butterfly jigsaw puzzle for his birthday and he carries the face piece (the wooden cylinder in his left hand in the photo above) everywhere he goes. He is obsessed with that thing. And turning off the socket with the house phone in because everytime I switch it back on, it beeps, and so he loves it (as much as I tell him off for doing it)! His favourite food is blueberries. I keep a baggy of them in the freezer and put them in his pot straight after breakfast to defrost ready to have with his lunch. Then they are nice and soft for them to eat, and I always put extra in it so I can steal a few too 😉

We are getting there.