Panic mode

Ever get the feeling things creep up on you? Like there isn’t enough time in the world? I apologise for the absolute randomness of this post. It’s just to say I’m here and alive – but it may be a while before I next update. Have no fear!

Yes it’s 7.40am and I’ve been sat at my computer for the last 40 mins and things STILL aren’t done. I need to dust, vaccum and tidy up around here too, and dinner at my parents although I won’t stay long if I can help it. The Guy says I have major OCD lol, and it kinda freaks me out… I’m surprised I’m not in a fit of blind panic by now having to breath into my little brown paper Primark bag. And the Ironing! I still have ironing to do! But I must think of the sense of achievement when I do it AND put it all away 🙂
I still feel quite ill too. My poor throat is still on the sore side… I can’t breathe through my nose either. Curse you hayfever!
My iPod is co-operating today, yesterday it was lagging my computer up and took me 25 mins to add just 5 songs to it, so that shouldn’t take me too long to do.

Back to the dreaded work place tomorrow. I really AM off my head. Lots of things are changing and as always, I’m out of the loop.

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  1. I’m feeling that too right now (that things creep up on you). So much is happening right now with work and school.
    Feel better soon!

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