I know it’s been said!

but I soooooooooooooooooo love this LENS!

Lauren after arriving at nan’s:

Lauren and her daddy – my cousin Craig.
Lauren & daddy
Laughing her head off after we tried tons trying to get her to smile – my Aunty Jayne (Lauren’s nan) sang “Row, row, row the boat”
Lauren laughingLaurenLauren
Love this expression, only this was right before she cried her eyes out. I suppose enough was enough of the camera by then lol!

As Lauren was at nan’s house today, I took full advantage and snapped about 56 photos of her lol. Kenzie had the camera-shoved-in-the-face treatment last week lol. She’s so adorable, and you can certainly see although she’s a Barnett, she has so much Base in her – like that head of red hair! Yes, it’s our family trait. I sometimes wonder if the kiddies are just going to remember me as that crazy lady with the camera, and forget what I actually look like as the camera is always in the way…?

2 Replies to “I know it’s been said!”

  1. Soooooo adorable! I love those pictures! They’re so clear, and so cute!
    Red hair runs on our dad’s side of the family. My grandmother, aunt and my cousin(aunt’s daughter), all have red hair. We got our dad’s hair though. Our hair was white blond when we were young, and is now light brown. His was white blond when he was young, and is now dark brown, so I think mine may keep getting darker as I get older. :T

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