Thank you so much for coming to my Hanson Crafts site! Hopefully everything here will inspire you to create your own Hansonized stuff, and give you budget ideas of showing your love for the guys and to savour those memories of concerts by scrapbooking. Everything I offer here to download is completely free!


25th November 2014

I have been working on somme Christmassy things this week (minus the wrapping paper, I actually did that 2 years ago!) Christmas is a month away! Yippee! We have been playing "Finally it's Christmas" in [...]

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17th September

Hey Everyone!  Hope you are all doing well 🙂 Life with an 11 month old is certainly keeping me on my toes (a certain little someone couldn't wait until 21st November and was born on [...]

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29th June 2013

I hope everyone who has Anthem already is enjoying the new album! I do apologise for lack of updates, but things have been super busy at home...   We are having a baby, due November [...]

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Hanson Ornaments

Gather your supplies, you will need: Glue on bails, a 24mm x 48mm Clear Glass Tile, extra strong all purpose adhesive or super glue, and a picture. You can download the picture I used HERE [...]

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Hanson Smash Book

This is the smash book I made, however if you want to do something a little easier, you can always just use book rings but use quite a large diameter as your book will expand [...]

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Hanson Hoodie

After travelling to the states on my Honeymoon for a Walt Disney World vacation in 2010, I was lucky enough that Hanson were playing Epcot during our stay. It was at one of the Eat [...]

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Christmas Time Facebook header

Hanson Crafts: Christmas Time free Facebook header Download the full sized image here

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Hanson Wrapping paper

Download here Hanson Crafts: Hanson wrapping paper Download here

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Christmas Time free 10×8 printable

To download, click here Hanson Crafts: Christmas Time free 10x8 printable Here is an image (download link below) to print at 8x10 and frame for your Christmas decor. I have used watercolour effects [...]

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I try and fit in what I can, so there is much more to come 🙂 If you have anything you would like to share, please get in touch!

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