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smash book

This is the smash book I made, however if you want to do something a little easier, you can always just use book rings but use quite a large diameter as your book will expand as you add things to it!

I used book rings on this album, using a piece of card as the spine to keep it more book like:


Or if you want to make a book with a hard cover as I will show you how to make, you may want to use book rings as I did on this handmade album:

Book rings

Book rings

Book rings

(as you can see in this pic, you need to use glue like PVA, not dry glue like herma as I did on this album, as the paper keeps peeling away!) Just make sure you use the size on the book rings to know how big to make your spine. It is very much like having a ring binder!


Now on to the how to:


As I intended on using my bind-it-all to mimick a K & Co Smash book, I measured the spine against the coil binding before I cut to ensure it was the right size. Ensure that the covers are larger than your pages are going to be. As I was using A4 sheets I added extra width to accommodate the binding inside the book and a little bit extra on the top and bottom.


I decided on the cover: I wanted the chevron paper which I printed on 2 sheets of paper to make sure it would be big enough, and a grey spine. I glued the spine piece on to the edges of the cover pages, before I glued them to the mountboard. Be sure to leave a gutter between the board otherwise you won’t be able to fold the book into place.


cut the corners (not too close to the mount board though otherwise you will have holes on the corner showing the mount board underneath!) and glue them and fold. To hide the “raw parts” of the book, use a sheet of cardstock (I used a white 12×12 sheet, however even that wasn’t quite big enough, so sometimes you just have to brace imperfection! On another project to overcome this, I just had to glue an extra piece right next to it to make it big enough.

smash book

I covered it in sticky back plastic so that my inkjet printer paper would be protected 🙂 I used my craft robo to then stick a Hanson logo cut from card on it, and “smash” down the side (as seen on the beginning photo)

Now for the printing itself. The download PDF has been specifically done this way so that you can print each page, one at a time, and then feed the page back through the printer to print on the back. Once the page is printed, cut it in half and arrange the pages.

smash book

smash booksmash booksmash booksmash booksmash booksmash booksmash booksmash booksmash book

I bound the pages and stuck them into the book cover 🙂 I printed off the digital paper and my journalling blocks ready to start smashing!

Printed papers

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  1. I used to have a hanson notebook from middle school to high school. But i love your idea. Now I just seem to add the pictures in my yearly scrapbook

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