Faux Enamel Pins

Supplies needed:

You’ll need to print off some of the enamel pin images, I used the Google Slides file and printed in high quality, although you can make your own using the link for Mommyish’s action, Leah has some youtube videos on how to use it. Matt Photo Paper would look far better! I used Matt cardstock.

I held the cut out on to the mount board and cut out a backing for the image to give it more stability. Glue them together, PVA did the trick for me!

Sadly I could not find my glossy accents bottle anywhere, so instead I used PVA glue to seal the image by using a paintbrush.

One dried, I glued the pin backing on and it was ready to wear!

If you have any ideas for some pins, please let me know 🙂

I tried doing shrink plastic version (similar to these ones I done many years ago) They didn’t come out so good but it may be because of the type of shrink plastic I had and that I used a heat gun and not the oven, but I have seen some fab shrink plastic pins that have come out well so this would look awesome when done right!

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