29th June 2013

I hope everyone who has Anthem already is enjoying the new album! I do apologise for lack of updates, but things have been super busy at home…

Baby Base/Davies


We are having a baby, due November 21st, and with my health issues it’s meaning that it’s being really quite difficult to cope day to day and am therefore under consultant led care with lots of extra appointments to squeeze in on top of my full time job and the broken sleep lol, but I am thoroughly enjoying this journey despite all that! So hopefully this explains a lot, but do not hestitate to come on over to the Facebook page and join in the fun! I have plenty of ideas that I want to get a start on though 😉

anthem1 copy

There is an Anthem Facebook timeline header on the downloads page for downloading, which is found at my DeviantArt profile as well as my Flickr 🙂

I thought I would also share a few links with you all to jump start any crafts you might be thinking of!

Martha over at Hanson ish has done an amazing job yet again and has created the new Anthem logo and icons:

There is a group of crafters over at DeviantArt called “Itz-Hanson” where people share their creations. which are fantastic!

A gallery over at Masterpiece of Hanson

Bethany’s scrapbook pages, I love it!

I also came across this cross stitch which I thought was adorable!

Some amazing “Hanson dolls”:


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